Friday, June 4, 2010

Randomly random!

Overdued pics found on my iPhone, taken on Sean's & Tricia's wedding - 30th May 2010 @ Raffles Town Club.




These were taken on the way home from there...

Raeann was damn grumpy cos she was angry with ZY for pressing the lift. =.=

And we ignored her! Let her niam for all she wants. She's very loh-soh, can niam for hours. Let her niam lor, we just pretend that we never see her.

Both father & daughter can really drive me crazy!

Look at my horrible eyebag! Not one layer, but TWO. Omfg! Is there any way to remove it? So ugly. :(

I felt so under-dressed to the wedding lunch. :(

Cos initially, Tricia told me to wear casually.

I bought 4 dresses for it!

1) Flora dress. After buying then realise it's too transparent & casual.

2) Black dress. 2 days after i bought then she told me, 'pls don't wear black'. Haha She's the bride, i gotta respect her. :)

3) Pink tube dress. Ordered and paid on Tuesday, told seller i need to receive it by Saturday. BUT i only receive it 2 days ago. =.= No choice, go shop for another one.

4) Flora dress again. And i wore this piece to the wedding...


I made it TUBE style.

Can u imagine that? I actually wore a sundress to a wedding. What's wrong with me har?

Maybe i thought i was going to a beach party. =.=

Everyone were wearing so formal and pretty, except me. :(

Anyway, it's over liao. But i've got another wedding tonight!!!

One month ago, i've already prepared what i wanna wear for tonight. WHAHAHAHA

Kan chiong spider!

It's my primary school best friend okay!!

Abrupt ending again!!

I've a new 'friend' cum 'colleague' in the office; a piece of mirror. FML!

Nowadays si bei lazy, si bei nua to work!

Si bei ah soh!

Bank staff whom did not see me for quite sometime, "你好像变丰满了 hor?"


Edited 4:23pm : Melissa just sent me this pic. It's so utterly cute!


This Raeann ah, if she's not cranky or crazy, she's really damn cute & funny!

Nevertheless, i still love her so much...

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