Friday, July 2, 2010

Beautiful shoes for your kids...

To all who wanna know where i ordered Raeann's shoes from... Click here!!

I ordered from her twice already, quite a nice seller!

Moreover, the shoes did turn out as true as pics, that's the most important, i feel. It's disappointing when the stuffs you ordered are not the same as what u see on their pictures, kinda deceiving.

But most of their items are pre-order, so give a waiting time for about 2-3 weeks. Worth waiting!! :)

Enjoy shopping yeah!! ^^


I don't know if i should meet Cheryl tonight anot... Cos i've not been feeling well these 3 days. Morning time okay, but when it comes to night, slight fever will come. And my head will feel so giddy & heavy! What's wrong with me?

On the other hand, i feel like bringing Raeann for a movie; Despicable Me. Becos next Friday, we'll be leaving her with my mum for F.I.R concert. Very guilty lah!


Hmm okay, made my decision. I shall spend time with my lil' one & her dad this weekend, cos we didn't meet for this entire week liao, i'm SURE he miss me. WHAHAHAHAHAH!

I'll meet Cheryl on the next next week!!

Sigh. Why am i only available during the weekends? :(

I need to sign off now. Going LTA later again... And i'm searching hard for nice dresses for myself & Raeann for the wedding.

Anyone kind babes got nice webbies to intro me??? Please pretty...

Post it in 'comment' instead of 'tagboard' cos my tagboard doesn't have any history records.

Thanks in advance! ^^

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