Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random complains!

Good morning world!

Sometimes i wish hor... that my hair can grow abit slower!!!

My hair grow so damn fast that everytime i dyed it, i can see the obvious black roots in less than 2 weeks. -_-"

It's ugly lor & i've to go and dye again. FML!

And lately, i don't know what's wrong with me. I see 3 fucking pimples on my face which i can't squeeze it out.

Issit due to the cyber color BB cream? I bought it 2 weeks ago at SASA, first time trying BB cream cos everyone's saying how great issit!! But i think, it only make my make-up thicker than usual leh?

I don't know lah! But i really hate to see 'things' on my face lor. Cos my itchy hands just won't let it off. Urgh!

Now hor, everywhere i go, there bounds to be people asking me, "When's your 2nd one?"


Damn stress sia. Can i just say i don't want to give birth anymore? & one is enough for me?

I'm NOT ready to have no. 2 yet, super not ready.

I cannot imagine myself being huge & enormous again. I don't want to carry big tummy around again. I don't want anymore extra stretchmarks. I don't want to fear & shiver inside the hospital again. I don't want to cut & mend my cb again. I just don't like being a pregnant lady!!

And most importantly, i don't want to get into depression again. I took quite a long time to recuperate back to my normal self; a few years. How many a few years down the road can i afford? I've got plenty of things undone.

I don't want to stay put to what i'm doing now. I want & need a upgrade! Was talking to ZY over the phone last night over this. He said if he is me, he wouldn't want to leave the company, stay put & get a stable salary, live the life of a princess.

He asked me what kind of upgrade i want... I said i want to earn at least 5K salary monthly! Hahaha Am i dreaming? LOL!

This is not impossible lah. I just need to study again. I'm considering about this real hard as i'm scare i'll regret taking up night classes lor. But then again, i know it's for my own good!

Am i thinking the right way?? Cos i'm married right now, i shouldn't be so ambitious? I'm worried i'll neglect my family also. FML lah! Why being a human is so hard ah?

Choices, choices & choices. Decisions, decisions & decisions. FML!

Should i? Should i not?


Anyway, i received 2 wedding invites recently.

1) Sean & Tricia - 30th May 2010
2) Teck Siong & Meiling - 4th June 2010

I'm so happy for them lah!! May bliss & happiness be with them always!! :)

Searching hard for nice clothes, heels & bags now. I'm eyeing on an Aldo heels which costs $269! I won't buy, i'll just admire. Haha Cos i feel so stupid to buy so expensive shoes. Buying shoes is my monthly routine & i tend to forget the shoes that i've bought that made it sucha waste! I don't take good care of my shoes as well.

My mum already got used to me buying shoes now. She didn't nag anymore. LOL! I've got like hundred over pairs of shoes & 1/4 of them are brand new, i never wear them before. Hahaha This proves that i'm a 100% woman mah!!

I don't know what's wrong with Mixpod, i cannot change my songs at all! Si bei sian!

Alright, gotta go & figure it out...

Byebye all!

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