Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All thanks to Des!

Today, i laughed like a mad woman from early in the morning 9am till now. FML!

Des entertained me for the whole day!!! =D

When i logged in MSN this morning, he showed me his work (photographs) of other couples. And this is our conversation...


Wahahahahah! I said before right, i don't photoshop my pics! They're all natural! =D

I really can't wait to see those pictures man... Haha!!

Then he introduced me to a website; www.fmylife.com.

*During our very first MSN conversation, i keep using this word, FML. He was saying that this quote 'Fuck My Life' got no meaning then. But now, it has become part and parcel of his daily speech. LOL!

So i went to read it and i laughed until stomach cramp! FML!

I told him that i can't feel how fuck-up others' life are by reading. I only find it damn fucking funny!! And i wonder if it's true anot!?

Some examples:-

1) Today, I injured my knee and dislocated my shoulder fighting over a cookie with my brother. He's 14. I'm 26. He still got the cookie. FML

2) Today, I discovered that my boyfriend has been asked by multiple people "why he is going out with such an ugly girl." FML

3) Today, I learned to never shave your downstairs when you have the hiccups. FML

4) Today, I superglued my headphones back together. They weren't dry before I put them back in my ears. FML

5) Today, I was taking care of a friend's hamster. Thinking the hamster wanted to make a bed, I put some cotton balls in his cage so he would be comfy. He promptly ate them and died. FML

6) Today, my dad threw my $300 dollar iTouch out the window. Apparently the alarm went off and he didn't know how to turn it off. It was his solution. FML

It's really super funny!! Des told me that this website is very addictive till he reads it everyday. He even installed it to his phone, so while smoking/shitting/waiting, he reads it! (I've just done so too! Wanna see if i'll be addicted anot!)

Laugh, laugh, laugh & it's time to knock off soon! FML! What have i done today except laughing??? Eh actually have lah. I sent some emails & invoices! Haha

P/S : Des is the photographer on Agnes's & Kenny's wedding day. So weird that we became friends!! But his skill is really quite good, he showed me alot of pictures he took for others!! Anyone searching for a good photographer? Do email me for his contacts! =)


Cheryl forwarded me an email yesterday.

Subject : How to save your car from basement carpark flooding?

With a pic attached!

Wahahahahahahaha, FML!!!!
No comments for this driver. LOL!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Reminiscing the days...

The time passes so fast today! Was asked to run errands! YAY!! Love this kinda of life!!

Cos when i'm driving alone, i love to blast my music loud loud!! Just now, i was blasting Thai songs all the way, damn shiok! Reminded me of the clubbing days...

The feeling of letting down my hair completely, don't have to do & think so much, just drink & forget! It's a form of 'letting out all my frustrations'. If you asked me if i've any regrets, my answer is NO. The only dis-advantage is that my pocket burned a big hole. Hahaha

Don't ask me how much i've spent, i've lost count too. I only know it's alot! -___-"

But i really trained up my 酒量!! FYI, i was easily drunk in the past. But after times & times of puking, i can drink a bottle of Martell alone. LOL! Okay, maybe not anymore! Cos i've not touched Martell for a long long time already.

Anyway, it's a good thing cos i feel much healtier now! =)

These are my utmost favourite Thai songs!!

I'm pretty amazed that i can sing all of them. But of cos not solo!! I need background, haha! Considered not bad cos i'm not a Thai lor! And yes, i know the meaning of the songs.
Those were the days... It's good to reminisce it once in a blue moon!

"You reap what you sow"

Note : I want to thank Patsy for teaching me how to put on contact lens using Whatsapp. She scolded me for not thanking her on my blog, hahaha!!

Aiyo, i almost strike 3rd prize yesterday!! I bought 1515, opened 1516!!! FML! But i think my mum's more affected cos i very 看开 on all these de. I was the one who asked her to buy this number!! LOL!

This morning, Raeann's teacher just reminded me that Raeann's birthday celebration is on this coming Friday!! Wah lau eh, i didn't realise it's so fast lor. But anyway, i've got everything prepared already! Tonight i need to go back & wrap the teacher's day present. Bought it 2 weeks ago but till now still very lazy to go and wrap it. LOL! (Please brain, don't let me forget about this important task!)

And... We're going to see Elva this coming Saturday!!! *excited to the max*

Had my 'dinsup' at 9+pm last night; KFC, omg, it's so fattening!!! (Dinsup means the time in between dinner & supper. It's a word formed by myself in my own dictionary. Haha)

We 'nua' for the whole of yesterday at CCK. Watched 'Being Human' with Raeann in the afternoon.


I know i'm too late. But it's better than never! It's a nice show, with significant meanings behind it. =)

Raeann watched till cry cos she thought 'pig pig' died! Yes, she known Zheng Ying Ying (aka Yao Yao inside the show) as 'pig pig'. Wahahahahahaha

She always eat, eat & eat. So i always remind her, "later you become pig pig like that ah!". LOL!

Brought her to Hillview (another office) for lunar 7th month praying session after her music lesson on Saturday. As usual lah, very mischievious & loh soh.

She's using calculator to 'calculate' a bird?

Calling her ah gong at another office.

Asking my colleague question again!!!



Seems not very satisfied with the answer. LOL!

I'm not a patience person! So sometimes when she ask & ask & ask, i'll get frustrated & scold her. Otherwise, i'll ask her to go & ask somebody else. Cos if i don't want to answer her, she will continue asking, raising her voice louder & louder cos she thought i didn't hear her! -_-"


Very random again!! Hahaha!! ZY bought this for me few weeks ago but i'm still so lazy to fix it onto my car!!


This durian mooncake from Marriott Hotel was given by mum's friend. She kept asking me to try since last week. I only tried it this morning as breakfast. I shared half with my maid cos i'm not a mooncake lover.
My view - It's quite delicious but no longer taste like mooncake leh. It tasted more like durian cake!!
Nowadays people very kiasu hor? It's still the 7th month & mooncakes are already selling everywhere.

