Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm so freaking bored in the office right now & my sis just reminded me that i've a blog. Wahahhahaha

I did not blog for so long till i forgot that i still have a blog, that's growing alot of spider webs. =\

Very busy lah, with my family. =P

Was at Universal Studio & casino last Friday, i don't want to play the Jurassic Park ride in future again. =X

It's scary! WET from hair to toe, make-up all smurged, hair becomes like siao char bor. -_-"

Anyway, i want to thanks 'them' for the tickets & hotel stay, you know who you are.

My luck at casino was VERY BAD lor. Tmd! Luckily i don't like to gamble de! I lost $1K at first lor. Then play jackpot win back $700+. Overall, still lose lah. But, don't care lah!

Visited the first VS shop in asia, bought 5 undies there. The way they pack the undies, Raeann said it's BAH KWA. Hahahaha

Didn't take much pics of myself that day cos i was the photographer. And i've got bad hair/lash/face/body day that day. So sad! :(

Plus the whole body got wet, even more moodless to take pics lor. The weather is also freaking, bloody & terribly hot! Made me very very sticky & smelly!

Overall, it's fun lah! But i still prefer Genting. =X


Alright, i shall stop here now. So boring, don't feel like blogging anymore. Should i shut down my blog?




Friday, April 16, 2010

Love is...

Blog-hopping around and i found someone wrote this... Very meaningful & i wish to share!

Here’s to all the girls!

Here’s to all the girls who used to be his number one. The ones who waited all night for him to call, only to check the caller ID the next morning & be disappointed. The ones who made it through that bitter break up, dried your own tears, & moved on with your life, only to have him walk back in it months later like nothing ever happened.

Those of you who cried on the first day you talked again because you knew exactly where this phone call was going. The ones who listened to him say, “I only want to be your friend” one day, and the next, listened to him say how much he loves & misses you. We deserve something, and this is our tribute.

Here’s to the ones that took him back, hoping that maybe this time, he was different, hoping that maybe people really do change. We listened to our friends tell us that we’re stupid for even thinking about giving him another chance, caught crap from our parents, & even sneaked around to see him for while. We went through the great stage with no fights all over again. We started this out thinking we would be just friends, & ended up falling in love with him again. We wanted nothing more in the world than to hear him tell us he loved us too, that even though things were bad in the past, they would be different this time. And when we finally heard it, it was like we were dreaming. This is for us.

Here’s to the ones who believed what he said, sat around all over again waiting for a phone call that might come in a few hours, or a few days. Here’s for the tears cried and dried all over again. We wanted so desperately to believe that he was really busy, he couldn’t possibly call us at that moment, or even that he fell asleep early. We trained ourselves to believe the lies because we wanted to believe we had found the one for us. We learned to settle for someone who didn’t treat us the way we should be treated.

Here’s for the ones who did their hair and makeup & put on their prettiest earrings, only to hear him say that he couldn’t see us today. The ones who never believed it when people told us there might be someone else. We just couldn’t believe that he could do this to us again. This is for those great girls, who loved him more than words can say, & took him back no matter what happened last time because they couldn’t bear to look back on their lives one day & wonder “what if”.

This is for the girls that stayed up all night long listening to him whine about an ex girlfriend who cheated on him, & cried during the entire conversation. The ones who hoped he would realize that he deserved better, that he deserved us. When he said that he loved you, but he was in love with her, he didn’t mean it. This is for the ones that held on to something that was never there to begin with.

This is for us girls, who somehow managed to get him to forget about her, & get him to tell us that he was in love with us again, only to have him tell us three weeks later that “things were going too fast, he needs time”. Here’s to the girls who couldn’t cry to their friends because of how stupid they felt. The ones who held it all in when things came crumbling to pieces again.

This is for the ones who couldn’t bear to even tell their mom what was going on, for fear of an “I told you so”. The ones that could just tell that they had made a mistake by ever allowing him into their hearts & their dreams again. We knew that we deserved better the entire time that we deserved a guy who would call when he said he was going to, one that would come see us whenever he got the chance, one that would really care about us. We just wanted the one that we loved like that.

Here’s for the ones that finally realized that he never gave a crap about them. Here’s for the time that he broke your heart again. This is for those days spent trying to hold back the tears, & the tears that turned into anger, then disappointment. Here are for us girls who finally realized that we deserve better.

