Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nature Republic VS The Face Shop

Well, as promised, i really brought Raeann to JP to buy a new set of BJ GO last night. =.=

Cos her niam keng skill is 一流 one. I'm so scare of it.

Brought her & Bobo to New York New York for dinner first. Cos Bobo's a member and she has a $10 voucher. Therefore, i paid only $28.70 for 2 dinner sets & 1 side order. So worth!


So happy eating their free candy floss!! Haa!

After dinner, we passed by Swensen, i asked her to take a pic...

And here comes our Buzz in the future Toy Story 4!




Recently, i'm so crazy about Korea cosmetics.

Last Saturday, i went to The Face Shop bought $50+ worth of cosmetics, for fun. Cos i've 20% (GSS) + 10% (cos of member's bday week) discounts & my savings was $21.14, how worth!

Yesterday @ JP, i realised there's a new shop at Point 1, level 1, Nature Republic.

Bobo told me it's a brand 代言 by Rain. Oh well, i don't really like this person lah. But i went in to take a look cos of it's price, cheap! Cheaper than TFS! And there's 15% discount storewide now for GSS! :)

Example : Nail Polish

TFS : $2.90
NR: $2.10

Bobo bought 4!! But i'm the one who paid, it's always the case lah. Haha

I bought their highlighter at $11.10 - 15% = $9.43. Cheap right? In fact i also bought one at TFS last week at $12.90 - 30% = $9.03 (also mad cheap!) but i don't like leh, it's too creamy. I like more powdery type.

I think these 2 brands are somehow similar lah cos they are all from Korea what! Correct me if i'm wrong.

My cosmetics all very cheap wan, and i don't use skin cares too. But why am i still so poor? Since i save so much on my face? Sigh.

The most expensive cosmetic i have was Jill Staurt Compact Blusher (about $80) and i've stopped using it after 2 compacts. Cos nobody can help me buy!! :( Good also lah, save $!!

Now i'm using this TFS blusher at $16.90 - 30% = $11.83. SO CHEAP lor! And it's good! :)


I would like to try the powder pact from NR next.


But i don't dare to anyhow change cosmetic leh. Everytime i change, there will be pimples popping out. :( I've been using MAC Studio Fix for many years already. How ah? Should i buy? Hmm...

Anyone got good and cheap cosmetics to intro me?? Hehe

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FML = Fuck My Life

This is for those who don't know what's FML.


Hahahaha. Now you know? =)

F.I.R 我们来了!!

Note : This entry is to express my gratitude to many people. You will see many 'thanks' & 'thank you'. LOL!

Last week, ZY suddenly asked me whether i would like to attend F.I.R concert anot. Being a moron in concert (For the past 26 yrs, i only attended ONE concert before & it's 风飞飞 one, haha), of cos i say i want lah!

Last night, he told me that his sis has helped him to buy the tickets already!! LOL! Thanks, thanks, thanks sis & hb! ♥ ♥ ♥


See ya on 9th July!! :)

Already arranged with mummy too, she agreed to help us pick & look after Raeann!! Thanks mummy!! *Sorry baby girl, we'll bring you next time when you can enter.*

Wow, i feel like i'm dreaming in Lala Land. If so, i don't wanna wake up!! HAHAHA

♪ ♫ ♥ ♥ ♪ ♫ ♥ ♥ ♪ ♫ ♥ ♥

My bro passed me a letter yesterday evening, asked me why i never open!! I don't know about it at all, nobody tell me & it was left on the table. It was a mail from Meiling, sending me her wedding pics & birthday gifts. Thank you sweetie!!!


My mum says she's very very pretty. Hee!

And yes! She's not only pretty, she's very smart too!! =)


Thank you for your mask & eyeliner.

Ok, done with all my appreciations!! =)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I thought i can go jogging tonight...

But aiya, i accidentally tripped over Raeann's BJ GO (Billiard table) last night and it's crack!


I need to bring her to JP tonight to buy a new one. COMPENSATION. =.=

She keep niam kenging last night "我的 BJ GO 坏了"!!!

I asked her to go & sleep & stop repeating else i'll not buy her a new one. Okay, she sleep!

This morning, after drinking her milk, first thing she spoke was... "Mummy, 你弄坏我的 BJ GO 了!"


