Monday, May 24, 2010


Okay, my life is back to those non-clubbing days now. Should i be happy or sad?

Met up with Molly & Ivan for dinner on Friday. We (Raeann & me lah!) did not go to CCK as ZY's family are going Malacca on Saturday morning, nobody to play with Raeann!

I thought i can go out & meet up with the girls at our usual hangout. But ZY asked me out for a movie.

I'm happy lah cos he initiates to bring me out. But i was sad too cos it's been ages since i last saw the girls liao. So contradicting hor? Sigh.

Raeann went to sleep with my mum after i fed her medicine and was shock when she came back to my room in the morning, haha.

She went to tell my dad, "我的 daddy 在我的房间 leh. 他睡我的位子!"


Anyway, we went to watch the lamest show of 2010; Once A Gangster. Ma de! I watched till almost fall asleep. I yawned 21328410931 times during the whole 95 mins show. FML right?


Please watch ONLY IF you suffer from insomnia.

Saturday, ZY brought us to Marina Square for dinner & shopping for my solitaire. HAHAHA

I saw one at Soo Kee this time round and it's price is as beautiful as the ring. I so like it!!

Actually hor, i don't really adore jewelleries de lah. I've got plenty at home, but i always stick to wearing one only. But i just wanna make him buy for me, as a remembrance. If he give me money, i'll spend it away. If he buy bag for me, i'll forget about it. So buying ring is the best! Cos i'll wear and remember it. LOL!

The one i love the best is the diamond necklace from my mum on my wedding. Even Molly knows that's my 宝贝! I only wear it to wedding dinner now.

On the way home that night, i suddenly remember i should go to Prada boutique to take a look at that clutch bag!

So, on Sunday afternoon, ZY brought us to Paragon. I went to Burberry, Prada & Miu Miu. I saw the clutch and was very very disappointed. It's so blardy big, the size of an A4 paper. I'm not very big size and it looks so weird on me. But the lucky thing is, Molly's coll haven buy it yet, PHEW! Heng ah! Now, i've got 600 Euro with her coll. I shall wait for Euro to go up then sell it away. LOL!

But i'm eyeing on a Miu Miu clutch now. FML!

ZY keep nagging & nagging & nagging. Asked me how many bags i have liao lah. Why i need so many bags lah. Why i anyhow spend money lah. Blah blah blah.

Crazy lor! He spent SO MUCH on his car, i also never say anything cos he said before that it's his PASSION. Buying bags is also my PASSION mah and i'm paying it myself, why he wanna stop me har?

We did not quarrel lah! Cos hor, whenever he nag now, i'll shut my ears up. Hahaha

I'm a very stubborn person. What i want, nobody can stop me, MAYBE only Raeann lah. But then hor, Raeann loves bags as much as i do. She didn't & won't stop me from buying. She helped me to choose instead. HAHA This is the reason why i prefer girls more than boys. They understand their mummy's needs more. I LOVE GIRLS! May god bless me with another girl IF i decided to have no. 2, PLEASE!

Photobucket Photobucket

I tried my best to take proper pics. But iPhone just doesn't have the ability to do a fine pic without a proper lighting. -__-"

Die already lah, this coming Sunday got wedding lunch. Raeann just cutted a kuku fringe & those pills are making me bloated man. I'm so fat now. FML! I'll return back to normal if i stop the pills but i'll get pregnant very soon. FUCK MAN! Walk left also wrong, walk right also wrong. NBCB! Can i don't be a woman?

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