Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fuck My Life!

I'm so bloody fucking sad + emo + sad + emo + sad + emo...!

I think many have already know about the news created by the mother fucker nail salon "WAX IN THE CITY". (More like Wax In The CCB!)

Yes la, unfortunately, i'm one of the victim. FML!

And i've not even use a single cent on my entire whole package! GREAT!

If you people had been approached by Wax In The City, it's not me who gave them your number cos i left my handphone in the office that day & i can only remember Molly's number. And i honestly told Molly that i've given them her number. But luckily, she did not go cos i can't make it with her.

They did called up Patsy & i asked her not to go cos i had a hard time booking appointment with them.

I wish to know which bloody fucker gave my number to them. FYL!

Alright, i know it's not your fault. I'm just one useless, brainless, stupid & silly girl who cannot stand people niam kenging into my ears. And they did so for 3 bloody hours & refuse to let me leave the place. I just give in too easily cos i'm way too soft. And i admit, they did a great job on my nails that fucking day. That's why i get tempted!


My $1K++ is gone... 1/4 of Chanel bag!

I joined the group 'Victims of Wax In The City' on FB! So many people got cheated!!!! So i'm not the only stupid one. But all of them are very nice. They taught me what to do as i'm so helpless right now.

I really feel like crying... but NO TEARS! FML! If crying can makes me feel better, i want to cry out loud lah! URGH!!

I've made a police report already, although i don't know if it does help. But i just want to do something to make myself feel better. Rather than sitting here, doing nothing & let those fuckers get off scott free. No way i'm gonna do that especially when i'm so si bei duper angry right now!

I don't understand why those people wanna do that? Don't they feel guilty at all?? I hope they get their retribution soon! I'll be praying everyday!!!

These kind of people sure get tortured in 十八层地狱. GO TO HELL!

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