Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Daily Routine.

Today i'll blog about my daily routine, becos i wanna know what kind of woman am i in others' eyes...

My life is very boring, everyday, weeks & months, i've been doing the same thing again & again. But i enjoyed it alot even though i complain sometimes. But it's just some random rants to vent my frustration out.

Everyday, from Monday to Friday without fail, even when i'm not feeling well, i'll wake up at 7am SHARP & immediately chiong to toilet for a shower. I'll be done at around 7.20am - 7.25am, depends on my mood. Then after that, i'll choose clothes from my wardrobe, change it & start my make-up. Plus slight blowing of hair, i'll be all done by 8am+-, depends on my mood too! In between, i'll make milk for Raeann. She usually wake up around 7.30am - 7.45am. And i'll on Animal Planet for her to watch while drinking her milk.

After i'm done with myself, i'll bathe for Raeann. Teach her how to brush her teeth & etc... Sometimes, she requested to play with her '桶' (a bucket that people usually play it with sand), filled it up with water & scoop out the water one cup by one cup. I don't know what fun is there but since she likes it, i'll let her play for awhile. And she'll definately keep everything & put it back properly after playing. Then she will tell me... "Mummy, 好了!" Then i'll dry & change her into her school uniform. All these will be done at around 8.20am - 8.25am.

Then she will go up to my parents room & talk to them. And i'll chiong downstairs to prepare snacks into her bag & fill up her water bottle.

If there's time, i'll sit down for half a cup of milo. If not, i'll go up to my parents' room & bring her down. Wear her shoes, take our bags & off we go to her school. We usually leave the house at 8.35am - 8.40am. If we're early, i'll bring her to Caltex to buy Old Chang Kee fishballs cos she likes it.

Her school opens at 9am & we will always reach before 9am (I don't like to be late!). When the door open, i'll bring her in, put her bag, check her temperature & watch her being check by the teacher (It's to ensure that kids doesn't have HFMD!). Then i'll leave after everything's fine & she waves byebye to me.

After that i'll chiong to work. My work actually starts at 9am. But becos i need to send her to school, i usually reach at 9.25am. (That's why i say, what job (new) can allow me to have such timing?)

I shall not elaborate on my working stuffs cos everyday will be different. Sometimes, i stay in office whole day & sometimes, i'm outside on the road whole day.

Other than Friday when Raeann goes back to CCK, i'll knock off between 5.20pm - 6pm to pick Raeann up.

If i'm not very tired, i'll bring her to Jurong Point, IMM or Arena Country Club (Burger King; watch people go-kart there.) for dinner/shopping. She's very 'flower legs' lor & she will follow whoever that wanna bring her to gai-gai.

Sometimes, i bring her out for dinner with my friends. Sometimes, with my sis. Sometimes, alone. I'm okay to handle her alone!

If we did not go for dinner/shopping, we will go home directly.

At home; becos my maid is cooking, so usually Raeann will go up inside the room with me (I wanna shower!). I'll on the TV for her (Nowadays, she very siao with her DS Lite!), then she will wait for me while i shower. For this, i can say she's indeed a good girl cos she won't disturb me or mess anything up. She will just lie on the bed watching her animals & laughing loudly which i can hear it inside my toilet or she will just play with her DS Lite. These few days she keep telling me that she's cooking (Cooking Mama)... like aunty Mary. Haha

After i shower, i'll play with her for awhile then we will go down together to have our dinner. When i eat, she will eat also. LOL! (She already eaten at my aunt's place lor!)

But of cos, she's those with 'straight' intestines, she poo many times a day. Then i'll have to wash & change her.

After dinner, we will go up to the room & watch TV. Then i'll talk to her, ask her about her school, friends & etc...

When my parents' back around 8.30pm - 9pm, they will come up & look for her. Then she'll go and accompany them till 9+pm while i've my free time for awhile, to reply SMS, FB etc... I'll go & take her milk bottle from downstairs then bring her down from my parents' room & back to our room, before 10pm.

Make her milk & off TV & lights at 10pm sharp. And we'll fall asleep together, most of the time.

That's my everyday routine. Boring yet interesting! Cos Raeann will surprise me with new things everyday!

On Friday when Raeann goes back to CCK, i'll go home directly after work. Slack at home till 11pm then drag my ass out of the house. Sometimes, i really don't feel like going out but i cannot sleep lor. So might as well go out... Since Raeann's not around!

But LISTEN UP! I don't go out on weekdays at all to club & drink, no matter how hard my friends are jio-ing & phyco-ing me.

This is me! I know when to play & when to be serious.

And i spent 6 days a week with my precious... If i can choose, i want to spend everyday with her.

Okay, tell me now, what kind of woman i am??!! I'm very curious.

Did i never fulfill my responsibilities/duties?

And given such tight schedules, where do i have time for a bf??? Which guy would be so stupid har???

I don't blog all these becos i think i'll bored my readers to death, but it doesn't mean that i did not do.

So, people out there who think that i'm just a wild chick whom only wants to club & don't want to look after my daughter, pls kindly fuck off from my blog!

You don't know what's happening behind closed door so you've no right to accuse me!

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