Friday, August 20, 2010


I just came back from somewhere. A place where i'm not familiar with & need the help from Google Map but end up also lost my way there & back! HAHAHA

Nope, i'm not 路痴 but just that such places is not somewhere a lady will go. I don't think i saw any female there lor! =.=

Anyway, this is not my point. I wanna kp about something else.

Nowadays, the indians (bangalas) are so siao-on (steady)! Everything also must follow law! =.=

When i reached there, one bangala asked me to exchange my IC for their visitor pass. Ok, many companies do that, i know. Then after that, they asked me to park my car one side & WALK IN. And it's raining! =.=


I told them that i just need to pass a letter & i'll leave after that. He asked me to go down and tell his officer.

WTF again.

I parked my car, got out of the car, grab my umbrella & was thinking to walk in or to go & argue with them. But well, i walk in lah! Cos hor, i don't want to waste my time, they might not understand what i'm talking about & vice versa.

And when i was walking in, someone came up to me and asked me to put on a SAFETY HELMET!

WTF x 3.

1) Where the hell am i going to find a safety helmet?
2) I was in a lil' black dress & heels. How 'cute' will i look with a safety helmet on my head ah?

I just ignored them & continue walking lor. I think they purposely want to talk to me wan lah! Haha


I walked all the way from point X to point Y. Alright, it's not that far actually. But the stupid weather just made me feel so irritated to walk!

After walking to & fro, back to my car, my sexy legs are filled with black muddy water, like polka dots.

Sigh! How can they ill-treat such a pretty lady?! >,<


  1. at site must wear helmet ma, if not will ganna summon leh. bangala is like that de la, once got people give them authority n power they misuse it. LOL

  2. But i not working there mah!! Furthermore, they are not VERY BIG site also. Why must so strict meh?

    And hor, my dad's inside also lor. He drove in with no helmet & neet not exchg pass. So why should i? So tmd!

  3. ur papa is director diff. u r admin aka bao sua bao hai ger. lol. y u so funny de lo, u put sexy leg then cancel the sexy, then put pretty then cancel again. LOL


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