Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fuck My Life!

I'm so bloody fucking sad + emo + sad + emo + sad + emo...!

I think many have already know about the news created by the mother fucker nail salon "WAX IN THE CITY". (More like Wax In The CCB!)

Yes la, unfortunately, i'm one of the victim. FML!

And i've not even use a single cent on my entire whole package! GREAT!

If you people had been approached by Wax In The City, it's not me who gave them your number cos i left my handphone in the office that day & i can only remember Molly's number. And i honestly told Molly that i've given them her number. But luckily, she did not go cos i can't make it with her.

They did called up Patsy & i asked her not to go cos i had a hard time booking appointment with them.

I wish to know which bloody fucker gave my number to them. FYL!

Alright, i know it's not your fault. I'm just one useless, brainless, stupid & silly girl who cannot stand people niam kenging into my ears. And they did so for 3 bloody hours & refuse to let me leave the place. I just give in too easily cos i'm way too soft. And i admit, they did a great job on my nails that fucking day. That's why i get tempted!


My $1K++ is gone... 1/4 of Chanel bag!

I joined the group 'Victims of Wax In The City' on FB! So many people got cheated!!!! So i'm not the only stupid one. But all of them are very nice. They taught me what to do as i'm so helpless right now.

I really feel like crying... but NO TEARS! FML! If crying can makes me feel better, i want to cry out loud lah! URGH!!

I've made a police report already, although i don't know if it does help. But i just want to do something to make myself feel better. Rather than sitting here, doing nothing & let those fuckers get off scott free. No way i'm gonna do that especially when i'm so si bei duper angry right now!

I don't understand why those people wanna do that? Don't they feel guilty at all?? I hope they get their retribution soon! I'll be praying everyday!!!

These kind of people sure get tortured in 十八层地狱. GO TO HELL!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1/4 of 2010!

I did try to blog on Sunday ok! But Raeann kept disturbing me & i only managed to type 2 sentences.

The weather is really killing me!! Not only me, even Raeann! She kept asking for ice cream!!

I brought her to buy ice cream on the hot Saturday afternoon.


Look at how she enjoyed it! And she finished the whole stick by herself lor! She refused to let me eat!!

I woke up at 8+am on Sunday morning to do housework. I really don't understand what's Mary doing everyday??!?! I washed mine & Raeann's clothes (wore from Friday - Sunday) & hang it out to sun. Ironed about 50 pieces of everybodys' clothes, i just iron whatever i can see & take. I clean the kitchen & dining area. I also washed plates. All this is done within 3 hours...

But Mary's at home every single fucking day & she cannot even complete all the basic and simple task. Moreover, she did not help me to look after Raeann de lor.

After my mum came back from the market, she took 2 super big baskets of laundry (left by Mary) to wash. And those are the clothes which we wore like... 3 weeks - 1 month ago!!!!!!!!! WTF!

No wonder my clothes always disappear & i've to keep buying & buying.

I really cannot tolerate this! Urgh!!!! Everytime speaking about the disappearance of my clothes, i feel so fed up!

I kept asking my mum to change maid lor. She's so lazy & gao keng (cos old bird liao) now! Very dangerous! She also has selective hearing one lor! She only listens to thing she feel like doing, otherwise, she'll pretend not to hear.

*I need to go now!! Busy busy busy!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm at HOME!

It's a Friday night & yet i'm at home... blogging! Surprise?

Yes, becos Raeann's at home with me & i said before that i don't go out when she's with me. In fact today, my phone has been ringing constantly, my msn & fb were flooded with msgs, asking me where will i go tonight; now. Hahaha

Nope, i'll stay at home, alright. Babes, cya all next time! My daughter is more important than partying.

Just now after i showered, Raeann asked me to play 'what is the time, mr wolf?' with her. LOL!

And we had truckloads of laughter & fun. I love to see her laughing!

But hor, how come she 2+ yrs old know how to play this game ah? Wah lau, i only learnt about this game at 6-7 yrs old leh!

Now hor, everyday Raeann will ask me this question 7361032729 times, "Mummy, 我乖吗?".