We might not be in Singapore during lantern festival anyway! =)

P/S : I can cash out my nuffnang earnings again!! That's fast! I just received my previous cheque about 2 weeks ago nia. Thanks to all my readers!! I love you all so much no matter you love or hate me!!

P/P/S : I've so many site trackers on my blog. With just one click, i can check who reads my blog, where's the source from & etc. That's how i manage to find out so much 'things'. La la la!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lazy to the max!!

Super duper tired can! Another busy Saturday!! Brought lil' imp to music lesson follow by praying at another office earlier.

At around 1pm, ZY informed me that his family will be going to Marina Barrage for kite flying at 4pm. But till now, he's still sleeping leh... ZzzZzz! Haha doubt that he wants to go liao lah. By the time he wakes up, people fly finish loh! Good also, cos i see the sun i feel like fainting. And i think me & Raeann will be chao ta! I realised that i've darken alot le!! Blame myself for taking my fair complexion for granted. Sigh

*Pictures will be uploaded on Monday cos i'm super lazy now.

Some people are really weird & funny hor. They hate me. But they love to read my blog & get angry!!! Whahahahah

But seriously, who cares if they're angry? You think i care mah? CHEY! (Again, i'm not implying anyone here. Unless you, yourself admit to it! - Wah! This sentence is damn good to use leh!)

Oh ya! After all my assumptions, i can roughly guess who's Mr or Ms Vomit liao leh!! But i'm not going to post it here lah cos it's just my mere guessing afterall! =P

Heehee lil' imp is here to disturb her daddy up now!!! Sometimes, their conversation really made me LOL!

Okay, going to bathe for lil' imp now.

Have a nice & ♥-ly weekend everyone!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Too many titles!!

Warning : Very long entry & mak mak (alot in Thai) pictures!

Aiya, i'm so so so ugly & fat but i don't know why i just love to take pictures!! FML man.

This is the flora dress i wore yesterday. And today, i'm also wearing flora dress but black & white de! Heehee (Yes, that's how much i love flora now!)

The dress i'm wearing now, XS has exactly the same piece too!!! And i'm the one who intro-ed her the webby & also the one who purchased it for her! Come to think of it, we have quite a number of same clothings & shoes lor! Wondering why i didn't say she imitate me right? Hmm... Cos she did not mah? We discussed & agreed to buy it together mah. Cos we're as close as sisters, so our taste are somehow similar! :) So, she's not imitating me lor!

You know, just like branded goods lor! There are so many imitations out there! Obviously those imitation companies won't inform the original company that they will be imitating their goods before they imitate right? And that's why they are termed as 'imitation'.



Once again, thanks to The Sample Store for the mystery gift sent to me! =) Going to try it tonight!!
People, do 'like' their facebook page if you wish to enjoy freebies like me!! =D



Water tumblers for the kids on Raeann's birthday!! =D


The dinner!!!!!!!!!!!

We settled our dinner at New York New York cos everywhere else need to queue! And yes, I HATE TO QUEUE!! Unless i've to do something important (eg. bank; work), otherwise you will never ever see me standing in a queue for any other redundant stuffs!

But no regrets cos NYNY's food are really delicious & filling (portion really big). And it's very reasonable priced!! I became their member yesterday cos they asked me to sign up lor, so i sign lor! (As usual, i'm easily physco-ed!) Hahaha

Lil' Ashlyn's really so damn adorable!! She's getting friendlier too!! She allowed me to hold her hand and walk!! So cute!

Cos Ashlyn used to be very scare of strangers, even me!! In the past, she will clinged onto her maid, parents or grandma only. So, can you imagine how excited i was? Haha

I'm missing that stage of Raeann!!!

Okay, i don't want to loh-soh liao!! Pictures time!!





Our hubbys♥ do play a part in looking after them. Thus, the dinner was really enjoyable!! And look at Ashlyn's mouth!! Haha, she was eating ketchup! So cute hor?



Free candy floss after meal.


I'm really very happy & proud of my bff!! Now, she's learning very hard to be a good mummy. She's coping & handling it well!! So happy for them!!


It's been quite some time since we took a pic together!! I asked the waiter to take it for us cos i really don't trust our hubbys♥'s skill!

After he took, i asked him if it's ok anot. He said, "很漂亮"!. Wahahahahaha


Ashlyn wanted to take the sweet!! Last time Raeann also like that lor!



The above 2 pics were taken when they were smoking while i take care of the 2 kiddos.

Yes, i'm still smoking but I DON'T SMOKE AT RAEANN'S PRESENCE! (Quick! Praise me for being a good mummy afterall! Hahaha)

I'm not perfect, i know. But i've done my best to be a good mum! Setting good example & spending all my time with her. And that's why i extremely HATE it when people only use their bird brain to think & said that i never look after my daughter. As if they really know that much...


My Marriage

Okay, i'll disclose abit about my marriage now.

Both me & ZY are trying very hard, doing our part to make this marriage work out. It's all for the sake of our precious child, Raeann. Cos we both loved her too much!

Just when we were about to sign our divorce deed, something cropped up & he went overseas for about a month. (Maybe it's god will?)

And becos he was overseas & he misses Raeann so much but couldn't go and visit her or bring her home on the weekend, he called me very often to look for Raeann.

That's when we started to talk nicely to each other. Then one day, he smsed me, said that he doesn't want to divorce & he promised that he will work hard & buy a house for me and Raeann.

During that time, i was quite confused also, i don't know what to do. So i just leave it to fate & let nature takes it's course lor.

After he's back, we just naturally got back together. Of cos at first will feel very weird & uneasy lah! But then, slowly adapt lor!

Till now, we're still doing very well in maintaining it! Partly maybe becos we're not staying together yet. I don't know what will happen in future when we've our own house but i don't wish to think so much now. Just take it when it comes!

As i said lor, everybody's growing up everyday. After all the hiccups in my marriage & life, i've learnt to take things easy now. I've also learnt to be more independent!!

And so... yah... that's about all!!

Marriage really needs alot of effort & patience to work it out! And of cos, a lil' luck!

Sometimes, it's not that you're not good. Just that your husband's not understanding & tolerance enough. It's your fate & you just gotta accept it!

