Monday, July 5, 2010

"When Elmo Grows Up"

My head is very gong now, been sorting out piles of accounts documents since morning after i blogged! And it's driving me crazy, the whole office is so messy!! The accounts all the way from 2007 till now!! I need to stop for awhile & continue later... else i'll make it even more messy! Haha!!

I was discussing with ZY over the weekends, contemplating whether to bring Raeann to watch "When Elmo Grows Up" anot!


Cos it's so happen to fall on Raeann's birthday!! And i've 15% discount (Toys R Us card)! Should i? I'm thinking to bring her overseas initially de!! But till now, we haven make any plans to go anywhere yet, so i doubt we'll be going lor!

Any review on this show? Issit nice? Or boring?

I think i'll bring her there ba. Very exp man! I need to pay for 3 paxs! ZY will be paying for her birthday cakes & party stuffs (in her school). Thank god i only have one kid! Cos everything's soooooo expensive!

And i need to work 6 days a week very soon. Cos i really wanted to sign Raeann up for piano class but ZY kept delaying cos he's so lazy to wake up to send her there on Saturday morning! No choice lah! Since i'm the one who wanted her to learn, i've to do the job lor! FML!! I want to claim petrol, parking & labour charges from him!!!

I seriously don't mind doing all these lah! Only hope that Raeann won't let me down in future & appreciates what i've done for her, i'll be contented. :)

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