And i cannot say 不乖 cos she'll keep pestering me until i say 乖. -____-"

This week, i brought her to JP twice for dinner & i met so many people there lor, by coincidence. I didn't notice them until they call out for me.

And my lao peh said that, since i everytime go JP, might as well move to JP. I'd love to, papa! Buy me a condo above then!!!

I think i'm going to die for the next 2 weeks cos Mary's going back! OMFG!

Wash clothes, iron clothes, mopping, vaccuming, look after Raeann, etc etc. KILL ME LAH! I hope mummy is able to find a part-time maid. *pray very very hard*

Please bless me to 平平安安 survive through.

Sidetrack abit. I did this on my nails last Saturday!


This pic was taken before i clean off the surroundings! I'm so into nail application recently again! Hee

My mum has given me her support to change car!! YAY! But with such horrible COE pricing, how to change har? And i'm waiting for someone to change first before i can decide what car i'm going change.

FYI, i'm not rich hor! Just that my car is going to 'chui' soon! So many problems & i hate to spend money on repairs. FML!

And, my parents are not gonna pay for me. I'll be paying by myself so please don't say any rubbish.

Nowadays, i must explain everything clearly & long-windedly. Cos people tends to read my blog & anyhow assume. Anyhow assume nvm, anyhow spread untrue rumours also. Don't understand why those people hate me & yet they are so interested about my life har? FYL ok?

Now is 12.55am already, why the hell do i take so long to blog sucha short entry har? LOL

Ok la, i'm feeling sleepy already & i want to lug my darling to bed now.

Nights all!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My new mouse...

My new mouse is so utterly cute that i can't don't blog about it!!!


Cute ma??? Hehehe

Monday, March 22, 2010

Alizee's sweet 26!

Friday was Alizee's sweet 26 birthday celebration. Woooohoooo, in another 3 months time, it will be my turn. :(

It's saddening to step into the late twenties world!

I knew alot of new friends recently. All are si bei pro clubbers (one week can club at least 4 days or more) & can't believe that most of them are married, some with kids too.

How come their husbands all so nice de? Let them go out & play while they take care of kids at home? Why har? 真的是同人不同命啊!

And very fast, today's 22nd March already. In 2 days time, it'll be my 3rd year wedding anniversary, which means i can finally sign my divorce deed. And i'll regain my single status soon.

Many asked me, if i'm prepared & ready for it & will i be sad or not... Hmm... How to answer leh? I feel that it makes no difference lor. Cos we've been seperated for so long le. The only difference is the signatures on a piece of paper lor! Other than that, life still goes on, as usual...

Let's hope we'll be happier after divorce! And since we're still young, let's hope we can find a better another half! :)

I don't intend to re-marry again. And meantime, i never think of getting a bf too... All are fated! If it's yours, it will be yours. Whatever will happen, will happen. So just let nature takes it's own course.

HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok lah, i need to go now. Shall end it here with pics on Friday!!





Our new friend, Sonia. :)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pain Pain, Go Away!

My chest has this acute pain frequently for these 2 days. OMG, what's happening to me??

In fact, i've not been smoking much during my working hours cos i'm so busy till i've got no time to smoke leh.

YES, my vouchers are here!! :(

And then, i've been regularly outta office recently. I can go Senoko everyday for a straight 5 days lor.

I hope the pain can go away lah. I don't want to see doc or go for full body checkup cos i'm afraid to face the reality. If i really got problem, i cannot afford the expensive medical bills...

Yesterday, we left the house earlier cos i brought Raeann for breakfast. Wanted to go for BK at Arena but was closed. Therefore, we went to Taman Jurong Mac drive-thru to pack to my aunt's house. She was so happy lah! My aunt said she finished up everything! Last night, she asked for it again... I asked her when she want to eat again? She said, TOMORROW lor! Haha

Then yesterday evening, i brought her to Crystal Jade for dinner and 顺便 buy some neccessarities. She said her shampoo is finishing up soon! It's true lah but why would a 2 & a half yrs old kid take note of sucha thing har? LOL


Forever my sweet lil' cheeky baby!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Oh yay! Raeann's on school holiday this entire week! So i can slow down my pace alittle for this week! Don't have to rush & rush like a mad woman!