Don't 'laugh' at other's misfortune when you happened to meet a good & understanding husband who can tolerate you. Cos you won't know what will happen in future. Are you that sure it won't fall on you one day? You know, got karma de!

I hope all my genuine friends & readers will have a happy & blissful marriage!!! =D



HAHAHA! So random! My eye!! Bloodshot & tired eye!!

Seriously, i don't like my eyes!! I find them too small!! I want to go surgery!!! But i got no guts!!! =(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shoes freak!


Just back from lunch at Crystal Jade with mummy. 2 of us ordered 7 dim sums & one main course!! Of cos we didn't finish all up & packed most of it back. Well, my mum has a $50 voucher so we need to order up till this amount or more otherwise the balance will be wasted!! So full can!!

Siao liao, how am i going to eat again later?! We'll be meeting in less than 4 hours time, can the food be digested? Doubt so cos my digestive system... *shake head* really JIALAT de!

Heck lah! Anyway, my motive is to pass XS some stuffs & see lil' Ashlyn only!! (Lil' Ashlyn's going to school next month!! Really hope she can adapt well!)

*The dresses are here!! Giving her lip balms as well...

See? I'm really not a selfish person. I share good things with everyone! Whatever people (friends/readers/whosoever) ask me, i'll share all the informations that i know with them. I'll be a real friend to you if you also regard me as one!

Knowing that i've always wanted to try out contact lens (cos i asked on fb), XS taught me step by step on how to see & purchase. She said she will teach me how to wear on the spot when the lens arrive!! =D

And oh ya, we're ordering lens from this link. Anyone wishes to tag order?? Let me know okay!

Sigh! Just now i bought a pair of black heels from Heatwave again... And i've influenced my mum to become a fan of Heatwave as well! Haa!

You know hor, if i go out with Raeann now hor, she will scold me if i buy shoes de lor!!!

I cannot even enter shoes shops!! She will drag me out & say, "Mummy, 你有很多鞋了 leh!". Only she can control me!!

Lucky thing is, i don't like to buy shoes online!! Everytime can't fit de leh!! The last time i bought, even though i took measuring tape to measure my foot, also can't fit! -_-" In the end, i gave it to JJ cos it really look nice on her feet. I already give up buying shoes online no matter how beautiful it is!

Going to do online shopping now! (AGAIN?!?!)

Bye all!

Happy happy day!

Opps, i'm super late today! I molly lor, took very long to prepare!!

Happy girl today! Cos i'll be meeting XS together with our hubbys♥ & our kids for dinner!! Now thinking where & what to eat? Hmm... I need to go JP to collect the water tumbler for Raeann's party leh! But i eat JP food eat until very sian, feel like having steamboat lor!

Ok, i need to go out in awhile so i can't blog much. 长话短说 now!

The clothes from the spree i joined Sonia about... hmm... 1 month ago? LOL

She just emailed me 2 days ago, informing me that she had mailed out my parcel. But when i reached home yesterday, i was wondering what did i buy again when i saw it. I still tell JJ, "I got buy something again meh?". HAHA

Yes, i'm that forgetful de! My mum always say that my memory's like an old lady. Hehe

P/S : Thanks Sonia babe!! Next time if got organise, jio me again ok? If u don't find it troublesome lah... =)


Well, i'm really in love with florals now. I'm in my new floral dress bought from another shop today!! Aiya, i'm so fat & ugly! (I must learn to pretend to be humble now!) But it's woman nature to love taking pics, so i just take lor. Sorry if i make you all puke har!


The stuffs that my sister bought for us yesterday from Watsons!! Thank you Bo, hope u recover soon! =D

The rubber bands for Raeann & the rest are mine!! I tried the Neutrogena mask last night. Hope it don't give me pimple!! *CHOY* So far so good!!


In return, i bought her and family some cakes from Secret Receipe!! If you know me well, i'm one who doesn't like to owe people, be it money or any other stuffs. You treat me once, i must treat you back once. 有来有往 is what i believe in maintaining any relationship!


Then i bought some eclair cream puff from Beard Papa for my aunt. See? I'm actually that nice de! (Opps, didn't i just say i want to pretend to be humble now!!!)

Okay lah, i need to sign off now. Going out & lunch with my precious mummy later!!

My mummy is so 'ah lian' now sia! I told her what happened & her first reaction was, "女人的事, 男人最好不要插手!". LOL!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Olivia Ong

Recently, i've been hearing Olivia Ong's songs on FM93.3. Her voice... really power sia!! No matter is english or chinese songs, all so nice man!! I'm going to get her latest album!! :)

P/S : Erm, anyone knows where she pop out from har??

Been repeating this song!! Love it!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Gossips & rumours!

Wah! Raeann slept from 5pm yesterday till this morning 6+am!!! I tried to wake her up so many times before 10pm for milk cos i'm worried that she'll be hungry. She said she don't want & continue to sleep till this morning. Heng ah! I'm so worried that she'll wake up in the middle of the night & ask me to talk to her. Haha

Anyway, to all my friends & readers, i've decided not to post my personal issues on this blog anymore...

I won't close or lock it cos blogging is my passion & i really enjoy doing it. But some people hor, just loves to read & spread untrue rumours around about me lor! (I'm not implying anyone here, unless you, yourself admit to doing it.)

When i first started blogging, my purpose was only to keep a virtual diary, pen-ing down my daily encounters, my life, my rants & the growth of my daughter. It was also meant for friends who are really concern about me to know how i am doing. And hor, i really didn't expect so many people to read it de! It's of cos okay to read & i welcome any readers.

Becos my pictures & details are all over my blog, i dare not post anything that has no facts. (Seriously, i don't know how to make up stories either.) People can easily track me down right?

But the thing is, some people think they're so smart & just by reading my blog, they made up stories based on their own assumption. And the worse thing is, they spread to everyone they know! =.=

P/S : Oh, sometimes hor, i'm lazy to blog the last part out. So ah, don't assume that it's the complete story already.


Well, who don't gossip? I think everyone does, even for the male now. But when you wanna gossip about others, please gossip about logical facts to someone you can trust. And not like a newspaper like that, pollute everybody's mind with your own thinking & assumption.

