Thursday, December 3, 2009

Super poor month!!!

I'm dead this month!! Will be super duper poor & don't have extra $$ to party liao...


Cos hor, alot of 'dua zhong' birthdays this month lor!!

1) Mummy's birthday


Though of getting her this bag... Does it suits her? Hmmm... Bobo, wanna share anot??

2) Molly's birthday

I already gave her her present months ago. But i'm going to customize a PENIS cake for her. Whahahaahhah She'll love it!! Cos she's sucha horny baby~ LOL!

3) Ashlyn's 1st birthday

Celebration will be done in M'sia. Cos Molly wants to put fireworks! Woooohooo!!!

Needless to say, this one confirm give angbao lor! Rather than wasting money to buy things which she don't like/use. Money is the best gift!

Why these 3 VIPS' birthday have to fall together on the same month har?! Argh!!

And all the X'mas presents??? How many shares should i prepare?? Is there any gifts-exchanging party?? What's the budget??? OMFG. I'm so lost!

I've a love-hate relationship for the month of December man!


My Raeann extremely love babies. I don't know why!? She will dash over immediately whenever she sees baby everywhere! Hmm...

Ah kim then mentioned about my abortion previously. Hahaha! She said, if i didn't abort, things might not turn out this way & i might have a happy marriage. I DOUBT SO LOR!

But anyway, what done cannot be undone. And there's no other ways that i can pop out another baby for Raeann now or ... in future! It depends!


I bought her a fake baby!!! LOL!

Intention was to buy a game for her but upon reaching there, she kept asking for a baby.

And you know, she really do loves the baby!


She said, "Mummy, take photo for me & baby!". LOL!

She said it's her baby & named it 'EN'. Hahahahaha

She hugged it to sleep last night. And after she slept, i put the scary baby on the floor. She asked for 'her baby' the moment she wake up!

Raeann : "Mummy, baby where?"

But i was damn blur lor. I bought it without checking, only to realise the stroller is broken when i reached home.

I'm lazy to go back there & exchange lor. Carpark is very expensive na!!! LOL!

So, i tried to fix it myself with super glue, end up got my fingers sticked together. Hahaha

Then hor, no choice, i tied it with rubber band lor.


Super sway na. Now, i even more hate to buy toys!

Anyone knows the market price of DS Lite? Vic is going to sell hers to me!

Looks like Raeann really really don't wish to watch the 'Thomas & Friends' circus. See what she did to the Toy'r'us card?


Wah lau eh!! With this card, i can get 10% off the ticket! Now, i need to do replacement for the card first! Haiz!

Everything's $$$$. I need more $$$$!!!

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