I told Patsy i tio 猪八戒's spell yesterday & today. I don't know why the hell am i so tired when i did not go out for the whole of Saturday & Sunday lor! -_-"

And this Raeann woke me up at 6am this morning to tell me she wanna eat 包!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why she wanna eat 包 when she's sleeping halfway har?? And where the hell am i going to find 包 for her?

She woke me up from my sleep, she told me, "mummy, 我要吃包!"

I was like... "HUH? 包????"

Then she still can reply... "BREAD lor"

I asked her to go back & sleep first, later on the way to my aunt's house, i'll bring her to go & buy!

When she woke up at 7+am, i still ask her, "girl, 你要吃包啊?" (To prove that i'm not dreaming lah!)

Then she nodded her head. LOL!

Anyway, some pics from everywhere, anytime.


She's suck shit! I gave her this nick many years ago & she said she's so used to it already. HAHAHA

Me, Molly & her used to be very close back then! She's also from YHSS la, which means we've known each other for a bloody 13 years! Woooo, great! Just gotta admit we're old now. =(

I met up with her 2 weeks ago for pubbing and damn! It's was fun man! Wahahha First time i go out hor, never spend $ lor. Cos the money i spent, i won back from blackjack (SS)!!! LOL! So, in another words, SS was my host for that night! Whahahahaahah

Can't wait to meet up with her again soon! =)


Then, last Friday, we were at NANA (I dragged my ass outta the house at 11.20pm! LOL!)...


This pic was taken inside the bloody huge & spacious toilet.

Initially, Patsy keep urging me to take pic with her, i die die don't want cos of the lousy iPhone quality.

Then she sat down to touch up her make-up, i took this pic secretly! Whahhahahaha

Her expression is cute, isn't it? =P

Want your bad romance!

I realised we cannot take proper pics nowadays! All our pics are becoming more & more artistic! LOL!

After drinking till bloody 6am, we went for breakfast, thai food at Bencoolen. Only one word to describe, SCARY!!


It's my first time eating after drinking & i'm sure it's gonna be the last time as well. Nope, not that the food sucks, on the contrary, the food are cheap & delicious! $21.00 for 4 dishes; kang kong, fried rice, pork salad & omelette!

Except for the sour fried rice which taste weird to me, the others are sooooo delicious lor. I ate so much till my gastric cannot take it! It's so damn bloody fucking pain till i can't stand & walk properly lor. So torturing leh... I'm not gonna do it again!~

Friday, March 12, 2010

The bond we share...

This Raeann hor, just never fail to make me laugh...

Yesterday, i was ranting to myself about a new-born pimple on my forehead, it's so painful leh...

Then Raeann says, "我带你去看医生, 好吗?" Wahahhahahahha

So funny lor... I told her, pimple don't have to see doctor lah!

Then these few days, i've been constantly repeating this song '坏人' & she can sing the chorus now.

Whenever reach this part, '你是好人, 也是个坏人...' She will sing very loudly on the 好人& 坏人. LOL!

This morning, i changed song on my player. She told me she don't want to listen to that song & wants to listen to '好人坏人'.

I told her that she'll go to her dad's place today cos he wants to bring her back. I packed her bag but she throw everything out & tell me that she don't want to go there.

I know she's good at 假假 lor. If i'm around, she'll never ever say that she wants to go CCK. And she'll always tell me that she don't like her papa.

But when i'm not around, she'll keep saying that she wanna go CCK & she don't like me! Hahaha! So 两头蛇!

But this morning at her school, she cried when i told her, "I see you tomorrow har, baobei". My heart jitao break into pieces lor. I almost cry with her too! But becos there were so many people watching, i controlled my tears. Otherwise, si bei paiseh man!

I pity her for having to be like that at such a age... Cos she doesn't want to make either side unhappy! She can't speak out the truth on what she really wants. For a barely 3 years old kid to go through all these, i apologise to her.

