Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Morning!

Raeann's school reopen today & it's the start of my routine again.

Usually when the school reopen or when the teacher change, Raeann will CRY!! This morning i told her, "Aiya, later u sure cry wan lah, u so lousy & shame shame!". She dared & 钩钩手 with me & say, "我不会哭的!". And indeed, she's in good mood, she did not cry. She went in with a happy face, greeted good morning to all the teachers. *phewz*

She's like that. I've to say that she's lousy or etc etc, then she will wanna prove to me that she's not. LOL!

This lucky baby of ours, we love her to the core. =)

Cheryl dated me out last Saturday. She went to CCK to pick me up cos it's near to her place. Before hand, i told Raeann that i'll be meeting my friend for awhile & she must behave herself. She said okay & ask me to 'go lor'. BUT THEN HOR, the moment i stepped out of the house, she cried.

I had to rush home straight after dinner cos she was looking for me & crying real badly. =(

I took a cab at 10pm sharp, but i reached home only at 11:20pm. =.=

FML! Terrible jam everywhere & my cab fare cost me $28.20 from Clark Quay to CCK without any midnight charge. Luckily, ZY let me claim back $50 from him cos he won soccer. Wahahahahahaha!

Anyway, it's a pity that i can't join Cheryl & friends for a drink. I walked past The Clinic and was pretty attracted by their decorations & style. I must go there one day! So cute!

Cheryl brought me to Tampopo @ Liang Court for dinner. OMG! Their pork cutlet is damn delicious!


According to her, it's not the best ramen she had eaten before but to me, it's damn yummy lor. As what she said, after i try this, i won't feel like eating Ajisen anymore. =X

Their soup base is really damn SHIOK!!

We queued for about 20 mins leh! I must bring ZY & Raeann there one day. They love pork!!

I feel i'm so orbit leh. Cheryl laughed when i told her that it's only my 2nd visit to Liang Court. LOL!

Singapore is already so damn small. Why am i always sticking around the same place; Jurong Point & IMM? LOL! Like a tortise from Jurong mountain. Haha

A pity that Bobo borrowed my camera away, else i can take lotsa pics with her. =(

It's okay, Friday, Friday!! I already gotta my permit to go out this coming Friday! YAY!


Alright, let's bid byebye to England. Byebye Beckham. Haha! See u again in 2014!

They ought to be sent back home cos they're playing extremely LOUSY this year.

My USA is also out. =(


Who will win? Who will win??


I guess only lah!


I packed my jewelleries yesterday. Then i realise, my uncle gave me a Destinee pendant/necklace on my wedding. I totally forgotten about it liao!

It's so nice lor & i'm wearing it now. It's sucha a waste to keep it & me wearing the same old one everyday.

Sorry, i GTG!

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