Telling the whole world people's personal secrets & family matters only goes to show how low your IQ & EQ are.

Just quoting some examples; What's the point of telling everyone that people don't like to wear panty/bra? (Erm, of cos not me!) What's the point of telling everyone that this couple quarrel becos of what what what?

You know, everybody's growing up everyday. As you grow up, your maturity level grows as well. To err is human, who don't make mistakes? I admit that i used to be so ignorant to join in those stupid (untrue) gossips and i hereby sincerely apologise to those who were affected then.

But after being a mummy, i don't do such things anymore. I realised that it's so 无聊 & waste of my precious time. I always remember this, what goes around, comes around! Maybe that's the reason why i don't like to talk now. (YAY! I've grown up & become more mature now!)

So you know, in order not to let those people 'who can't grow up' to gossip about me, i need to stop writing personal stuffs here. I might set up another blog for it! :)

And lastly, a warning to all gossipers out there. You may continue to gossip about me if you feel great to do so. BUT don't ever let me find out about you saying nonsenses about my daughter!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Case closed!

Hello!! :)

These 2 days, i've been straining my eyes, killing so much brain cells, thinking what to blog & reply. It's really tiring!

My husband asked me to ignore them & well, i'm going to heed his advice and do so! :)

But one thing i'm curious about is, why didn't they SMS, msn or email me to voice out their unhappiness but they choose to leave comment on my blog instead? I mean, they do have all my contacts & i'm so easily reachable.

By leaving comment on my blog, it means it will be publicize, and they do know that many people read it. If they've sms-ed me instead, this matter would have been solved privately.

I swear that it wasn't my intention to post all that in the first place!

Please don't send anymore people here to post imbecile comments like, 'koala bags', 'no wonder your husband ditched you in the past' or 'try me', all these sorts of nonsenses again.

I don't know what's koala bags, i only heard of koala bear. And what does it mean by my husband ditched me in the past? I don't know. Ditched means ditched, there's no past or present. But the fact is, my husband did not do so else why is he still my husband? I only feel so amusing when I saw the 2 words, 'TRY ME'! HAHAHA

I ended the argument cos i seriously feel it's, erm... idiotic & meaningless! If a person wants to come here and create troubles entertainments using weird nick like, 'vomit here vomit there', there's nothing much i can do. I'll only sit in front of my laptop screen & see 'show' cos it's your FREEDOM to do so!

Anyway, this matter is closed from now on. :)

Good night everyone!!

Concerts, here we come!!!

Fuck man! Time really passes by so fast without realising it. Another 10 days to Elva's & 17 days to Elmo's concert.

Bryan just told me he's attending the Elmo's too! Ha! See if i can catch him there anot!

Met birdnest for dinner last evening, he wanted to pass me the stuffs he bought for me from Taiwan. This appointment was postponed by me for many many times, about 1 month liao! Hahaha

Many of the food have also expired too! So sad, can't get to eat the pineapple cakes!!





Hahaha! Birdnest; the part-time nanny! Weird leh, we're using the same phone but how come the photo quality so different??? The first 2 pics are taken by his phone and the last 2 by mine.

Birdnest's my secondary school classmate. How he got this name was cos last time his hair... really looked like birdnest lor! And i gave him this name & it's stucked till now. Funny thing is, everyone also calls him this! LOL! Nah, he's not angry lah! He loves it leh!!

You know ah, i'm good at giving people names. And the weird thing is, people loves the name i gave. HAHAHA

1 example - Hamster was what i gave to XS's hb. But that time, they still not together yet lah! Then this hamster ah, he's so funny, he introduced himself to XS's friends that his name is Hamster. LOL! And it's also stucked till now!!

The dresses that i ordered for XS & myself have not arrive yet leh. 3 days liao, will it be lost?? *worried*

Anyway, i'm meeting her for dinner on Thurs!! What's for dinner, my dear?

P/S : I've one question here. Do bff have to meet up often & contact everyday??

Hmm... Cos hor, for me & XS, we don't lor! Hahaha

We seldom chat on the phone now becos since many months ago, i don't like to talk anymore (which i don't know why). And in fact, i really never talk to anyone leh, not even my husband! LOL!

They did call me lah! But i always hang up after a few words & tell them i'm busy! Something's wrong with me liao...

And we seldom meet-up too! Cos now ah, she's trying to spend more time on Ashlyn, i don't want to disturb her lor. I want her to spend more time with her family. :)

But then deep inside our heart, we know de lah! There's always a place for each other! Hahaha, i sounds so mushy sia!

And to all my friends around, nope, i didn't forget u all!! Just that i'm so so so so busy now, i couldn't find anytime to go out at all!! But don't worry, all the birthdays, weddings & baby showers invites, i'll sure be there IF nothing crop up!! :)

Aiyo, i still owe Missy Cheryl two dates! Sigh. *Calling up Ritz Carlton to do booking now!*

I'm not perfect. I offended alot of people (Don't know who! *shrugs*). But who cares??? I've so many friends around who still loves me so much. And i think that's enough!!

P/S : Yesterday hor, very funny leh. Got one angmo keep playing & talking with Raeann! Then he asked me, "How much is she?". I was like, "Huh?". Then he said he wanna buy her over from me cos she's so cute!! WTF!! Hahahahahahaha

So i told Raeann, "Uncle wanna buy u leh!".

Raeann said, "Huh... Cannot lah! Later my mummy cannot find me, she will cry!!"

LOL! Love you, my baby! :)


OMG!! This is so hurting!!! :(

Someone who loves vomitting so much just left this comment on my blog.

"No wonder your hubby ditched u in the past."

I'm so upset. I just cried! IT'S SO UPSETTING! :(

But then hor, since when my hubby ditched me har? How come i don't remember? Do you really know that much??

"I'm not anyone's friend (now starting to wonder how many people u haf offended in the past right?)"

