Tuesday, January 5, 2010


FB has become part of my daily routine, which i believe same goes for many of you here. The moment i on my laptop, i would check emails first then to FB. Sometimes, i just left it there idiling.

Initially, i'm so active accepting or rejecting friends/games/quiz requests. But now, i'm far too lazy liao. I only accept Cafe World gifts! Other than that, i bo chup.

Over the past 3 weeks, i received alot of friends requests. I approved those that i know & 110 of them, i don't know who the hell are they.


I'm so puzzle why people add you when they don't know you??? I don't anyhow add strangers to my list anymore. When i first setted up FB, yes, i anyhow approve but i already deleted them away.

Which means those friends inside my list are indeed people i know, either schoolmates from RPS, YHSS, FTMS & NAFA or friends from other connections. (Haha! I've wide connections of friends but who are the true ones? Hmm...)

For readers who added me, please leave me a private message. Cos i'll never approve you if i don't know who are you. And for those pervert men who wanna know me or whatever shit, kindly fuck off, cos i'm not interested to know you.

Haha! Up till now, i haven approve irritating man yet! Hahahaha

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