This is for those confusing days, when you miss him & want nothing more than to hear his voice, or feel his arms around your waist. Stay strong and remember that relationships are like broken glass; sometimes it’s better to leave it alone rather than try to put the pieces back together & get hurt.

Remember the times you cried & how long it took you to even be able to look at another guy like that. When ‘your song’ comes on the radio, turn the station. When the day comes that he realizes what a mistake he made & tries calling, turn your phone off. When he tries coming to your house, don’t answer the door. Think of the broken promises, and the lies, the manipulation & the tears, the wasted moments and staying up all night wondering where the hell he was. Think of how your heart used to jump when your phone would vibrate in the middle of the night & how it fell to your stomach when you saw it wasn’t him, and realized that once again, he hadn’t called when he said he was going to.

One day you’ll find a guy, who’s worth all the tears, but he won’t make you cry. You may think that you’ll never care about someone like you did that guy that you always ran back to, but you will. It’s going to hurt like hell, & it’s going to need time to heal, but the point is, it will heal. This is for those girls who fell back in love with their ex, only to get hurt all over again.

So true. :(

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Went to court this morning, the judge had issued a summon against WITC and they must pay me back the full amount by one month.

However, i doubt it's easy to get the money back lah. Cos... there are more than 200 people filing for claims already & still counting lor. How much assets can they auction away to pay us back? Sigh. Looks like i need to sign up for the bailout offer instead. Maybe Mary Chia?? I need some slimming!

I'm very very 烦 today.

I heard alot of things, that made me feel so guilty. Have i done something wrong?

Very sad why things turn out this way! Why? Why? Why? URGH!!

As for myself, i've got a very important decision to make cos it's gonna affect my whole life.

But what i feel now is, I'M LOST!! My mind is so blank, i don't know what to think.

I hate to be given options cos i hate to make decisions.

I often made the wrong one & regret it later. And by the time i regret, it's already too late.

What should i do? What do i want?

Can someone help me?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love My Life!

We no longer fuck our own life, we changed it to 'Love My Life' now.

The more we fuck it, the more sway we get. Recently so much sway things have happened, until i cannot believe it either.

I've not been going out with the girls for a few weeks already & i'm like lost in my own world now. LML.

What they say, i don't understand. I can no longer blend into their topic anymore, so sian.

And hor, Patsy don't want to hear my complaints anymore. :(

Last Saturday, she kept asking me to go out but i kept ranting about how much things i've to do & how sick my life is.


Then she refused to reply my msg. WHAHAHAHAHA

I brought Raeann to my friend's house for a small gathering/party last night! But we left early at 9+pm cos Raeann told me she wants to sleep already. True enough, she fell asleep shortly after i wiped & changed her, without drinking her milk. OMG! She must be very tired!

But i think my friends were even more tired. They brought her to the playground one by one. Hahaha One came up for 10 mins, another one brought her down again. LOL! My energetic little girl!

I'm also very tired & sweaty lor. I K.O immediately after i bathe, within 5 mins. LOL!

I need to go back to court again on 15th April for that Wax In The CCB's consultation. I don't think that fucker will turn up. If he does, i think he'll need to rent a room near there cos he needs to turn up EVERYDAY. Can you imagine how many people have file for a claim against his company?

I've received a letter from the police, informing me that this case has been referred to Senior Investigation Officer of Central Crime Squad at Central Police Division Hq. I've also called up the office to ask about the status just now. He told me, 'still investigating'. So, it's consider a CRIME! I hope justice will be done.

Honestly speaking, for me, it's not about the money anymore. I can just treat it as i've spent on alcohol & drank those money away. But i'm just very 不甘愿... I've not gone for a single time after i signed up with them on 29/12/09. I wanted to report to CASE when i failed to book any appointment during the CNY seasons. But i tell myself to give them a 2nd chance, maybe they're real busy.

Then, who knows now? Close down? They ran away with our money? 3000+ women = $3 millions+? Cos their packages are average about 1K or more.

Don't worry. Even if we're unable to get justices done, the GOD will punish you... one fine day. It's just a matter of time. You'll get your retribution!

I don't want to waste my energy to get angry over you anymore. I shall just sit back, relax & watch what kind punishments you gonna get. HAHAHA

I shall end this post with 2 pics of Raeann taken this morning!!


This is what she do every morning...


I purposely 'style' her hair like that & she asked me to take pics for her! LOL!