Yeah right! You appear from nowhere & suddenly leave sucha comment. I've BEEN ranting since 2004! How come all these years, u don't find my rantings ridiculous & u don't realise my 'so-full-of-myself attitude' until today??? My attitude didn't change from last time mah. And if you really cannot stand me, why read my blog for so long? (Since u ALSO know about my hubby 'ditching' me.)

So please, WHY PRETEND AH??? How come nowadays people love to pretend so much?!

"If u think u can get away with your rantings jus because it's YOUR personal blog, then think again. I can post whatever I want to say about you because it's MY freedom. Try me."

Yes please, by all means. I love it! By visiting & leaving comments, i get to earn $$!! So, why not? Please do it ya?

And this person who loves vomitting so much, i've nothing against you at all cos i don't know u. So after what i'm ranting now, i won't reply to your further comments anymore. Sorry if u feel offended! :) Cos like i always say, i can choose not to read. ^^

All the best to u! :)

人不犯我, 我不犯人!

Yesterday, my blog has 1,086 visitors!! It's not alot as compared to those popular bloggers but it's alot compared to my daily stats. From this, i'm sure, people love to read about quarrels, conflicts & etc. LOL!

Last night, i told ZY what happened & he said we're so bo liao (nothing better to do), which in fact, i felt so too.

But look, if weren't for the first comment, i wouldn't have blog about it. If i really wanted to do so, i didn't have wait till now. I would have done so many years ago. It's simple, 人不犯我, 我不犯人! This only shows that i'm not a push-over ya?? So yeap, don't ever step on my tail! :)

And before i typed that post, i'm already prepared for anything. Have never intend to bring ZY or anyone else into the picture. I don't see the need to? Neither did i ask anyone to read my blog & help me to speak up. But really thanks those who spoke up. :)

- Paragraphs deleted -

Cos seriously, i feel i'm so childish to even get involved in all these. FML! (I deleted it not becos i'm scare, also not becos of what that person (someone who loves to vomit) posted. But cos i realised that i shouldn't scoop to their level!)

Okay, i'm signing off cos i need to go & fetch my girl from school liao! :)

Till then.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The busy weekend!

My weekend is as per normal, except for a lil' busier!

Brought my ♥baby to her music lesson, then to my office for 7th month praying, then back home for a short nap. In the evening, hubby♥ came and picked us up to Wallace's birthday bbq. :)

Then back home, slept late but woke up damn early on Sunday morning cos hubby♥ wanted to go and pray. So as a good wife, i accompanied him to pray lor. And to reward me, he brought me to Bt. Ho Swee for the famous lor mee. 还是你最疼我, love you hubby♥! :)

It's not really that fantastic actually.

Aftermath, we went to pack lunch for hubby♥'s family then we went back home and K.O. :)

Although nothing much happened, it's so well-spent with my hubby♥ & ♥baby. Just wanna let both of them know, i ♥ them alot alot! :) And oh yah, my girl! I'm going to meet bff for dinner tonight!! So lovely~

I hope you all love my blogging today. :)

P/S : Hubby speaks up for poor wife who is not good at expressing herself & suffering in silence is okay? So what about bro speaking up for poor sister who is not good at expressing herself & suffering in silence? Issit wrong? But why this poor bro got scolded as 娘娘腔? Personal insult on a person is sucha loser. Sigh

An insecure & narrow-minded post!

To each of his own. This sentence here do have a meaning. Each and every of us has our own character, own style, own way of talking or msg-ing, own 口头禅, own preferrences & etc. And that's why everyone are unique in their own ways.

How does it feel when someone just simply love to imitate you? Buying what you bought? Wearing what you wore? Doing what you did? What's she trying to do? Creating a clone outta you? Read on...


P/S : Hello, didn't know you stalk my blog as well!!

What nasty things have i said? I haven been nasty enough to post her big name out here cos i don't wish things to turn ugly at all. Cos i know many people read my blog, alot of common friends too. If i wanted to, i would have posted this entry long time ago. But well, since you left sucha comment, i guess there's no need to give any face anymore. And from this, i assume you also feel the way i felt.

Okay, first of all, is the issue about me and her?? I don't think so. So why come howling at my blog? What others feel or said about her, i cannot control at all. Do i look so powerful that i can control everybody's mind? If i really can do that, first person i will control is my husband's. I will contaminate his mind with 'buy my wife a Chanel, Chanel is really sucha beautiful creation'. But sad to say, i don't know how and that's why till now, i don't have the ability to own a Chanel yet.

And the fact is, she just can't accept what people said the truth about her. That's why i didn't wish to thrash things out with her at all, cos i prefer us to be just normal friends.

I used to treat her as my good friend. But becos of her character, i decided to put it a STOP. Well, she's not that bad actually, but just that i feel uneasy going out with her or getting too close to her! (Machiam see clone of myself!)


#1) During 2008, i posted that i bought a LV Koala wallet. And one week later, she went to buy it too. I was in total SHOCK when i saw it. I still asked her, "Wah! Why did you buy the same as me? Never hear you mention that you wanted to buy it too?". And her reply was "Huh? You also buy this meh? I didn't know!".

Before i bought it, i posted on my blog that i wanted to get that design. And after i bought it, i posted the pics up on my blog also. And apparently, she has always been reading stalking my blog. So, why pretend?

Oh well, i know i don't own LV and she's free to buy anything she likes. But becos i treat her as my friend, i wished to hear the truth. Moreover, during that time, we're in contact on phone or msn always.

She could jolly well tell me, "Wah! I like this wallet too, maybe we can go get it together?" or "I saw your blog and fell in love with this wallet leh so i went to buy it!". I wouldn't feel so 'gao wei' (uneasy) this way!

#2) And not to mention those clothings that i bought, she went to get similar design & same color. The hairstyle i've, she went to cut the same too. =.=

Well, the above are not any BIG issues anyway & that's why i choose to ignore & keep quiet about it. I avoided her cos i know my temper very well, i'll blow up one fine day if this continues. But that doesn't mean i hate her! I only treat her as a normal friend, that's all!

She invited us to her house warming, we (me & xs) didn't attend it cos we've already planned for Genting. But, we bought her a house warming gift lor! I still remember that i went to OG to search for a set of bedsheet for her.

