Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup fever!!

First of all, i would like to thank my husband for allowing me to club on Friday. :)

Finally get to meet up with Patsy after soooooo long sia! And gotta know alot of new friends as well...


New friend - Sharon.

Oh well, of cos there are more pictures taken but all are inside Patsy's cam & i'm so lazy to 'kope' since all are already uploaded on FB. But this is the nicest one liao lah! >.<

Anyway, i realised i'm old and tone down liao. I can't follow their frequency anymore. Up till certain time, my body system naturally feel like sleeping. I reached home before 4.30am lor. That's consider very early as compared to last time. =P

ZY wanted to pick me to his house at 4+am after he finished watching the France match. But i was really really very very tired. I bathed, washed hair but still feel very sleepy. I fell asleep with my wet hair lor.

And we meet up only on Saturday noon. :)

Accompanied him the whole day to nua, eat, watch WC & sleep. =.=

It's very boring but ok lah. That's married life, isn't it?

I lost on South Korea match but i won on England match. ^^ Cos both match i bought DRAW!

But overall, i won! As the odds for DRAW is quite high for England match!! I think i damn kiam pah cos everyone bought & were praying for England to win. =X

Paiseh lah! I'm not any soccer expert. I just bet according to my guts feel de. And luckily i fell asleep during Argentina match lor. Else i sure lose till chui chui also!

Okay lah. Raeann's rolling on the bed, waiting for me to switch off my laptop and accompany her to bed. I didn't have a good sleep last night! I'm very very tired. I think i've got 3 layers of eye bags now. :(

P/S : Germany to win by 1-2 goals tonight! I didn't buy though... We shall see!!

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