Monday, May 17, 2010

Tired to the MAX!

Raeann and me were worn out over the weekends. We didn't have enough sleep! :(

I met up with Cheryl (ex accounts classmate) on Friday night to The Wine Company @ Dempsey for dinner & drink. We have alot to share, like last time. :)

When i first met her, she was damn cool de lor. She don't talk to people. And don't know when & why we started to talk, go crazy, ponteng class & go shopping together, always. She's taking her ACCA now. I stopped 6 years ago after my CAT. And now, she motivated me to continue my ACCA! FML. ZY asked me not to waste my time cos i'm MARRIED now. Hahaha

I think he's worried that i'll meet better guys lah... HOR? AM I RIGHT, my dear?

Back to the point, on Friday, that faithful night, Raeann slept at 1am!!!! BLARDY HELL! She told her father, she wants to wait for me to go back. -___-" And indeed, she slept within 5 mins when i put her to bed.

No choice, ZY can't pick me up & Cheryl has to send me back to CCK. Thank you girl. Your TT is so cool!!! When will be my turn har? I also want a 2-door car!

And that night, i slept at around 4am!

Raeann woke me up at 8.45am for milk & i'm awake since then. Super not enough sleep.

Oh, actually i went back to sleep in the noon lah when they brought Raeann out. They = many people lah & don't wish to name them one by one.

Went back to my house around 5+pm cos bro got a BBQ party with his primary school mates.

Then my dad's friends came to party again. Once again, my house turned into a market. So many people lor. So noisy, especially with that weird bomb head around.

Mummy helped to look after Raeann for us so we can go out. Actually ZY wanted to bring Raeann back to CCK but my mum miss her so much lah! LOL!

It's always the case when your house has only ONE kid. Cos without her, the house is really quiet. Raeann is the entertainer in my house. I feel so glad that everyone dotes on her so much. Thank you all!


Knowing that i've been craving for KTV since ages ago, ZY brought me to Party World lor... The simple happiness that i've been seeking for, it's finally here! :)
I heart my lil' family. :)

Together with Hamster cos Molly's outta town, we made our way to Shenton Way. The 2 men ordered 3 jugs of beer for themselves. I didn't want to drink cos i really dislike beer now. But hor, hamster mao mak mak after less than a jug. I helped him to drink 2 mugs lor since i'm driving for him, in case of road block.


So lousy!! Hahahahah But most likely, he's tired after a day of work lah! He's soooo funny man!

I doubt he likes KTV, nvm, we shall go Thai disco next time! I'm fine with anywhere de cos i can self-entertain de. LOL!

We reached home around 4+am. I went to bed around 5+am & woke up around 10am cos they wanted to go CSC to buy toys. We went to pick Raeann first lah!

OMG! I'm really so tired!!

I shall not elaborate what i did yesterday cos most of the time, i'm still dreaming de. LOL! Raeann didn't take her afternoon nap and she KO inside the car on the way back to my place around 6+pm.

Slept for around 1 hour & she woke up to eat.

I'm really that tired so much so that i went to bed around 10+pm without Raeann cos my dad's friend's kids came to play with her again. So, i don't know what time this Raeann sleep but she's so tired this morning till she refused to wake up. I woke her up for so long, purposely off the aircon & i caught her sleeping like that!

Half her body on the floor & half on the bed. Like that also can sleep?
In fact, i'm also very tired lah. I almost fell asleep while bathing. Haha

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