Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm at Hillview office now, parents went overseas & i'm busy like a mad woman today. There are so many things for me to do!! And my 'good' car gave me a great surprise this morning! FML!

When i lock or unlock my car, it gave a loud and irritating sound. Upon reaching the office, i asked my bro to check for me & he dismantled everything for me, haha. Now, my car has totally NO LOCK at all.

The motor for the lock is spoil liao... I can't repair, i can only replace. SIGH.


ZY just spent $1K+ to make an overall repairs on it. So, what's next?

I'm not in a good mood today lah. Received a news yesterday and it made me real sad & lost for words. Although this is already expected, sooner or later, but i guess no one can accept it so immediately. Time will heal the pain!

Your courage to bear all the pains & sufferings, for your kids & love ones, inspired me to be a stronger person.


You'll always be remembered.

Can anyone advise me, is $200 白金 enough?

I feel really uneasy today! Everything i do, my soul and mind like in Mars like that.

My parents will be away for 6 days... Oh, that's long! The house will be abit more emptier than usual. NVM, i'll ask ZY to come & stay over during the weekends.

Oh yah!! I went JP for shopping on Monday evening. All thanks to Raeann's daddy, i hadn't had such a good time shopping for a long long long time already. Becos everytime i bring Raeann out, i've to look out for her lor, even with my friends around. Cos afterall she's my daughter & not my friends' one. Not that i don't trust them but i know how mischievious & naughty Raeann is. I paiseh to leave her with my friends lah.

ZY looked after her all the way on Monday (except when she wanna go toilet), and i've all the time to shop, choose & try clothes. So shiok!!

Thank you ah, daddy.

The weather is so hot today. I need to go out again soon! VERY TIRED MAN!

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