Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Bringing Raeann for 鲜得来 steamboat together with Molly & Ashlyn tonight... That's what i promised her for being a good girl (finally) these 2 days.

It's been a long time since i last ate 鲜得来. I think from my pregnant days till now? I can't remember.

CNY is approaching & i totally dread it. I've not prepare anything for myself or Raeann yet. But no worries, cos Raeann got alot of new clothings unwear lor... I need to get her a pair of nice shoes, that's all! (Although she has plenty of shoes already... But i still want to buy... Haha!)

As for myself, i don't think i want to buy new clothes cos i've bought alot alot for the entire 2009. But Mary also spoilt alot alot of it lor & i've also thrown alot alot away. Hahaha

I seriously feel like going to 'hide' for CNY. Cos i think i'm gonna get bombarded with alot of questions & old grand-mother advices. I DON'T WANT! I hope they will understand that 'it's just not going to work out anymore' logic.

And also, must i give angbao? I think i must lor. AIYO. Die liao! Why the hell did i get married? If not, i'll still be collecting angbao now... :(

URGH! I'm so sian sian sian. Can i bring Raeann overseas during that period??


Oh, KK sold me a FM transmittor whereby i can plug into my iPhone & my car and i can listen to my iPhone songs through my car radio. Furthermore, it acts as a charger for my phone too. How great? So, i can stop bothering about where to fix my cd player now. And this device is less than $20 only. Haha! I'm gonna upload alot of songs to my phone now...

I'm very 拼命 drinking barley now. Cos i heard from radio that drinking barley will slim down. Hahahahahahaha I asked Mary to cook for me everyday. Let's see if i did slim down anot...

Raeann nowadays keep asking for... cold cold birdnest. She loves to drink birdnest lor & she will drink a bottle every few days, at least once a week! Good life huh... Can someone tell her father to stop buying toys or bears & buy her birdnest instead? Her soft toys are enough to fill up one big box. I think i can to set up pasam malam stall & sell liao.

I'm sure i'll have a super hard time to do spring cleaning this year. If i cannot find any space to put all her toys, i'll donate or throw it away. Simple! People are suggesting that i can sell it cos alot are brand new & unopen. But i've got no time lor... Now that Raeann's school reopen, i'm even more busier. Everyday wake up at 7am & rush rush rush...

Going to do some funds transfer now. Take care peeps!

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