Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm losing my cool...

For the past one week, i've not been sleeping well... Almost everyday, i wake up 5-6 times in the middle of the night.

Raeann's not feeling well. Her coughing woke me up! I'm sucha light sleeper that i'll wake up at the slightest sound. I'm so worried that she'll choke when she cough so i need to wake up and check on her. She finished up her medicine from the first doc, fever subsided but still coughing & coughing. :(

Sometimes, she'll cough till she vomit and i've to clean up the mess... in the middle of the night, alone!! Clean, wash & change her then clean & change bedsheet. Feed her med, apply vicks on her chest then put her to bed again.

Otherwise, she'll wake up & pee. And i've to wake up again to check on her.

I brought her to see another doctor yesterday. I hope she gets well soon lah! Patience's getting thinner each day! She's soooooo cranky & noisy everyday. =,=

Not enough sleep. Need to work. After work, need to look after her. VERY TIRED LEH!

God, please give me more patience, i need it!

Becos of this & dieting, i'm suffering from insomnia as well. I had difficulty falling asleep!! And when i finally fell asleep, i've to wake up again and this continues...

I ate very very little for the past 2 days & my stomach is always grumbling at night. I don't take breakfast, as usual. 1/4 lunch & 1/2 dinner. That's my intake for the whole day!

And i managed to lose 1.5kgs liao... Fast? Hahaha

I'm very rubber size de lah. I can gain weight very fast and i can lose weight very fast as well, if i'm determined to. :)

Ever since i reconciled with ZY, i gained like 2-3kgs lor. Despite going jogging, my weight didn't drop at all leh. Hahaha

Didn't bother much also lah cos i rather be 幸福 than to be depress. Depression made me lose weight at the fastest rate! I was once at 42kgs dued to depression, lost about 5-6kgs within 1 week. This is not healthy at all!!

Reason why am i dieting now is... cos i've something important to attend this coming Sunday! After that, NO MORE DIET for me, so 辛苦! Cannot sleep & shit! Urgh!!!

It's so tmd FML lor.

No mood and energy to blog now. Bye!

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