Monday, May 31, 2010


Alright, i need to go out at 11.30 am and i've only about an hour to blog & edit/resize pics...

Chop, chop, fast, fast.

My long weekends was well-spent with my family. I'm a si bei family woman now. Haha

Expo on Friday, we went to Licence 2 Play fair, Food fair & John Little fair.

The jam just to go inside Expo was terrible! Long queues of vehicles & carpark were full everywhere. =.=

We managed to get inside within 1/2 an hour cos they cut here & squeeze there. Luckily i'm not the driver, otherwise i sure make an u-turn and go home. Hahaha I don't have the patience!

And becos i'm not the driver, i'm able to cam-whore inside the car while waiting! :)



He was being forced to take this pic with me!


The cousins!

We queued for cashier for almost an hour at John Little fair. After that queue, i went totally exhausted. FML! Old liao.

Becos it's Vesak day, we went to pray before going to Expo. Due to my neligence, Raeann almost got into an accident with a van! FML! I'm sorry, baby!

But sometimes, she really make me damn pekchek lor. I don't want to lose my temper in public that's why i choose to walk away. I don't like to bring her out with her daddy leh! She will be super noisy, kp, abit abit also cannot, legs spoil etc etc! Make people super irritated.

I bring her out alone or with Bobo, she won't be like that de lor. This proves that her daddy spoilt her to the maximum liao. =.=

I don't want to bother or chup cos we sure quarrel becos of her. I just make sure that she behaves when she's alone with me can liao. When i'm out with him or his family, i'll make my eyes blind for the time being. If i kpkb outside, people will think i'm a MAD WOMAN & this Raeann may not listen to me as well cos she has alot of 'mountains' around. So, what's the point of me wasting my breathe, shouting & screaming in public? Better save the image of myself!!

Oh no!! I need to go soon!!

YAY! His wallet is here!!


His previous one, also from me, was the same design but in Damier Canvas series. Bought it in SG for $700+ lor. This one i asked JJ's cousin to help me get in Europe for only $500+!! So cheap!!

Thanks JJ's cousie. Sorry i don't know your name but i really appreciate your help! =P

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Portable iPhone Charger

People using iPhone should know, the batt couldn't last more than 24 hours, even with minimum usage.

That day when i spent one night at Sentosa, my phone went totally flat on the same day and i feel so weird that i cannot surf net, fb & whatever. I thought that ZY will bring the charger so i didn't bring mine along. I feel really desperate without a working phone by my side.

I wonder if anyone experience the same thing as me before?

Fret not, fret not. I've found a solution to it and would like to intro all of you out there. :)

A Portable iPhone Charger!!!


The size is so small that i can easily slip into any bags i bring.

Instruction : Charge the charger. Bring out. Use the charger to charge your phone when it goes low batt. How simple is that?

It comes in black & white color. I like the white one cos i'm using a white iPhone, haha.

Price at only $24.90!! Grab it fast! Stock is selling fast!!

Current instock : 1 black & 1 white ONLY!!


Thank you for your interest.

Please contact 9682 5676 (Alfred) if you're interested. Alternatively, you can send me an email at for any enquirie(s) or order(s).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm at Hillview office now, parents went overseas & i'm busy like a mad woman today. There are so many things for me to do!! And my 'good' car gave me a great surprise this morning! FML!

When i lock or unlock my car, it gave a loud and irritating sound. Upon reaching the office, i asked my bro to check for me & he dismantled everything for me, haha. Now, my car has totally NO LOCK at all.

The motor for the lock is spoil liao... I can't repair, i can only replace. SIGH.


ZY just spent $1K+ to make an overall repairs on it. So, what's next?

I'm not in a good mood today lah. Received a news yesterday and it made me real sad & lost for words. Although this is already expected, sooner or later, but i guess no one can accept it so immediately. Time will heal the pain!

Your courage to bear all the pains & sufferings, for your kids & love ones, inspired me to be a stronger person.


You'll always be remembered.

Can anyone advise me, is $200 白金 enough?

I feel really uneasy today! Everything i do, my soul and mind like in Mars like that.

My parents will be away for 6 days... Oh, that's long! The house will be abit more emptier than usual. NVM, i'll ask ZY to come & stay over during the weekends.

