Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All thanks to Des!

Today, i laughed like a mad woman from early in the morning 9am till now. FML!

Des entertained me for the whole day!!! =D

When i logged in MSN this morning, he showed me his work (photographs) of other couples. And this is our conversation...


Wahahahahah! I said before right, i don't photoshop my pics! They're all natural! =D

I really can't wait to see those pictures man... Haha!!

Then he introduced me to a website; www.fmylife.com.

*During our very first MSN conversation, i keep using this word, FML. He was saying that this quote 'Fuck My Life' got no meaning then. But now, it has become part and parcel of his daily speech. LOL!

So i went to read it and i laughed until stomach cramp! FML!

I told him that i can't feel how fuck-up others' life are by reading. I only find it damn fucking funny!! And i wonder if it's true anot!?

Some examples:-

1) Today, I injured my knee and dislocated my shoulder fighting over a cookie with my brother. He's 14. I'm 26. He still got the cookie. FML

2) Today, I discovered that my boyfriend has been asked by multiple people "why he is going out with such an ugly girl." FML

3) Today, I learned to never shave your downstairs when you have the hiccups. FML

4) Today, I superglued my headphones back together. They weren't dry before I put them back in my ears. FML

5) Today, I was taking care of a friend's hamster. Thinking the hamster wanted to make a bed, I put some cotton balls in his cage so he would be comfy. He promptly ate them and died. FML

6) Today, my dad threw my $300 dollar iTouch out the window. Apparently the alarm went off and he didn't know how to turn it off. It was his solution. FML

It's really super funny!! Des told me that this website is very addictive till he reads it everyday. He even installed it to his phone, so while smoking/shitting/waiting, he reads it! (I've just done so too! Wanna see if i'll be addicted anot!)

Laugh, laugh, laugh & it's time to knock off soon! FML! What have i done today except laughing??? Eh actually have lah. I sent some emails & invoices! Haha

P/S : Des is the photographer on Agnes's & Kenny's wedding day. So weird that we became friends!! But his skill is really quite good, he showed me alot of pictures he took for others!! Anyone searching for a good photographer? Do email me for his contacts! =)


  1. Read your blog a few times and this is my first time post a comment.
    The FML thingy is damn funny la! Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Hi Krissy,

    Thanks for reading my blog ya! YA, it's super duper funny. I just cannot stop laughing when reading it!!

    Glad that you enjoy reading it!! =D


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