#3) And the truth comes to light on why she didn't invite us to her daughter's first birthday party.

Can you imagine she got exactly THE SAME cake for her daughter that i bought for Raeann on her first birthday? Need to be so extreme anot?

Don't tell me it's mere coincidence.

Singapore has 6724842 cake shops & every cake shop has so many designs. And it's just mere coincidence that she choose the same cake from the same cake shop i ordered?

No big deal also cos maybe she really LOVE the cake that i ordered for Raeann.

But she knows that i'll say her directly on the spot & that's why she did not invite me. And if she invited xs without me, i'll find it even weirder & she knows that xs will definitely tell me about it!

#4) I signed Raeann up for photoshoot during her first birthday & she also did the same thing. I know nowadays many people do that too, so it ain't any big deal. But then hor, WHY MUST SHE SIGN FROM THE SAME STUDIO HAR?

In fact, i'm already numb by her actions by now. I've come to terms that i'm her idol & she's my fan.

She seems to be very interested in every little thing about me but yet PRETEND to 'hate' me in front of her friends.

During the days i went clubbing, she said things like, "Always go clubbing, like no need to look after kid like that!".

I was like -__________________-", did i smell something sour?

Yeah, right, i always go clubbing but what has it gotta do with her??????????

At A's wedding, i smiled at her daughter cos her daughter's really cute but she gave a 'i owe you one million $ look' to me & Bobo. Hmm, okay then. I don't really give a damn actually.

By being so unfriendly, i assume she hates me right?

But no leh, she still msg me on msn, like nothing happen? Why har?

I seriously don't know what's she's thinking & don't wish to have anything to do with her anymore.

And just to let her know, i'm NOT the ONLY person who felt this way. So, who should be the one to stop all the nonsenses?

By blogging this, i know i'll invite alot of unwanted comments. But then, you know, you can click on the 'X' icon on the top right hand side of your screen if you don't wish to read! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

7th month praying @ BB store.

In the office praying for lunar 7th month now.

FML! I'm so sleepy! Reasons being was cos...

1) Both me and Raeann squeezed on one tiny mattress on the floor these 2 days, didn't sleep well.
2) Raeann woke up several times last night!

1st time (2+ am) : I was hiding my whole self inside the blanket cos it was damn cold. She woke up & searched for me cos she didn't see me. LOL!

2nd time (3+ am) : Woke up to pee.

3rd time (5+ am) : Woke me up & said she wanted to eat sweets. -___-"

4th time (6+ am) : Woke up & asked for milk.

Sigh. For these whole week, she woke up at 6 + am everyday lor! Cos she slept around 9pm every night!

So tired. And my temper's so bad today!! Raeann just keep making me angry!

P/S : I'm just done with vaccuming my office floor cos it's very x 100 dirty!! I wonder why people love to mess it? I had a hard time vaccuming leh!

Brought her for Mc' breakfast before coming here!! =D
YAY!! Finished praying le!!
I can go home soon!!
How i wish my bed's here with me right now...

Friday, August 20, 2010


I just came back from somewhere. A place where i'm not familiar with & need the help from Google Map but end up also lost my way there & back! HAHAHA

Nope, i'm not 路痴 but just that such places is not somewhere a lady will go. I don't think i saw any female there lor! =.=

Anyway, this is not my point. I wanna kp about something else.

Nowadays, the indians (bangalas) are so siao-on (steady)! Everything also must follow law! =.=

When i reached there, one bangala asked me to exchange my IC for their visitor pass. Ok, many companies do that, i know. Then after that, they asked me to park my car one side & WALK IN. And it's raining! =.=


I told them that i just need to pass a letter & i'll leave after that. He asked me to go down and tell his officer.

WTF again.

I parked my car, got out of the car, grab my umbrella & was thinking to walk in or to go & argue with them. But well, i walk in lah! Cos hor, i don't want to waste my time, they might not understand what i'm talking about & vice versa.

And when i was walking in, someone came up to me and asked me to put on a SAFETY HELMET!

WTF x 3.

1) Where the hell am i going to find a safety helmet?
2) I was in a lil' black dress & heels. How 'cute' will i look with a safety helmet on my head ah?

I just ignored them & continue walking lor. I think they purposely want to talk to me wan lah! Haha


I walked all the way from point X to point Y. Alright, it's not that far actually. But the stupid weather just made me feel so irritated to walk!

After walking to & fro, back to my car, my sexy legs are filled with black muddy water, like polka dots.

Sigh! How can they ill-treat such a pretty lady?! >,<

Great buy!! =D

Let me intro you one oh-so-interesting invention!


Our new Toothpaste Dispenser! For the lazy people, like me! Haha
It works like this...

P/S : Sorry for this blur pic cos my hand was shaking lah!!
You just have to push your toothbrush against the pump & the toothpaste will come out. And it will come out an appropriate amount just enough for your usage (per pump). Furthermore, it'll squeeze till the last last bit without any hassle or energy wasted. No more wastage! YAY!
According to the person, it's much more hygenic too!! Cos when you left your toothpaste in a cup or just lying on your basin, there will be black algae after sometime cos it gets contact with water. For this, the toothpaste is locked tightly within the hole.
 I feel this is great for a big household that's sharing toothpaste among many people! (If you get what i mean... It's more hygenic lah!)
Did i mention before that Raeann's favourite color is GREEN?? It's my most hated color anyway. I don't like green, especially army green. I feel that wearing green clothes will look either like a tree or leaf. HAHA! (But i'm totally fine with turquoise lah!) This is my own opinion lah, no offence to anyone out there!
Anyway, initially Raeann choose a green color de but it was faulty & there's no more green (heng ah!) so we changed it to the purple one instead. :)
She's so excited that she keep saying she wanna brush teeth! =.= And she eng eng go brush her teeth cos i placed it within her reach! (Aiya, she'll get sian after sometime lah!) Haha
Although these 2 days, i spent almost $300 (food & whatever) at JP but the things i bought made me happy & satisfied! =)


Oh, BTW hor, why do most people think that working for parents (me) is highly paid? WHY HAR???

