Friday, July 16, 2010

Whose the genius?


This is so hilarious!!! I'm gonna waste US$0.99 to DL it for fun!


In fact, my bro told me, this octopus doesn't have any psychic power, neither is a genius lor! (After listening, i totally agreed with what he said.)


Because it was trained...

If you notice, Paul always choose the box on the SAME side; right side.

*Look at the pictures below for evidences.




See? It was trained to recognise ONLY the right side.

It doesn't have any psychic power lah... UNLESS it's really a demon.

So, who do i think is the real genius??

The real genius who can predict is the one who place the box for Paul to choose!

I feel that WC is a fixed game anyway...

Agree??? =)

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