When she comes back from CCK, i'll ask her... "你有没有想我?"

She will definately reply "YES" then come & kiss & hug me. She will say, "来 Mummy, kiss kiss, hug hug!" Hehe Very sweet!

Nobody will ever know the bond between me & her... The day when she started developing inside my tummy till now, it's not long but it's very strong!

Thus, if anyone tries to break us up, i'll give up everything, including my life, just to fight for her.

I'm not saying it for fun! Cos she's the only reason why i'm staying alive for...

I know i shouldn't think this way, there are far more people worse than what i'm going through now. But i just want to think this way, i'm only living for Raeann. If one day i were to lose her, i don't think i want to live on anymore.

Okay, enough of emo stuffs! I've been very emo lately lor... Tears just drop so easily, which is so not-me. I'm not sucha weako leh!!!

如果忽远忽近的洒脱, 是你要的自由, 那我宁愿回到一个人生活.

如果忽冷忽热的温柔, 是你的借口, 那我宁愿对你从没认真过.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Daily Routine.

Today i'll blog about my daily routine, becos i wanna know what kind of woman am i in others' eyes...

My life is very boring, everyday, weeks & months, i've been doing the same thing again & again. But i enjoyed it alot even though i complain sometimes. But it's just some random rants to vent my frustration out.

Everyday, from Monday to Friday without fail, even when i'm not feeling well, i'll wake up at 7am SHARP & immediately chiong to toilet for a shower. I'll be done at around 7.20am - 7.25am, depends on my mood. Then after that, i'll choose clothes from my wardrobe, change it & start my make-up. Plus slight blowing of hair, i'll be all done by 8am+-, depends on my mood too! In between, i'll make milk for Raeann. She usually wake up around 7.30am - 7.45am. And i'll on Animal Planet for her to watch while drinking her milk.

After i'm done with myself, i'll bathe for Raeann. Teach her how to brush her teeth & etc... Sometimes, she requested to play with her '桶' (a bucket that people usually play it with sand), filled it up with water & scoop out the water one cup by one cup. I don't know what fun is there but since she likes it, i'll let her play for awhile. And she'll definately keep everything & put it back properly after playing. Then she will tell me... "Mummy, 好了!" Then i'll dry & change her into her school uniform. All these will be done at around 8.20am - 8.25am.

Then she will go up to my parents room & talk to them. And i'll chiong downstairs to prepare snacks into her bag & fill up her water bottle.

If there's time, i'll sit down for half a cup of milo. If not, i'll go up to my parents' room & bring her down. Wear her shoes, take our bags & off we go to her school. We usually leave the house at 8.35am - 8.40am. If we're early, i'll bring her to Caltex to buy Old Chang Kee fishballs cos she likes it.

Her school opens at 9am & we will always reach before 9am (I don't like to be late!). When the door open, i'll bring her in, put her bag, check her temperature & watch her being check by the teacher (It's to ensure that kids doesn't have HFMD!). Then i'll leave after everything's fine & she waves byebye to me.

After that i'll chiong to work. My work actually starts at 9am. But becos i need to send her to school, i usually reach at 9.25am. (That's why i say, what job (new) can allow me to have such timing?)

I shall not elaborate on my working stuffs cos everyday will be different. Sometimes, i stay in office whole day & sometimes, i'm outside on the road whole day.

Other than Friday when Raeann goes back to CCK, i'll knock off between 5.20pm - 6pm to pick Raeann up.

If i'm not very tired, i'll bring her to Jurong Point, IMM or Arena Country Club (Burger King; watch people go-kart there.) for dinner/shopping. She's very 'flower legs' lor & she will follow whoever that wanna bring her to gai-gai.

Sometimes, i bring her out for dinner with my friends. Sometimes, with my sis. Sometimes, alone. I'm okay to handle her alone!

If we did not go for dinner/shopping, we will go home directly.

