Thursday, July 1, 2010

New shoes for Raeann again!

3 weeks ago, i ordered shoes for Raeann & Ethan. :)



And it arrived at my door yesterday!! It's so pretttttyyyyy leh!!!!!!! As true as pics! And i'm glad that Raeann wanna wear it lor!! It fits her so well, the size is just nice! HENG AH! The first time i bought (other design), it was too big, till now, it's still too big. Haha

I don't know if Ethan can fit anot. Going to pass it to him when i go & pick Raeann later.

Mr Lin Zhirong is here again!!!!!!!!! With some 凉 dessert cos he saw my FB, written that i'm not feeling well!!


So nice of him. =P

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