Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friday Night Fever

I won a bottle of Martell from 'Lucky Spin'. Woooohooo! Shiok~

@ Club Mango





Wonder why my peektures have different kind of quality recently? Cos some are from Patsy's camera & some are from my camera. Pics taken last time were all from my N82. I honestly, seriously love N82 camera the most lor!

We club-hopped 4 places that night. But the last one at BQ was closed, don't know why? Molly still got a cannon there leh! We wanted to move it back home de lor...

Jon Gay Tan told me he's getting married this year. Cos his parents kept nagging at him already. And it's gonna be a match-making marriage! LOL! I kept laughing at him. But he said, he feels that match-making marriage will then be able to work out, unlike those fairy tale love story that always doesn't work out. Hmm... I kinda agree with it! Good luck to u, Jon Gay Tan! :)

I did not attend Yvonne's birthday party last night... Cos my precious's back already! I miss her so much even though it's just one day! And last night when she's sleeping, she did alot of funny stunts. So cute lor!!

Gonna bring her out for some CNY shopping later! 8-)

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