Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm so freaking bored in the office right now & my sis just reminded me that i've a blog. Wahahhahaha

I did not blog for so long till i forgot that i still have a blog, that's growing alot of spider webs. =\

Very busy lah, with my family. =P

Was at Universal Studio & casino last Friday, i don't want to play the Jurassic Park ride in future again. =X

It's scary! WET from hair to toe, make-up all smurged, hair becomes like siao char bor. -_-"

Anyway, i want to thanks 'them' for the tickets & hotel stay, you know who you are.

My luck at casino was VERY BAD lor. Tmd! Luckily i don't like to gamble de! I lost $1K at first lor. Then play jackpot win back $700+. Overall, still lose lah. But, don't care lah!

Visited the first VS shop in asia, bought 5 undies there. The way they pack the undies, Raeann said it's BAH KWA. Hahahaha

Didn't take much pics of myself that day cos i was the photographer. And i've got bad hair/lash/face/body day that day. So sad! :(

Plus the whole body got wet, even more moodless to take pics lor. The weather is also freaking, bloody & terribly hot! Made me very very sticky & smelly!

Overall, it's fun lah! But i still prefer Genting. =X


Alright, i shall stop here now. So boring, don't feel like blogging anymore. Should i shut down my blog?




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