Oh yah!! I went JP for shopping on Monday evening. All thanks to Raeann's daddy, i hadn't had such a good time shopping for a long long long time already. Becos everytime i bring Raeann out, i've to look out for her lor, even with my friends around. Cos afterall she's my daughter & not my friends' one. Not that i don't trust them but i know how mischievious & naughty Raeann is. I paiseh to leave her with my friends lah.

ZY looked after her all the way on Monday (except when she wanna go toilet), and i've all the time to shop, choose & try clothes. So shiok!!

Thank you ah, daddy.

The weather is so hot today. I need to go out again soon! VERY TIRED MAN!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Okay, my life is back to those non-clubbing days now. Should i be happy or sad?

Met up with Molly & Ivan for dinner on Friday. We (Raeann & me lah!) did not go to CCK as ZY's family are going Malacca on Saturday morning, nobody to play with Raeann!

I thought i can go out & meet up with the girls at our usual hangout. But ZY asked me out for a movie.

I'm happy lah cos he initiates to bring me out. But i was sad too cos it's been ages since i last saw the girls liao. So contradicting hor? Sigh.

Raeann went to sleep with my mum after i fed her medicine and was shock when she came back to my room in the morning, haha.

She went to tell my dad, "我的 daddy 在我的房间 leh. 他睡我的位子!"


Anyway, we went to watch the lamest show of 2010; Once A Gangster. Ma de! I watched till almost fall asleep. I yawned 21328410931 times during the whole 95 mins show. FML right?


Please watch ONLY IF you suffer from insomnia.

Saturday, ZY brought us to Marina Square for dinner & shopping for my solitaire. HAHAHA

I saw one at Soo Kee this time round and it's price is as beautiful as the ring. I so like it!!

Actually hor, i don't really adore jewelleries de lah. I've got plenty at home, but i always stick to wearing one only. But i just wanna make him buy for me, as a remembrance. If he give me money, i'll spend it away. If he buy bag for me, i'll forget about it. So buying ring is the best! Cos i'll wear and remember it. LOL!

The one i love the best is the diamond necklace from my mum on my wedding. Even Molly knows that's my 宝贝! I only wear it to wedding dinner now.

On the way home that night, i suddenly remember i should go to Prada boutique to take a look at that clutch bag!

So, on Sunday afternoon, ZY brought us to Paragon. I went to Burberry, Prada & Miu Miu. I saw the clutch and was very very disappointed. It's so blardy big, the size of an A4 paper. I'm not very big size and it looks so weird on me. But the lucky thing is, Molly's coll haven buy it yet, PHEW! Heng ah! Now, i've got 600 Euro with her coll. I shall wait for Euro to go up then sell it away. LOL!

But i'm eyeing on a Miu Miu clutch now. FML!

ZY keep nagging & nagging & nagging. Asked me how many bags i have liao lah. Why i need so many bags lah. Why i anyhow spend money lah. Blah blah blah.

Crazy lor! He spent SO MUCH on his car, i also never say anything cos he said before that it's his PASSION. Buying bags is also my PASSION mah and i'm paying it myself, why he wanna stop me har?

We did not quarrel lah! Cos hor, whenever he nag now, i'll shut my ears up. Hahaha

I'm a very stubborn person. What i want, nobody can stop me, MAYBE only Raeann lah. But then hor, Raeann loves bags as much as i do. She didn't & won't stop me from buying. She helped me to choose instead. HAHA This is the reason why i prefer girls more than boys. They understand their mummy's needs more. I LOVE GIRLS! May god bless me with another girl IF i decided to have no. 2, PLEASE!

Photobucket Photobucket

I tried my best to take proper pics. But iPhone just doesn't have the ability to do a fine pic without a proper lighting. -__-"

Die already lah, this coming Sunday got wedding lunch. Raeann just cutted a kuku fringe & those pills are making me bloated man. I'm so fat now. FML! I'll return back to normal if i stop the pills but i'll get pregnant very soon. FUCK MAN! Walk left also wrong, walk right also wrong. NBCB! Can i don't be a woman?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My spending mood is here again!

I need help!!!

I want to get this Prada clutch, Molly's colleague is going Finland this weekend. But i don't know what color to buy...




