Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY 2010 - Day One

Hello. I'm at home rotting now... that's why i'm here blogging!

Today i used the longest time of my life to make-up... more than 3 hours! Becos i got so emo & those tears keep spoiling it... Then i've to re-do & re-do again & again.

I feel so sleepy now. Can i just sleep now till tomorrow afternoon??

I think Patsy will kill me lah. LOL!

Meeting her for movie @ town in the evening later, going to her place first. Should i drive & park my car at her house then cab to town? Yes, taking cab cos we're going to drink, drank, drunk. I think i've not touch alcohol for more than 2 weeks? I can't remember.

I really hope i don't see them tonight. Not enemy but i just don't feel like it.

I'm concern becos i treat her like my sister but yet she feels that i'm a nuisance for interfering too much.

Just becos i don't agree with what she's doing now & i'm termed as 'nuisance'.

A good friend doesn't mean i've to support you in whatever u do, even for the wrong thing. Becos i care, that's why i've to stop u before things get serious. But well, maybe u think it's not any big deal & i shouldn't be sucha KPO.

Aiya, don't worry, i won't care anymore.

I can lose the whole world, but as long as i don't lose myself, i'll survive.

My little one has gone back to CCK this morning & will be back tomorrow. I'm so upset lah, cos i feel so lonely. My hatred for CNY has increased to 200% now. Before married, i'll go visiting with boyfriend & the days were usually occupied & fun. After married, for the past 2 years, i went visiting with ZY & Raeann, days were already quite boring. But now, i'm alone at home, bored to death. SICKENING FEELING! I'm counting down for the hours she'll be back!

After 3 hours... make-up finally completed!


Did u notice a pink strand of hair? Yeah, i love it so much! =)

A clearer view...


Patsy says i look very 'ah lian'. Hahaha

I feel like taking a nap now leh... *yawnz*

Friday, February 12, 2010

Human Beings

Suddenly, i feel so dejected of all the people around me!

I think i should love myself more instead...

I feel so tired... of everything!

Wasted 25 years away, i need to do something for myself.

I want a change!!

Change of lifestyle, change of friends, change of etc etc...

Nothing lasts FOREVER in life! Don't be naive.

Happy CNY 2010!


Have a Happy & Prosperous New Year~

Ignorance is BLISS!

From angry - sad - disappointed - very angry!

If this is what u want, there's nothing else we can do. We tried our best!

Now we know, how important are we as friends in your heart.

I won't die without you but i hope you won't regret in future!

I give up!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


My mind is feeling so blank now... Patsy's sms woke me up at 3+am & i couldn't get back to sleep until 5+am! As a result, i overslept by 20mins this morning!

Brought Raeann to find my parents at 557 yesterday evening for dinner. Her friend (my dad's friend's grandson) was there...


There's a rice at the edge of Raeann's mouth, hahahaha. She was eating halfway when i took these pics!

Recently, my house got party every week! And all the aunties, uncles & kids will come... So, Raeann has got lots of friends now!!

*Busy mode*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Oh, i just realised i've not blog anything for the month of February yet! Haha

Been quite busy doing alot of last minute cleaning, shopping & work...

I'm really tired.


I wonder where has my Molly gone to...

She seems to change into another person whom i'm so unfamiliar with.

We seems to have drift apart! The things we think & see are so different now. :(

Sigh. I'm very sad lah.