Haha, i thought she will forget. Hahaha

No choice lor. Die also must bring her to JP tonight.

Like father, like daughter. Raeann also love billiard! Siao liao.

P/S : Don't ask me why issit term as BJ GO. She named it herself.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Look here!

I just saw this on my blog.


Why on earth i've readers from South Africa?? Hahaha

Do they understand my singlish??

Or is someone (a local) whom's at South Africa watching WC now?? LOL!

Anyway, thanks for reading na!

Good Morning!

Raeann's school reopen today & it's the start of my routine again.

Usually when the school reopen or when the teacher change, Raeann will CRY!! This morning i told her, "Aiya, later u sure cry wan lah, u so lousy & shame shame!". She dared & 钩钩手 with me & say, "我不会哭的!". And indeed, she's in good mood, she did not cry. She went in with a happy face, greeted good morning to all the teachers. *phewz*

She's like that. I've to say that she's lousy or etc etc, then she will wanna prove to me that she's not. LOL!

This lucky baby of ours, we love her to the core. =)

Cheryl dated me out last Saturday. She went to CCK to pick me up cos it's near to her place. Before hand, i told Raeann that i'll be meeting my friend for awhile & she must behave herself. She said okay & ask me to 'go lor'. BUT THEN HOR, the moment i stepped out of the house, she cried.

I had to rush home straight after dinner cos she was looking for me & crying real badly. =(

I took a cab at 10pm sharp, but i reached home only at 11:20pm. =.=

FML! Terrible jam everywhere & my cab fare cost me $28.20 from Clark Quay to CCK without any midnight charge. Luckily, ZY let me claim back $50 from him cos he won soccer. Wahahahahahaha!

Anyway, it's a pity that i can't join Cheryl & friends for a drink. I walked past The Clinic and was pretty attracted by their decorations & style. I must go there one day! So cute!

Cheryl brought me to Tampopo @ Liang Court for dinner. OMG! Their pork cutlet is damn delicious!


According to her, it's not the best ramen she had eaten before but to me, it's damn yummy lor. As what she said, after i try this, i won't feel like eating Ajisen anymore. =X

Their soup base is really damn SHIOK!!

We queued for about 20 mins leh! I must bring ZY & Raeann there one day. They love pork!!

I feel i'm so orbit leh. Cheryl laughed when i told her that it's only my 2nd visit to Liang Court. LOL!

Singapore is already so damn small. Why am i always sticking around the same place; Jurong Point & IMM? LOL! Like a tortise from Jurong mountain. Haha

A pity that Bobo borrowed my camera away, else i can take lotsa pics with her. =(

It's okay, Friday, Friday!! I already gotta my permit to go out this coming Friday! YAY!


Alright, let's bid byebye to England. Byebye Beckham. Haha! See u again in 2014!

They ought to be sent back home cos they're playing extremely LOUSY this year.

My USA is also out. =(


Who will win? Who will win??


I guess only lah!


I packed my jewelleries yesterday. Then i realise, my uncle gave me a Destinee pendant/necklace on my wedding. I totally forgotten about it liao!

It's so nice lor & i'm wearing it now. It's sucha a waste to keep it & me wearing the same old one everyday.

Sorry, i GTG!

Friday, June 25, 2010

23th June 2010

Raeann's right here beside me now! In my office disturbing me!! Urgh!!

Wanna blog, upload, resize & edit pics but can't!! She keep disturbing me, want this, want that. =.=


I had many flavours of birthday cakes that day. Idea hor?

Okay, that's all for now. I'll continue this entry on Monday morning! =)

Edited : 2:35pm

Raeann finally fell asleep. *phewz* Brought all her barangs to the office; matress lah, bloaster lah, milk powder & bottle lah, water bottle lah, etc etc.

It's soooooo troublesome to bring her to work and i can't work at all. =.=

From morning till now, she said she wanna pee for 8 times & shit for 3 times. But most of the time are lies. How to work when i've to keep bringing her to the toilet huh? Sigh.

Keep saying she 肚子饿 somemore!! 真的很难伺候!

If not for my aunt's not feeling well and she's on holiday, i won't bring her here to torture myself!! LOL!

Alright, back to topic.

