Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm at HOME!

It's a Friday night & yet i'm at home... blogging! Surprise?

Yes, becos Raeann's at home with me & i said before that i don't go out when she's with me. In fact today, my phone has been ringing constantly, my msn & fb were flooded with msgs, asking me where will i go tonight; now. Hahaha

Nope, i'll stay at home, alright. Babes, cya all next time! My daughter is more important than partying.

Just now after i showered, Raeann asked me to play 'what is the time, mr wolf?' with her. LOL!

And we had truckloads of laughter & fun. I love to see her laughing!

But hor, how come she 2+ yrs old know how to play this game ah? Wah lau, i only learnt about this game at 6-7 yrs old leh!

Now hor, everyday Raeann will ask me this question 7361032729 times, "Mummy, 我乖吗?".

And i cannot say 不乖 cos she'll keep pestering me until i say 乖. -____-"

This week, i brought her to JP twice for dinner & i met so many people there lor, by coincidence. I didn't notice them until they call out for me.

And my lao peh said that, since i everytime go JP, might as well move to JP. I'd love to, papa! Buy me a condo above then!!!

I think i'm going to die for the next 2 weeks cos Mary's going back! OMFG!

Wash clothes, iron clothes, mopping, vaccuming, look after Raeann, etc etc. KILL ME LAH! I hope mummy is able to find a part-time maid. *pray very very hard*

Please bless me to 平平安安 survive through.

Sidetrack abit. I did this on my nails last Saturday!


This pic was taken before i clean off the surroundings! I'm so into nail application recently again! Hee

My mum has given me her support to change car!! YAY! But with such horrible COE pricing, how to change har? And i'm waiting for someone to change first before i can decide what car i'm going change.

FYI, i'm not rich hor! Just that my car is going to 'chui' soon! So many problems & i hate to spend money on repairs. FML!

And, my parents are not gonna pay for me. I'll be paying by myself so please don't say any rubbish.

Nowadays, i must explain everything clearly & long-windedly. Cos people tends to read my blog & anyhow assume. Anyhow assume nvm, anyhow spread untrue rumours also. Don't understand why those people hate me & yet they are so interested about my life har? FYL ok?

Now is 12.55am already, why the hell do i take so long to blog sucha short entry har? LOL

Ok la, i'm feeling sleepy already & i want to lug my darling to bed now.

Nights all!!!

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