You know, when i first started working here (6-7 yrs ago), my salary was only $1k or $1.2k before CPF (can't remember). And that time i already have a lao pok car (Nissan March) to support leh! But the instalment was only $250 per month lah!! WTF man, it's less than half the amount of my current ride!

So imagine $1k - CPF, i was left with only $800. Then after paying for my car, i was left with only $550. But that time i was single, so that pathetic amount was enough for me and i still managed to save abit every month lor!

FYI, i worked like a cow last time, doing everything including all the men's job too. Delivery, purchasing, admin work & etc. I was seldom in the office (shaking legs) cos was always asked to go out lor. But time passed very fast so it's okay. Now, my brother's here. I'm always in the office cos he's doing all the delivery & purchasing jobs. I only do my admin work lor. It's so freaking bored, i don't like it! :(

After 2-3 yrs, my salary was increased to $1.5k before CPF! Omg, i was so happy then. LOL! But it's becos i got a new car (current ride), and the instalment is $595 per month. =.=

$1.5k - CPF = $1.2k - $595 = $605 left.

Not alot but enough for me cos i was still single. :)

Whatever after that shall not be mention here. But looking at the increment rate, how 'high' do you think my salary is har? It's not as much as what others expect lor!

For all these years, i've never ask for pay increment or complain that my salary's too low before. Cos i think that family shouldn't be so 'gei gao' (calculative). What i have today, i owe it to my parents. They brought me up for 26 years, give me a never-have-to-think-of-tomorrow life, i'm really grateful to them. Yes, $ is important, but not as important as family ties, i feel.

My current salary is enough for me (as long as i control & don't over-spend every month lah, haha) cos i need not pay for Raeann's stuffs anymore except for clothings & doc's fee (most of the time, i pay for all these). Ever since the last fight, i requested ZY to pay for Raeann's everything (milk powder, nanny's & school fees). Seriously, i don't think i'm wrong in doing that cos it's his DUTY to do so. He must be glad that he don't have to support me too. Am i right?

他出钱, 我出力!

Since he doesn't really like to help out in looking after Raeann, he should pay mah, while i take proper care of Raeann lor! It's FAIR! I can't complain that he doesn't help & he can't complain that i never contribute any money.

So, the morale of this story is, I DON'T EARN ALOT LAH!! I'm earning the amount just enough for me to use (without clubbing). My family's not rich, we're just well-to-do. That's alot of differences!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I ♥ gel liner!!

The oh-so-funny Raeann's at it again!!

Raeann : 你可以带我去游泳吗?

Me : 可是你怕 leh!

Raeann : 我不怕了! 我会游泳了!

Me : OK LOR!

Raeann : 不要叫 papa 去!

Me : 为什么?

Raeann : 因为他不会游泳, 他去做什么?


Hanor, ZY doesn't know how to swim! LOL! But in fact, my swimming skill also 半桶水 only lah! I can swim BUT only short distance lor. I don't know how to control my breathing for long distance leh. I learnt swimming when i was young but cos of some sudden disease break-out (that time), i've to stop all my swimming lessons. :(

Aiya, anyway, no big deal also!

Somehow, i being to fall in love with Watsons now! I think i can spend an hour or more there (without Raeann) just looking at all their products. Now they have all sorts of cosmetics from Japan. It's so alluring, tempting me to buy everything!

Bought these 2 at Watsons last night!! Maybelline gel liner & Canmake highlighter. It's my first time buying a gel liner cos i don't know how to use at all! I bought it cos it was on promotion at only $14.90!!! It's consider very cheap for a gel liner. And i'm so happy i bought it cos at first i can't decide to get this or my usual eyeliner.

After asking friends on FB, i roughly get the idea on how to use it. So i tried it this morning! Oh my goodness, i didn't know it's that easy to use. It's so much easier than liquid eyeliner!! I really love it! I swear i'm gonna ditch all liquid & pencil eyeliner for a gel one in future!

As written on the box, it's long-lasting, water-proof & smurge-proof formula that resist sweat, tears & water!

Wah kao, these are all i'm looking for lor!! But i'm wondering, will it be hard to remove as well??

Anyway, i think it's very good!! And it's so cheap now! Hey girls, faster go get it before the promotion ends! :)

The Canmake highlighter's also having promotion now @ $12.90! I've also tried it & it's very very natural leh! Worth buying!!!

Tonight i'm going to take a walk at Watsons again, haha. Cos i bought the toothpaste dispenser at the booth outside Guardian but it's faulty. So i'm going to JP again to change it lor! So troublesome & i'm sure i'll spend $ again! Sigh

I really cannot step outta house leh. Once i step out, i'll spend & spend & spend, even if it's only a trip to the market!!! -__-" FML!

Oh, to correct the above sentence, i cannot be awake wan leh! Cos even if i don't go out, i'll do online shopping at home. Whahahahahahah! The only time when i don't spend $ is when i'm sleeping. LOL!


This girl yesterday took my phone & called Patsy (Taxi) yiyi to chat!! Haha

P/S : Uh-oh! Looks like someone's getting on the nerves of everybody! Please lah! Have your own sense of style, way of talking & ideas can anot???

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Raeann's 3rd Birthday Preparation

Time really flies. My lil' girl's turning 3 next month!!! And being a kiasu mum, i've already ordered birthday cupcakes & cookies for her to celebrate in her school on 3rd Sept. LOL!

This year, i'm ordering the cakes & cookies from Yummy Cuppies. The owner is actually a friend of mine. :) The cupcakes & cookies are customized according to my Raeann's preferrence. (This is to prevent people from copying my idea again! =.=)

She's in love with Doraemon recently. Haha (Shit man, shouldn't waste my $ on the Elmo's concert! Haha)

And here's a sneak preview of how the cupcakes will look like...


So cute hor? :)

The cookies will be customized with wordings 'Raeann is 3', with Hello Kitty and Thomas & Friends as shapes. And it will look roughly like that...


