Monday, March 15, 2010


Oh yay! Raeann's on school holiday this entire week! So i can slow down my pace alittle for this week! Don't have to rush & rush like a mad woman!

I told Patsy i tio 猪八戒's spell yesterday & today. I don't know why the hell am i so tired when i did not go out for the whole of Saturday & Sunday lor! -_-"

And this Raeann woke me up at 6am this morning to tell me she wanna eat 包!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why she wanna eat 包 when she's sleeping halfway har?? And where the hell am i going to find 包 for her?

She woke me up from my sleep, she told me, "mummy, 我要吃包!"

I was like... "HUH? 包????"

Then she still can reply... "BREAD lor"

I asked her to go back & sleep first, later on the way to my aunt's house, i'll bring her to go & buy!

When she woke up at 7+am, i still ask her, "girl, 你要吃包啊?" (To prove that i'm not dreaming lah!)

Then she nodded her head. LOL!

Anyway, some pics from everywhere, anytime.


She's suck shit! I gave her this nick many years ago & she said she's so used to it already. HAHAHA

Me, Molly & her used to be very close back then! She's also from YHSS la, which means we've known each other for a bloody 13 years! Woooo, great! Just gotta admit we're old now. =(

I met up with her 2 weeks ago for pubbing and damn! It's was fun man! Wahahha First time i go out hor, never spend $ lor. Cos the money i spent, i won back from blackjack (SS)!!! LOL! So, in another words, SS was my host for that night! Whahahahaahah

Can't wait to meet up with her again soon! =)


Then, last Friday, we were at NANA (I dragged my ass outta the house at 11.20pm! LOL!)...


This pic was taken inside the bloody huge & spacious toilet.

Initially, Patsy keep urging me to take pic with her, i die die don't want cos of the lousy iPhone quality.

Then she sat down to touch up her make-up, i took this pic secretly! Whahhahahaha

Her expression is cute, isn't it? =P

Want your bad romance!

I realised we cannot take proper pics nowadays! All our pics are becoming more & more artistic! LOL!

After drinking till bloody 6am, we went for breakfast, thai food at Bencoolen. Only one word to describe, SCARY!!


It's my first time eating after drinking & i'm sure it's gonna be the last time as well. Nope, not that the food sucks, on the contrary, the food are cheap & delicious! $21.00 for 4 dishes; kang kong, fried rice, pork salad & omelette!

Except for the sour fried rice which taste weird to me, the others are sooooo delicious lor. I ate so much till my gastric cannot take it! It's so damn bloody fucking pain till i can't stand & walk properly lor. So torturing leh... I'm not gonna do it again!~

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