Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Laugh Out Loud!

I was browsing through all my emails & i cannot stop smiling when i re-read those emails from all my readers out there!!

When i'm down on my hardest time, alot of you sent emails to me with your regards, consolations & advises. *touched*

Very touched indeed! :)

1) There's this very LOYAL reader of mine, Darren Goh ah, i super appreciate him for being there for me... all these while! His first email to me was on 31st Jan 2007!! Asking if i'm really getting married!! And wishing me all the best!! Hahaha

I don't have any older siblings, he's just like an elder brother (sister) to me! Although we (still) haven meet before, but whenever i've problem & needs listening ears, he's always there for me, without fail. He won't bo tai bo chi sms me de. But he will always reply my smses. :)

This sister of mine, really bo wei gong. Thank u ah! Any ladies out there wish to know this good guy? Email me okay? HAHAHAHA

2) Patsy & me used to be love rivals cum enemies!! Wahhahahahah FOL okay! That was like (maybe) 10 yrs ago? Cannot remember liao! To think we're on such good terms now, can even go out together always!! Cos i'm those, i don't 随随便便 go out with anyone de, i don't attend forum outings, random meet-ups/gatherings & whatever. I'm sucha difficult person. LOL!

FYI, i seldom join forums de. Even join-ed, i won't be active also! Haha

She sent an email to me on 18th September 2007 & that's how we finally patched back. LOL! But it's only recently then we started to go out together!!

Her email was so sweet lor!!

Although she's crazy at times, but i still love her as my friend lah. Thank you for being there for me! *Cheers*

There are alot more people, whom i'm unfamiliar with... Some, i don't even know who are they! But they still bother to send me their concerns via email. :)

I just wanna say,


To :

Ang Wee Teck
Alice Lim
Pamela Vickers
Charm Charm
Joanne Teng
Brenda Kok Choon
Isabelle Oh
Dayreen Ng
Lena Chiang
Viven Zheng
Yap Kian Peng
Joyce Lee

And etc etc... Sorry to those names that didn't appear!! I just randomly picked out de...

I'm sorry. Nowadays, my blog's getting more & more & more & more boring liao. Cos i'm a boring person. I don't know what to blog!

When there's an increase of people reading your blog, there will be increase of restrictions too.

Now, i can't blog freely like how i blogged in the past liao. :(

Cos people read & misunderstand & conflicts will arise.

Maybe my english's too lousy, i don't know how to express it through words.

ZY kept asking me not to blog anymore. But i 不舍得 leh!! I started blogging on 11th May 2004 & 不知不觉, it's been 6 years already! OMFG!

Why didn't i get as popular as Xiaxue or Dawn Yang har? LOL!

But at least, i learnt how to use abit of html codes & stuffs lah! Better than nothing lah! Haha

P/S : IF one day, you realise that i didn't update for 30 days or more, it means i've decided to give up blogging liao! :)

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