Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My PASSION for bags!

Now, i no longer stay faithful to only LV, i being to take fancy in other brands of bags.

Chanel is in my top wishlist & i really really wish to own it one day. I've been visiting their website very frequently to quench my thirst for wanting a Chanel so badly.



A Classic Flap in this color!

But ZY already said it loud and clear that he won't buy a bag for me in his entire life so i can stop pinning hope that he will buy it for me. :(

However, i told him, IF he wants a 2nd baby, he will have to buy not one, but TWO Chanel bags for me as 'push present'. One is for no. 2, another one is to make up for Raeann. HAHAHA

In fact, Euro dollar is so low now and it's so worth to get it in Europe now. But FML okay, i've got no extra cash to get this bag anymore. Sigh

My bank account will have $0 if i impulsively take out all my money just for this bag! Imagine how poor i am now!

I'm poor not becos i anyhow spend, but becos i lent my money to someone! The amount is definately more than enough for a Chanel 2.55 classic flap bag. But i don't intend to get that money back liao. It's okay, i will re-save it again. Sigh

Meanwhile, i've decided not to get any other bags anymore. I shall save all my money for Chanel. :)

Or pls let me strike 4d lah? I'm not greedy, about 10K-20K will do. Hahaha

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