My mum says both are very nice but she asked me to get the darker color one. Seems like she's immune to me buying branded now too. HAHAHA

How? How? How?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex Mistakes Women Make

Received this pretty interesting email & would like to share with all the women out there! Enjoy! :)

5 slip-ups to avoid in the bedroom






Random complains!

Good morning world!

Sometimes i wish hor... that my hair can grow abit slower!!!

My hair grow so damn fast that everytime i dyed it, i can see the obvious black roots in less than 2 weeks. -_-"

It's ugly lor & i've to go and dye again. FML!

And lately, i don't know what's wrong with me. I see 3 fucking pimples on my face which i can't squeeze it out.

Issit due to the cyber color BB cream? I bought it 2 weeks ago at SASA, first time trying BB cream cos everyone's saying how great issit!! But i think, it only make my make-up thicker than usual leh?

I don't know lah! But i really hate to see 'things' on my face lor. Cos my itchy hands just won't let it off. Urgh!

Now hor, everywhere i go, there bounds to be people asking me, "When's your 2nd one?"


Damn stress sia. Can i just say i don't want to give birth anymore? & one is enough for me?

I'm NOT ready to have no. 2 yet, super not ready.

I cannot imagine myself being huge & enormous again. I don't want to carry big tummy around again. I don't want anymore extra stretchmarks. I don't want to fear & shiver inside the hospital again. I don't want to cut & mend my cb again. I just don't like being a pregnant lady!!

And most importantly, i don't want to get into depression again. I took quite a long time to recuperate back to my normal self; a few years. How many a few years down the road can i afford? I've got plenty of things undone.

I don't want to stay put to what i'm doing now. I want & need a upgrade! Was talking to ZY over the phone last night over this. He said if he is me, he wouldn't want to leave the company, stay put & get a stable salary, live the life of a princess.

He asked me what kind of upgrade i want... I said i want to earn at least 5K salary monthly! Hahaha Am i dreaming? LOL!

This is not impossible lah. I just need to study again. I'm considering about this real hard as i'm scare i'll regret taking up night classes lor. But then again, i know it's for my own good!

Am i thinking the right way?? Cos i'm married right now, i shouldn't be so ambitious? I'm worried i'll neglect my family also. FML lah! Why being a human is so hard ah?

Choices, choices & choices. Decisions, decisions & decisions. FML!

Should i? Should i not?


Anyway, i received 2 wedding invites recently.

1) Sean & Tricia - 30th May 2010
2) Teck Siong & Meiling - 4th June 2010

I'm so happy for them lah!! May bliss & happiness be with them always!! :)

Searching hard for nice clothes, heels & bags now. I'm eyeing on an Aldo heels which costs $269! I won't buy, i'll just admire. Haha Cos i feel so stupid to buy so expensive shoes. Buying shoes is my monthly routine & i tend to forget the shoes that i've bought that made it sucha waste! I don't take good care of my shoes as well.

My mum already got used to me buying shoes now. She didn't nag anymore. LOL! I've got like hundred over pairs of shoes & 1/4 of them are brand new, i never wear them before. Hahaha This proves that i'm a 100% woman mah!!

I don't know what's wrong with Mixpod, i cannot change my songs at all! Si bei sian!

Alright, gotta go & figure it out...

Byebye all!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tired to the MAX!

Raeann and me were worn out over the weekends. We didn't have enough sleep! :(

I met up with Cheryl (ex accounts classmate) on Friday night to The Wine Company @ Dempsey for dinner & drink. We have alot to share, like last time. :)

When i first met her, she was damn cool de lor. She don't talk to people. And don't know when & why we started to talk, go crazy, ponteng class & go shopping together, always. She's taking her ACCA now. I stopped 6 years ago after my CAT. And now, she motivated me to continue my ACCA! FML. ZY asked me not to waste my time cos i'm MARRIED now. Hahaha

I think he's worried that i'll meet better guys lah... HOR? AM I RIGHT, my dear?

Back to the point, on Friday, that faithful night, Raeann slept at 1am!!!! BLARDY HELL! She told her father, she wants to wait for me to go back. -___-" And indeed, she slept within 5 mins when i put her to bed.

