Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super Mario

I bought a Mario jeans for Raeann.


Utterly cute!! And it fits Raeann so well. :)

She loves it so much till she refused to take out lor! LOL!

P/S : Bobo was the one who helped me to order de, thanks ah!

I said i don't want to buy anymore clothes for her cos she has mak mak (alot) liao. But i really cannot resist cos it's too cute lor!!!

At least the stuffs i bought for her are useful! She has been playing with her baby & pram everyday leh. Hanging many things on the pram and walk around the whole house. Hahaha

I realise, as she gets older, her guts are getting smaller. I brought her to swimming after my work on Monday evening. But before she even gets into the water, she told me, "Mummy, 我怕, 我要回家". And she's really afraid. She even ask me to go and swim myself while she will wait for me at the bench there. -___________-"

The last time she swam was around 1-2 months ago only, with Ashlyn. And she enjoyed it that time.

So, why is she so scare this time? I really have no idea. Sigh

I hope she will overcome her fear soon.

Planning to sign her up for piano & ballet classes when she's 3, coming soon! But... will she hates me in future for being so kiasu? Hmm...

Learning piano is my dream! Maybe i can learn with her too! LOL!

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