Monday, July 12, 2010

Byebye WC 2010!

Today marks an end to WC 2010! No more late nights, no more bettings, no more soccer for me.

And my prediction is right!! Does that means i'm an octopusSY? LOL!

I failed to wake up at 2:30am cos i slept only at around 12am. But i woke up at 5am when the match has just ended. =.= LOL!

I never watch at all lah, only went to FB and saw alot people cheering for Spain. Then i sian 1/2, go back to sleep. Wahahahahahahah.

Sorry if any Spain supporters felt offended. But i really really don't like Spain! =X

Anyway, Holland helps me to win $45 even though they lose at ET. :) Cos i bought Holland eat 1/2 ball for FT. Hahaha. Thank you & well done, Netherlands.

But my favourite is still Germany!! :) Cos there's Müller! Hehe

Overall, i won a total of $279.00 for this WC!! I didn't bet on all the matches but most of the matches i betted on, i won; rates: 7/10. And my bets was only $50 max, only the last Germany match, i betted $100! It's just for fun anyway.

Deutschland, see ya in 2014. :)

I'm ending this post with Raeann's pics. Nothing to blog liao!


I can skip!!!



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