Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So shiok!

My whole body is aching right now, hahaha, dued to the 20 mins jog i had last night!!!

So lousy lor, but i liked the pain, cos means it's taking some effect.

I don't think i can take it if i were to jog everyday but i'll definately slim down if i do so for a month.

Cos hor, i've no appetite to eat at all after jogging. I drank alot of water till i'm si bei full.

I feel like going again tonight... Should i?

I think i'm really addicted to online shopping, or rather to buying clothes. I keep buying clothes for no reasons, every week buy at least 2-3 pieces. What's happening to me???

I can buy and forget, that's the problem. Haha

How to quit this habit/hobby ah? Although it's not consider a very expensive hobby cos all my clothes are less than $30.00; i don't buy branded clothings due to a very powerful maid my mum employed, but it's still a waste of money lor. Cos when i keep buying, i keep throwing too. >.<

Ok, MSN-ing with Vincent now. Bye!


Found my lil' imp??!!

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