Monday, March 22, 2010

Alizee's sweet 26!

Friday was Alizee's sweet 26 birthday celebration. Woooohoooo, in another 3 months time, it will be my turn. :(

It's saddening to step into the late twenties world!

I knew alot of new friends recently. All are si bei pro clubbers (one week can club at least 4 days or more) & can't believe that most of them are married, some with kids too.

How come their husbands all so nice de? Let them go out & play while they take care of kids at home? Why har? 真的是同人不同命啊!

And very fast, today's 22nd March already. In 2 days time, it'll be my 3rd year wedding anniversary, which means i can finally sign my divorce deed. And i'll regain my single status soon.

Many asked me, if i'm prepared & ready for it & will i be sad or not... Hmm... How to answer leh? I feel that it makes no difference lor. Cos we've been seperated for so long le. The only difference is the signatures on a piece of paper lor! Other than that, life still goes on, as usual...

Let's hope we'll be happier after divorce! And since we're still young, let's hope we can find a better another half! :)

I don't intend to re-marry again. And meantime, i never think of getting a bf too... All are fated! If it's yours, it will be yours. Whatever will happen, will happen. So just let nature takes it's own course.

HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok lah, i need to go now. Shall end it here with pics on Friday!!





Our new friend, Sonia. :)


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