At home; becos my maid is cooking, so usually Raeann will go up inside the room with me (I wanna shower!). I'll on the TV for her (Nowadays, she very siao with her DS Lite!), then she will wait for me while i shower. For this, i can say she's indeed a good girl cos she won't disturb me or mess anything up. She will just lie on the bed watching her animals & laughing loudly which i can hear it inside my toilet or she will just play with her DS Lite. These few days she keep telling me that she's cooking (Cooking Mama)... like aunty Mary. Haha

After i shower, i'll play with her for awhile then we will go down together to have our dinner. When i eat, she will eat also. LOL! (She already eaten at my aunt's place lor!)

But of cos, she's those with 'straight' intestines, she poo many times a day. Then i'll have to wash & change her.

After dinner, we will go up to the room & watch TV. Then i'll talk to her, ask her about her school, friends & etc...

When my parents' back around 8.30pm - 9pm, they will come up & look for her. Then she'll go and accompany them till 9+pm while i've my free time for awhile, to reply SMS, FB etc... I'll go & take her milk bottle from downstairs then bring her down from my parents' room & back to our room, before 10pm.

Make her milk & off TV & lights at 10pm sharp. And we'll fall asleep together, most of the time.

That's my everyday routine. Boring yet interesting! Cos Raeann will surprise me with new things everyday!

On Friday when Raeann goes back to CCK, i'll go home directly after work. Slack at home till 11pm then drag my ass out of the house. Sometimes, i really don't feel like going out but i cannot sleep lor. So might as well go out... Since Raeann's not around!

But LISTEN UP! I don't go out on weekdays at all to club & drink, no matter how hard my friends are jio-ing & phyco-ing me.

This is me! I know when to play & when to be serious.

And i spent 6 days a week with my precious... If i can choose, i want to spend everyday with her.

Okay, tell me now, what kind of woman i am??!! I'm very curious.

Did i never fulfill my responsibilities/duties?

And given such tight schedules, where do i have time for a bf??? Which guy would be so stupid har???

I don't blog all these becos i think i'll bored my readers to death, but it doesn't mean that i did not do.

So, people out there who think that i'm just a wild chick whom only wants to club & don't want to look after my daughter, pls kindly fuck off from my blog!

You don't know what's happening behind closed door so you've no right to accuse me!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Slept at 3am last night & woke up 7am sharp this morning. Surprisingly, i'm not tired & sleepy. Insomnia monster is hunting me these 2 nights...

I don't understand why this world got such a person, always want to create troubles for NOTHING! (And always say i'm the one creating troubles instead.)

As you guys (might) know, i'm able to sign the divorce deed on this coming 24th...

And so, i smsed him, ask him to transfer me the money & to state my terms for divorce. I told him, i won't take a single cent from him, he just need to pay for Raeann's stuffs will do.

And a heated arguement arised when i mentioned i might be putting Raeann to the childcare nursery near my house from next year!

In fact, i've been struggling for 2 weeks regarding this matter. Cos there are alot of factors that i must consider.

1) If i put Raeann at childcare nursery, my aunt will have lesser income.
2) I'm worried about the proper care Raeann will be given at the childcare. I can work peacefully when i leave her with my aunt.
3) But the nearest nursery near my aunt's place is a church school, which i don't wish Raeann to attend cos we're not christians.
4) PAP is quite inconvenient for my aunt cos there's no direct bus there. My aunt's health is not that good & she can't walk for long now.
5) I need to do something to my career cos i'm alone now. I need to work hard, earn more money & buy a house to secure myself & Raeann.
6) I wanted to change job, so i need to put her at a place for my nearest convenience which i can send & pick her up at a more appropriate time suitable for my job.

What's wrong with putting Raeann at a childcare nursery? Why should he get so work up? I told him that he's still able to visit Raeann at the childcare what!

I explained to him why i need to do so... And his reply was... "I tell u we fight for her custody if u insist sending her to child care.". And he won't pay a single cent...

He said it's my problem & not his. And i'm selfish cos i only think for myself. Of cos i need to do that cos i'm the one sending & picking her up, not him!

And he said, since i got so much problems, why not give Raeann to him. So i can go find my bf, no need to think of her as my burden. And he said Raeann will be happier with him than with me. (Sure?????? Haha)

Since when i got a bf? And since when i say Raeann is my burden? Why he likes to put words into my mouth har? Always like to accuse me for nothing. I married him not to let him scold, accuse & hit for fun leh!