My birthday plan was screwed up, we didn't follow according. No time for mani & pedi, Ritz Carlton was fully booked as well. *sad*

Now then i know, every Wednesday, Ritz Carlton has got 'ladies night' promotion, 1 for 1. Which lady is kind enough to go with me on one of the Wednesday?! SMS me okay!

Collected my ring at JP and off to Marina Square cos i decided to settle our dinner at Pariss. I don't want to go other hotels cos i don't want to chop ZY lah. Later he nag nag nag again.

But becos we reached MS quite early, we went for a walk and arcade session first. =.= The old kid (Mr Ho) is hooked on the sweets/soft toys machine. And Raeann's damn pro okay! I got a shock when i saw how she 钓 those soft toys blindly. FML! I'm sucha failure, i can't even 钓 one & Raeann managed to catch a big bag!!!



These are all she catch wan, kan pro. Must ask her to teach me one day.
Managed to hit the jackpot and get a big prize too!


I wanted this, but no stock!! =(


Then i wanted this... But...


Wallace kept saying he wants this Goofy. So, we got this for him instead!!


This (above) is so hugh lor!!


All these Hello Kitty stuffs are so sweet...

Dinner time at 5:30pm!! Haha

I've been to Pariss many times. But this is the first time i took pics of their food & post up on my blog. I'm crazy! I just want to snap something on that day.

I had all the time to take pics cos ZY took all the food for us. He asked me to just sit down and eat!! Haha






I think the laksa is the best among all!


I took this for myself. Haha So traditional. Mee sua & longevity buns!

The food looks nice but it's ok ok only. =X

Enough of toys & food. Human shots now.


Before we left the house...



Inside the car.


At the arcade when i'm bored. If you notice, there's a sore beside my mouth. =(
It's so fucking pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And U.G.L.Y.


She shown this face when i scolded her for spilling the drinks.


Wallace took this pic to show his mum that he's taking hot milo & did not take any cold drinks! Hahaha



On the way home...

Non of the pics have ZY's face, cos he don't like to take pics & i never ask him to take also. LOL!
And yes, we went to RWS at night & both of us hitted alot of 'claypots'! FOL! No more Singapore casino in future!! Waste my levy & money!!! =(

I need to go LTA now! Raeann's waking up soon too!! Bye.

P/S : Thanks to those who wished me on FB, SMS, Whatsapp & here! =)

Monday, June 21, 2010

2 more days! YAY!

Okay, i had my birthday schedule planned, by myself. I hope nothing goes wrong!!

Tuesday - 22nd June : Go jogging after work and have an early night! Provided nobody date me out lah!

Wednesday - 23rd June : Treating myself to a good manicure + pedicure in the noon... Then Ritz Carlton for dinner with ZY & Raeann. Bring Raeann back to CCK and put her to bed, then off to RWS!

Hmm, pray that everything goes on smoothly. :)

Now, i don't know what to wear despite buying SO many clothes again. Yes, i just paid for 2 pieces. FML lah! Now i upgraded, one week buy 4-5 pieces. Don't know for what fuck sia! Hahaha I think i should stop buying clothes for the next 2-3 months. =.=

This morning, i gave more than 10 pieces of dresses to my maid. Some are new, some i only wore once, and the rest are becos i wear till sian liao. Thus, i gave them away...

Ok, i will stop buying. No more online shopping for me!!! :(

How's luck so far? Got win in WC? Hehe

I won $83 over the weekend. Haha!

I bought under for Netherlands Vs Japan (Sat) and i take New Zealand eat ball last night! Both won but i only betted $50 each. So the winnings are small too!! NVM lah, just for fun only. 4 years once, must blend into the WC atmosphere.

I knew ZY during the last WC lor, which is 4 years ago. And we were always bickering over the teams we bought. I always take opposite of him that time but 不是故意的. LOL!! Then he asked me to pray for him to win and he would recroup my loss to me cos i betted very small & he betted all his assets down. Haha! So funny. End up who won, i cannot remember liao.

I think i won about $1K+ during the last WC. I betted bigger last time. Now very poor so bet small small. I was richer when i was single lor! FML!

Good luck to all, especially Darren! Haha He's my WC kaki. We always sms each other for tips and advises. LOL!!


Went for Toy Story 3 with Raeann, ZY & his whole family on Saturday. Quite a nice show!! I never liked to watch movie, let alone watching cartoons movie. But okay leh, not bad leh! Worth watching!!

