Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Little Mermaid!

Another 3 months plus to my bro's big day, i'm feeling the stress now.

I haven slim down or prepare anything yet! :(

I need to buy one day/night dress & shoes for myself & Raeann, haven got any idea what to wear yet leh!

And bag!! I need a presentable one!

Bro & JJ bought one gown for Raeann in Germany. It's handmade & i think is not cheap!!! BUT, high chance Raeann won't wear cos she's very very fussy on clothings. And it doesn't look very comfy lor. I tested on her last night & i need to use alot of sweets to 'trade' with her for wearing it for about 5-10 mins only. But it's really very nice, like a lil' bride! :)



The glitters are dropping everywhere, hahaha.

And Raeann tried to dance with it, like a lil' ballerina!

It's really very nice lah but i know Raeann too well, she won't appreciate it. :(

So, JJ said she will give it to her niece instead. Yeap, it's better than hanging inside my wardrobe, wasting such a nice dress away.

Now, what kind of dress should i buy for Raeann for day and night? I'm so afraid that i've to use cane that day to force her to wear it lor. I can't possibly allow her to wear nua nua mah, that's what she likes to wear now. =.=

She's not 爱美 at all!!! So worried.

Got so many new pretty apparels but she don't wanna wear. End up always wearing the same one, like very cham like that, only got that few pieces of clothings. I really don't know what to do with her. Sigh.

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