No choice, ZY can't pick me up & Cheryl has to send me back to CCK. Thank you girl. Your TT is so cool!!! When will be my turn har? I also want a 2-door car!

And that night, i slept at around 4am!

Raeann woke me up at 8.45am for milk & i'm awake since then. Super not enough sleep.

Oh, actually i went back to sleep in the noon lah when they brought Raeann out. They = many people lah & don't wish to name them one by one.

Went back to my house around 5+pm cos bro got a BBQ party with his primary school mates.

Then my dad's friends came to party again. Once again, my house turned into a market. So many people lor. So noisy, especially with that weird bomb head around.

Mummy helped to look after Raeann for us so we can go out. Actually ZY wanted to bring Raeann back to CCK but my mum miss her so much lah! LOL!

It's always the case when your house has only ONE kid. Cos without her, the house is really quiet. Raeann is the entertainer in my house. I feel so glad that everyone dotes on her so much. Thank you all!


Knowing that i've been craving for KTV since ages ago, ZY brought me to Party World lor... The simple happiness that i've been seeking for, it's finally here! :)
I heart my lil' family. :)

Together with Hamster cos Molly's outta town, we made our way to Shenton Way. The 2 men ordered 3 jugs of beer for themselves. I didn't want to drink cos i really dislike beer now. But hor, hamster mao mak mak after less than a jug. I helped him to drink 2 mugs lor since i'm driving for him, in case of road block.


So lousy!! Hahahahah But most likely, he's tired after a day of work lah! He's soooo funny man!

I doubt he likes KTV, nvm, we shall go Thai disco next time! I'm fine with anywhere de cos i can self-entertain de. LOL!

We reached home around 4+am. I went to bed around 5+am & woke up around 10am cos they wanted to go CSC to buy toys. We went to pick Raeann first lah!

OMG! I'm really so tired!!

I shall not elaborate what i did yesterday cos most of the time, i'm still dreaming de. LOL! Raeann didn't take her afternoon nap and she KO inside the car on the way back to my place around 6+pm.

Slept for around 1 hour & she woke up to eat.

I'm really that tired so much so that i went to bed around 10+pm without Raeann cos my dad's friend's kids came to play with her again. So, i don't know what time this Raeann sleep but she's so tired this morning till she refused to wake up. I woke her up for so long, purposely off the aircon & i caught her sleeping like that!

Half her body on the floor & half on the bed. Like that also can sleep?
In fact, i'm also very tired lah. I almost fell asleep while bathing. Haha

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello. Hahaha

I wanted to blog lah, but very super duper lazy! =X

Updated all my stuffs on FB that's why don't feel like blogging...

Seriously hor, i hope time will stop now. Cos hor...

1) Too many joyous things are happening in my life now.
2) I'm a happy happy happy lady!

The only thing i hate is... I'M GETTING FATTER & FATTER! FML!

I shall bring Raeann for a jog tonight!!

Last Friday was my 'Hen's night' cos it might be the last time i'll be going clubbing. The reason why i was allowed to go out last Friday was cos i've balance Martell. 3/4 left lor cos the last time i went with Chanel, we only drank alittle. And last Friday, me & Molly managed to finish it up! I went home early though cos ZY offered to pick me up! LOL! So nice right!

After seperating for about one year, he learnt to dote me more! I'm happy lah! I know he'll be reading this one day cos he had been secretly reading my blog but he just refused to admit it. HAHAHA

I knew it all along. =P

He said he will buy a new solitaire ring for me on my birthday! I'M WAITING OKAY!

In return, i also asked JJ's cousin to help me buy a LV wallet from Europe for him! But of cos, it's not as expensive as that diamond ring he's getting for me! It's the thought that counts, isn't it? The wallet will be back in another 5 days, YAY! And it costs only $500+ whereas SG is selling for $700+.

We're like going back to our dating time now. I hope this will last lah!!

But we're not staying together yet, wait till we get our own flat ba. That maybe will be a few years later! But ok lah, i'm comfy with the current arrangement. Less meeting = less conflicts! Haha

Ok lah. I need to go and do my stock lists & invoices liao! Byebye!

3 pics taken last Friday to end this post!

Warning : Pics below are non-edited at all. I'm LAZY!



We really cannot take proper pics nowadays. And we love all those weird pics we took! LOL!