Thursday, April 15, 2010


Went to court this morning, the judge had issued a summon against WITC and they must pay me back the full amount by one month.

However, i doubt it's easy to get the money back lah. Cos... there are more than 200 people filing for claims already & still counting lor. How much assets can they auction away to pay us back? Sigh. Looks like i need to sign up for the bailout offer instead. Maybe Mary Chia?? I need some slimming!

I'm very very 烦 today.

I heard alot of things, that made me feel so guilty. Have i done something wrong?

Very sad why things turn out this way! Why? Why? Why? URGH!!

As for myself, i've got a very important decision to make cos it's gonna affect my whole life.

But what i feel now is, I'M LOST!! My mind is so blank, i don't know what to think.

I hate to be given options cos i hate to make decisions.

I often made the wrong one & regret it later. And by the time i regret, it's already too late.

What should i do? What do i want?

Can someone help me?

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