You know, i really give her 5 stars for her works and efforts. This is only the 2nd time i'm ordering from her but i trusted her so much till i let her decide for me what to do. LOL! I just roughly tell her what i want & she will do the followings. The end results is (always) totally what i wanted! Thanks alot SP! =)

Apart from these 2 items, i'm searching for something else like water bottle, lunch box or etc to give to the kids, as party favour.

I don't want to give them party packs which contains sweets, tidbits, chocolate & party toys etc cos i've already done so last year. It's kinda boring to do the same every year lor!

So, anyone who have contacts or webbies that sells the above, kindly let me know okay? Much appreciated! ♥

Kids nowadays are really fortunate!!!

My dad bought Raeann a new bicycle despite the fact that she doesn't know how to ride yet. =.=

These few days after bathing her in the morning, she will go downstairs to play with it!


On the 3rd pic, she's trying to go up a mini slope (my house) & she keep telling me '不可以 leh' cos the bicyle will roll back when she stop. She doesn't know how to control it yet lah!

Frankly speaking, i really can't think of anything that she don't have leh! She has everything that a 3, 4 or 5 years old kid have. She even has a pinky scooter at my aunt's place but she doesn't know how to play at all! =.= My aunt says she keep falling down lor! And that scooter was bought by ZY long time ago, on her 2nd birthday? And it was left unopened & untouched at a corner of my house. I just brought it to my aunt's house 3 weeks ago. Would a 2 yrs old kid knows how to play scooter? I wonder...

The house is really packed with Raeann's toys lah! =.=

Alot of very expensive ones somemore & she doesn't know how to cherish! She's a real 'spoiler'. She spoils everything that go through her hands. Don't see her hands small small, it's actually very powerful!

P/S : Oh, there's one thing Raeann doesn't have & i doubt she'll likes it too - Barbie Doll! LOL! She doesn't like any girls' stuffs. Told you she's not a girl liao...

Please, i hope people will STOP buying any toys for her again. 她真的有很多了!


Raeann's pic is up on The Sample Store's FB already!! Hehe

Appreciate if you all can vote for her here!!! ♥♥♥

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome ♥ Baby Jayann ♥

Last Saturday, we attended Baby Jayann's baby shower. Brought Raeann there straight after her music class & breakfast!

P/S : Baby Jayann is Mummy Lydia's 2nd bundle of joy! And in case you all are wondering how Jayann's name is being pronounce, it's Jay-ann. :) I like names that are linked between siblings!!



Isn't she oh-so-adorable?? Look at her hair!!

Frankly speaking, whenever i see new born babies, i've the urge to give Raeann a lil' sister. But whenever i think of the procedures & commitments, i u-turn back!!

I seriously don't mind to have no. 2 (or even 3 or 4, haha) IF after giving birth, someone will look after for me day & night while i can have good sleep every night & i still can go out to meet my friends for dinner & etc.

Just imagine one Raeann has taken up most of my time already, if i've no. 2, i doubt i'll have any time for myself even with 48 hours a day.

To me, 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 kids doesn't make any differences as long as one is fillial. What's the point of having 4 kids but 1 or 2 of them always give you nothing but headache & heartache??

I rather have 1 fillial one than 4 who will fight over my assets in future. LOL! I must have watch too many TV series already. I don't have much assets to fight for wor. HAHAHA

Anyway, it's still a NO-NO right now for no. 2 no matter how many people tried to wash my brain.

Alright, back to Lydia's.


Raeann really like babies alot!! She wants to take pic with Jayann. :)

And err.. No! This is not Lydia. I think she's Lydia's colleague. She's carrying Jayann at that point of time so i got her into this pic lor. Don't know if she mind that i posted it here or not! =X


Apparently, Jayden's one month younger than Raeann. But he's so much taller & thus Raeann mistaken him as 'kor kor'. Don't say her, i also keep saying wrongly. Haha! Jayden got the big kor kor pattern. And he's really quiet & shy! Raeann's sucha noisy & talkative girl. Opps!
Ok, there's one (and only) pic of me & Lydia but i'm not posting it here. I haven ask her for permission yet! Must let her QC first! Haha

Once again, congratulation to Lydia & her hb!! May joy and laughter be with their family always. *hugs*

Raeann's really oh-so-funny sometimes & i really BTH her. She really bring alot of laughter to my oh-so-boring life!!

These 2 days, she keep wanting to bathe together with me in the morning. And yesterday morning while bathing halfway, she suddenly hugged me & said, "Mummy, 我很 love 你 leh".

Then this morning, she hugged me suddenly again & said, "Mummy, 我很爱你 leh. 你知道 love 是爱吗?"

LOL! She wants to teach me chinese sia.

Last night her daddy called. I told him that Raeann said she 很 love 我. He's jealous! Haha Then he asked Raeann if she loves him too?

Raeann : NO

ZY : You don't love me then next time i don't buy jersey for you liao.

Raeann : Mummy 跟 papa 拿钱买给我咯! (What a good & unexpected answer from her!)


There was once ZY let her play with his wallet. Then she took out all his notes (put inside my bag) & left only one $2 note for him! She said $2 is enough for her papa liao. LOL!

Everytime when i say i got no $, she will say, "我去跟 papa 拿给你 ok?"

Really 没有白疼她! Haha

Oh yah! She's so BHB recently. She has been constantly telling everybody that Ethan (the boy whom my aunt's also looking after) is her DEAR! And she always call him DEAR so naturally! =.=

Then she went to teach Ethan... "你是老公, 我是老婆!".

Wah lau eh! 2 years+ got boyfriend liao.

She can come and tell me this,

Raeann : Mummy, 你是老婆 hor.

Me : Then 谁是我的老公?

Raeann : ZUYAO lor!

Super cheeky sia!

That day hor, ZY's sleeping & she called him, "OEI ZUYAO, 起来了!".

ZY got a shock & woke up immediately! Wahahahahahahah

Serve him right for spoiling her so much!!!!

When she's out with me only, she behaves herself very well de! But when ZY's around, her legs will be spoil (cos she always want him to carry) & her crying veins will be activated. =.= And i'll be damn damn damn pekchek! Sigh

OK, till then. I need to work le!!