Tuesday, August 24, 2010

人不犯我, 我不犯人!

Yesterday, my blog has 1,086 visitors!! It's not alot as compared to those popular bloggers but it's alot compared to my daily stats. From this, i'm sure, people love to read about quarrels, conflicts & etc. LOL!

Last night, i told ZY what happened & he said we're so bo liao (nothing better to do), which in fact, i felt so too.

But look, if weren't for the first comment, i wouldn't have blog about it. If i really wanted to do so, i didn't have wait till now. I would have done so many years ago. It's simple, 人不犯我, 我不犯人! This only shows that i'm not a push-over ya?? So yeap, don't ever step on my tail! :)

And before i typed that post, i'm already prepared for anything. Have never intend to bring ZY or anyone else into the picture. I don't see the need to? Neither did i ask anyone to read my blog & help me to speak up. But really thanks those who spoke up. :)

- Paragraphs deleted -

Cos seriously, i feel i'm so childish to even get involved in all these. FML! (I deleted it not becos i'm scare, also not becos of what that person (someone who loves to vomit) posted. But cos i realised that i shouldn't scoop to their level!)

Okay, i'm signing off cos i need to go & fetch my girl from school liao! :)

Till then.


  1. Someone who feels like vomittingAugust 24, 2010 at 1:13 PM

    Clueless bighead. U jus scolded someone a loser for personal attack n here u r attacking someone n her fats.

    Of course u can continue ranting cos ur mouth is as big as that of the ozone layer. But the more u rant the more stupid u look. There are thousands of pple with koala bags, so everyone copy u huh? N try shaving ur head n see if others follow. U think too much gal. Get a life. Like wat ur hubby said, u r hopelessly wu Liao. I feel like vomitting. Please.

  2. Hi vomitter,

    I bet you are sent by her, aren't u? Hahaha.

    She can copy for all she wants but don't becos others get irritated by her and she sent people to BARK at my blog for nothing.

    I'm WU LIAO but the one who started seems to be the MOST WU LIAO one.

    And read carefully, i didn't SCOLD her fats, i only ADVISE her to excercise. Isn't it good to exercise?

    And hey, by all means, u can comment whatever you want. Cos the more u comment, the more stupid u look too. ^^

    I'm so HAPPY that people LOVE to read my blog so much. :)

  3. (the more u comment the more stupid u look) look who's copying who's kou tou chan. Have some originality please.

    I'm not anyone's friend (now starting to wonder how many people u haf offended in the past right?) Jus can't stand your ridiculous rantings n so-full-of-yourself attitude. No wonder your hubby ditched u in the past.

    If u think u can get away with your rantings jus because it's YOUR personal blog, then think again. I can post whatever I want to say about you because it's MY freedom. Try me.

  4. Yeah, by all means. :)

    Take care ya~

  5. hi joanne, i applaud you for taking the high road and even deleting all those paragraphs. It is very obvious that "jus vomitted" already has a prejudice against you so it would be pointless and absolutely inane to continue in this silly 'argument'. Jus vomitted's taunts to "try me" and silly copycat comments reflect the inner maturity of that person. his/her highly personal attacks on you are but an expression of a person that is bitter and unkind. So i really applaud you for being gracious in this matter. :) that's a great example to your daughter! kind regards, RT

  6. Hi RT,

    Thank you for your comment! :)


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