Friday, March 12, 2010

The bond we share...

This Raeann hor, just never fail to make me laugh...

Yesterday, i was ranting to myself about a new-born pimple on my forehead, it's so painful leh...

Then Raeann says, "我带你去看医生, 好吗?" Wahahhahahahha

So funny lor... I told her, pimple don't have to see doctor lah!

Then these few days, i've been constantly repeating this song '坏人' & she can sing the chorus now.

Whenever reach this part, '你是好人, 也是个坏人...' She will sing very loudly on the 好人& 坏人. LOL!

This morning, i changed song on my player. She told me she don't want to listen to that song & wants to listen to '好人坏人'.

I told her that she'll go to her dad's place today cos he wants to bring her back. I packed her bag but she throw everything out & tell me that she don't want to go there.

I know she's good at 假假 lor. If i'm around, she'll never ever say that she wants to go CCK. And she'll always tell me that she don't like her papa.

But when i'm not around, she'll keep saying that she wanna go CCK & she don't like me! Hahaha! So 两头蛇!

But this morning at her school, she cried when i told her, "I see you tomorrow har, baobei". My heart jitao break into pieces lor. I almost cry with her too! But becos there were so many people watching, i controlled my tears. Otherwise, si bei paiseh man!

I pity her for having to be like that at such a age... Cos she doesn't want to make either side unhappy! She can't speak out the truth on what she really wants. For a barely 3 years old kid to go through all these, i apologise to her.

When she comes back from CCK, i'll ask her... "你有没有想我?"

She will definately reply "YES" then come & kiss & hug me. She will say, "来 Mummy, kiss kiss, hug hug!" Hehe Very sweet!

Nobody will ever know the bond between me & her... The day when she started developing inside my tummy till now, it's not long but it's very strong!

Thus, if anyone tries to break us up, i'll give up everything, including my life, just to fight for her.

I'm not saying it for fun! Cos she's the only reason why i'm staying alive for...

I know i shouldn't think this way, there are far more people worse than what i'm going through now. But i just want to think this way, i'm only living for Raeann. If one day i were to lose her, i don't think i want to live on anymore.

Okay, enough of emo stuffs! I've been very emo lately lor... Tears just drop so easily, which is so not-me. I'm not sucha weako leh!!!

如果忽远忽近的洒脱, 是你要的自由, 那我宁愿回到一个人生活.

如果忽冷忽热的温柔, 是你的借口, 那我宁愿对你从没认真过.

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