He said he won't lose becos he got evidences against me & all thanks to my blog. I wrote so much to prove what kind of woman i am.

Am i stupid? Or is he stupid?

If i dare to blog & show the public, would i be scare?

I really want to see what sort of evidences he will produce... If he's talking about going out when Raeann's not around or those pics i took with my guy friends, he better don't make a fool outta himself.

Which law says that a married woman can't go out har? And i dare to say i fulfill my duty as a mother. I only go out when he wanted to bring Raeann back to his house. I did not go out when Raeann's with me. Even if i did, i bring her along.

And which law says that married woman cannot take pics with guy friends har? It's just normal pictures with proper attire on. It's not as if he caught me going hotel 81 or on bed with a man.

我行的直, 站的正! There's nothing i'm afraid of.

If he insisted on fighting, i'm more than happy.

I did not apply for PPO becos i don't want to create trouble & make life difficult for myself. Applying PPO is very troublesome. And i thought, since already decided to divorce, i don't see a need for it. But anyway, i still can apply for it NOW! I withdrew PPO once & it's very easy to convince the judge that he's a violent person if i applied for it again using another police report.

I let him bring Raeann home becos i'm soft hearted. I don't want Raeann to be without a dad. And not becos i'm scare of the whatever so-call shitty evidences he had.

He kept thinking that it's a MUST i should let him bring Raeann home once a week becos he's paying her stuffs. It's NOT a must if i wanna be nasty. By law, he should pay for alimony even if he don't get to see Raeann again.

All along, i only want to settle everything in a calm & peaceful manner... I smsed him in a very calm way, even when he gets agitated, i still explain to him nicely. I still tell him that we're going to sign the deed soon, there's no need to provoke each other anymore. Let's end it in a happier way. 好来好散!

But all his replies can really make people boil. I was so fucking angry till i kept crying. I spoke to my mum, crying my heart out.

That's why i can't sleep these 2 nights. Cos i kept thinking that it's time for me to fight back now, make him pay back what he did to me.

I need alot of courage to do that cos i'm not a nasty person by nature. But sometimes, you just have to be nasty to nasty people. Being kind to others is being mean to thyself.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Greetings from me!

Wow! Today's 3rd March already, so that means i've been neglecting my blog for... a good 17 days!

Alot of things happened these 17 days but i'm really too lazy to blog...

I tried to dig out all the pictures taken but some are still in my camera which i haven upload to my com yet.

I can't really refresh my memory all at one shot & blog accordingly. But i'll just type whatever i can remember for now...

First day of CNY, which was also Valentine's day, i was very LONELY + MOODY. Luckily Patsy was there for me... We went for a dinner & movie (72 Tenants or something?) date then follow by a alcohol night at our usual hangouts. Thank you na ka! =)


Before CNY, which i've forgotten the date, i received a surprise pre-Valentine's day gift from XXX, my dearest someone whom has disappoint me times & times (Don't guess! It's not ZY!). =(


But still, thanks alot. I love it! =)

I've finally bought a new TV set. LOL! Cos the previous one had been repaired till cannot be repair le, become black & white liao. Haha And thanks to Darren's recommendation, i bought this Akira 21" CTV @ only $175!!


Raeann was so happy, she can watch Animal Planet all day long!

On 19th February night, we went to celebrate Patsy's birthday. But i had to leave early cos something happened at home. Felt so sorry about it but i've made up one night back to her already. And thanks Greferg for sending me home that night! =)


And hor, on the last day of LNY, Raeann was officially potty-trained. Although sometimes, she will still forget & pee on her shorts, but most of the time, she can take out her shorts & go toilet herself now. I just bought her the toilet cap (Don't know what issit term as?) yesterday!!


It's consider too late for her but i'm still very happy! She's also very happy lor!! Hee

Ok, that's all for now cos i've to go Senoko soon! My dad ki siao again... So for the meantime, i'll be out to run errands & will not be in the office often.

Take care people!