Yesterday was Father's Day! It's not an important day cos nobody remembers it. LOL! I asked Raeann to tell ZY 'Happy Father's Day', and his reaction was, "Huh? Today Father's Day meh? How come nobody talks about it?". I told him, "Cos father is not important mah"! Hahaha

I wanted to treat ZY a meal but his mum bought lunch for us and i've to go for dinner with my family. Some other day bah! Before heading home, ZY brought us for shopping! Haha But i think he was the one doing the shopping more. Like very excited, long time no shopping like that. LOL!

I do online shopping almost everyday tii i've got nothing to buy liao leh... I only bought a pair of sport shoes for myself lor. Cos i need a decent pair for my jogging!


Chio anot? $69.00 only leh!!


The TWO kids.

Going jogging with my new shoes tonight! YAY!


Friday, June 18, 2010

My birthday present!!

Linked to Yvonne's blog from my tagboard, her blog is playing 一生爱你一个 by Ekin Cheng. Bring back alot of memories...

When me and ZY were still dating... He always sing this song in KTV/pub! His 主打歌! Hahaha

It's becos of this song then i marry him ok! FML! My hair stands when i typed this. LOL!

Sorry Yvonne, for copying you cos i also used it as my blog song now.

I didn't go jogging yesterday! Cos Molly wanted to visit Ashlyn & ZY wanna bring us out for dinner. :)

After dinner, we went to pay for the deposit of that Destinee ring at Lee Hwa. Becos the one of my size is at the head office, i need to wait till next week before i can collect it.

Bought the one in D-E color & VVS VS cutting so it cost slightly more expensive than the first one i saw!

I'm still very hesistant to buy it. =.=

I think i'm super thick skin this year! I keep asking people for birthday presents. HAHAHA! Then people bo bianz must give! LOL!

The 1st person who kena is Bobo. She said she wanted to treat me a meal but i requested for a dress instead! I don't want to 'kah' her money lah, the dress is cheaper!!

The 2nd person is Mr Lin Zhirong, my 13 years friend from YHSS! He disappeared for many years (as in lesser contacts). But recently, he keep popping by my office to chat with me. FHL! He said when he feel thirsty then he will visit me cos i'll offer him drinks. Haha

During his first visit about 2 weeks ago, he said his mum bought him a kind of diet tea and he really did slim down that time. So i just 随口 say i also want leh... Then he asked his mum to help me buy! Yes, i know his mum too! Haha!

Yesterday, he popped by again. He told me his mum has already bought it, ask me to go his house and collect! I told him, "My birthday's coming, do you want to buy for me & 顺便 deliver it to me since you always come and disturb me?". Hahahah!

He said he won't buy so cheapskate thing for me. We're friends for so long liao & he wanna buy me a Chanel. He thought Chanel cost only $1K+. =.=

And he thought i just know him recently. FHL! He's famous for his thrifty-ness. If he buy, i'll be his slave for one week! LOL!

FML! Speaking of devil, the devil is here!! Hahahaha BRB!

Oh, he left already. He came specially to deliver my birthday present. Hahaha My parents made fun of him! So funny!
Thank you ah, i'll be very hard working to drink this tea everyday as not to waste his $60 and his mum's effort to go JB & buy. :)

He just made me a glass! It smell very nice & refreshing leh!!

He's a very nice guy lah, even ZY says so. He's one who never fail to wish me happy birthday every year. But too bad, he always lack of the luck on girls! I'll try to find nice girls around & intro them to him! Hehe

I'm glad i still have nice & true friends around.

Birthday this year gonna be a very very good one! I received so many presents! And i gonna celebrate it with my lil' family! For the past 2 years, ZY did not celebrate it with me lor. I hope i won't get disappointed again. :)

ZY said if he got money, he will bring me to casino (that's where i wanted to go!). If he got no money, he will bring me out for a nice meal with Raeann. Okay lah! I'm happy enough!!

Counting down to 5 more days! Woooohooo! I'll be on leave on 23rd & 24th June! Finally can relax!!

I'm so elated about everything... But i hate the number, 26. =.=

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I ♥ Japan!!

I'm insane, i'm so crazily mad about jogging now! =.=

I used to hate it like most of the people do. But now, i begin to love it. I love the 'sweating sensation', it's damn shiok especially after being restless for the whole day. Jogging made me awake & energetic!

