Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am happy!

Whenever i go down the stairs or steps today, i feel the pain on my fat thighs. Cos i went jogging again around my house for 30 mins yesterday evening! I keep phyco-ing my fat sis to join me... But who knows she jog sooooooo slow lor.... I jogged one big round, reached home liao, thought she'll be at home already cos i guess she'll be taking the short cut, but who knows? She reached home 10 mins later. Haha. She's walking lor, not jogging. But it's better than not exercising at all! Keep it up, Bobo!!

I being to love jogging leh... I feel like going again tonight! Hahaha Jog, jog, jog! Jog all my fats away~

But my husband requested to meet me for dinner today! So, no jogging until next Monday bah! I cannot go tomorrow cos i need to go pedicure. Part of my nail flew out cos i fell into the drain while replying Patsy's whatsapp! FML!

I just came back from Keppel Shipyard, a place with many men and no woman around. With all those 'looks' aiming at me, i feel very uncomfortable. Maybe cos i'm in dress and running about in 4" heels. LOL! They must be damn worried that i'll fall!

The person in charge/supervisor gave me a very puzzle look, he told me that he was wondering, "how come got woman come here wan?"... Hahaha

Why woman cannot go there har? It's a 'Gender Discrimination' lor. What a man can accomplish, a woman can do it also & maybe even better lor!!

Sorry ah, i'm not those 小女人 type. I never believe in relying on man at all! All humans cannot be trusted. You will never know when they will change. Nothing in this world last forever.

Right now, i'm only enjoying the moment while it last!

Yesterday hor, my maid asked if i want to organise BBQ for my birthday! =.=

Crazy lor! I'm 26 liao, not 16. What's there to celebrate? Moreover, i don't know who to invite & who not to invite.

For the past 25 yrs plus, i only treat one person as my dearest best friend/sister. But now, seems like i'm losing her liao. >.<

Bobo said i must be damn sad about it. Yes, indeed, initially. I cried so many times lor. But now, i'm numb already. :)

I've come to my senses that only family will be with you throughout, be it hard or happy times.

I'm glad i've them. =D

It's 5pm already! I haven do my packing list! Siao liao siao liao!

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