Went for round one at stadium with Molly last evening... Then went back, ate alot of snacks from Japan, then decided to go for a 2nd round with Jing Jing around the whole Yunnan Garden. MAD!!!

I'm so numb with all the muscles aches now. I jio-ed Molly to go again today, hehehe.

Everyone doubted me when i say i wanna go jogging. Haha EVEN i doubt myself too. How will such a lazy girl go jogging?? LOL!

My new hobby - jogging!

I can slim down from it & most importantly, it's FREE! So, why not?

Talking about the snacks from Japan, WOW, my bro bought ALOT back. Everytime he go overseas, he will buy nothing else but food. LOL!

I ♥ Japan alot... Simply adore everything about Japan especially their yummy snacks & it's cute packaging that makes people so tempted to buy. :)

This is damn damn damn nice!!


And this, Tokyo Strawberry? (Don't know issit named that cos the banana flavour is called 'Tokyo Banana', so i assume this is called 'Tokyo Strawberry' since it's strawberry flavour.)

Quite nice!! But Tokyo Banana is more popular! Everybody knows about it! :) We had 2 boxes but finished within 2 days. Hahaha I forgot to take pics of it!

Bobo is so happy!!!

The person inside this pic asked me to ask people to GUESS WHO? =.=

Com'on, isn't it obvious meh? Kaoz.

Those who guess wrongly need to go and check their eyes.



My lil' imp in USS tee! Bought it that time, 2 months ago? Today, she's wearing it for the first time only cos she has tooooooooooooooooo many clothes. I'm very lazy to pack!!

Oh god, give me more time. 24 hours a day is not enough for me!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hate my eyebags!!

Hahaha, my title is totally irrelevant to what i'm going to blog today!

Majolica Majorca For Sale!

Introducing the brand-new Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On (BK999)!!!


You’ll get instant thick, glossy and jet-black lashes upon first application!

- Formulated with Volume Up Powder

- Formulated with Volume Fit Wax

- New advanced mascara liquid formulated with thick jet-black fibres

- Gloss Oil

- Resists tears, sweat and sebum effectively

- Treats and Nourishes lashes with Vitamin E, Macadamia Ternifolia Nut Oil

- Retailing at $25.90

Check out the unique comb applicator! :)

If you want dolly thick lashes, use the side with fine teeth to add volume to each and every lash perfectly! And you’ll get this!


If you want lashes with MAXIMUM thickness, use the side with wide teeth for irresistibly DRAMATIC dolly lashes! Like this!


Oh, of cos, this is not my eyes! All the words and pics are extracted from 93.3FM DJ, Jiahui's blog. Thank you! :)

I'm posting this on behalf of my sis-in-law. She's selling it at only $21.90 w/ normal postage included! How worth? It's brand new!!!

Email me now!!

Only ONE piece up for grab!!!


Raeann calls me HO MUMMY now. FML! Since when i become Ho Mummy? And wonder who taught her that? I asked ZY, he said he som-pa not he teach wan. LOL!

She's sucha creative lil' girl with thousands of ideas running in her head. Everyday sure got new stunts & patterns. I really BTH her! *raise white flag* Sometimes, it's so funny but sometimes, can get really VERY ANGRY! Tell me what to do with her?



I bought her a raincoat!! It's like raining almost every morning now. I had difficulty carrying her and holding an umbrella together. She's getting so heavy man!

She smile for me to take peektures but i can't see her eyes at all. So i asked her to open her eyes big big. Hahaha And this is what it turns out...


I asked her to pose for another pic, without smiling...


I think she looks cuter without smiling! =.=

I need to go now!!!


Thank you for reading my blog!!! =]

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LV Vernis Koala Wallet For Sale!

After so long, i've finally decided to sell my LV Vernis Koala wallet away.

I've many wallets and i can't possibly use all of them. I've stopped using it since last year & thus it's in very good condition.

Bought at Ngee Ann City LV boutique on 24th March 2008 at $1,170.00. (FYI, LV price increases 3 times a year.)



Color : Amarante

Asking for : $1,000.00 (Price Neg)

Box, receipt, dust bag, paper bag & gift card, all are included.

Please sms me at 90087688 for fast deal! :)