Monday, August 23, 2010

The busy weekend!

My weekend is as per normal, except for a lil' busier!

Brought my ♥baby to her music lesson, then to my office for 7th month praying, then back home for a short nap. In the evening, hubby♥ came and picked us up to Wallace's birthday bbq. :)

Then back home, slept late but woke up damn early on Sunday morning cos hubby♥ wanted to go and pray. So as a good wife, i accompanied him to pray lor. And to reward me, he brought me to Bt. Ho Swee for the famous lor mee. 还是你最疼我, love you hubby♥! :)

It's not really that fantastic actually.

Aftermath, we went to pack lunch for hubby♥'s family then we went back home and K.O. :)

Although nothing much happened, it's so well-spent with my hubby♥ & ♥baby. Just wanna let both of them know, i ♥ them alot alot! :) And oh yah, my girl! I'm going to meet bff for dinner tonight!! So lovely~

I hope you all love my blogging today. :)

P/S : Hubby speaks up for poor wife who is not good at expressing herself & suffering in silence is okay? So what about bro speaking up for poor sister who is not good at expressing herself & suffering in silence? Issit wrong? But why this poor bro got scolded as 娘娘腔? Personal insult on a person is sucha loser. Sigh


  1. Hi Joanne!!

    I am a reader of your blog and I also happen to be a friend of the 娘娘腔 brothers & sister...can i shout out " Kudos to Justice n U" in this comment?? I am really glad to know that there is actually mature friends around that loser!

    Cheers!! =)

  2. Anonymous, :) :)

    Don't worry, whatever i wrote here are based on the truth. So there's nothing to hide ya?

  3. Hi! Love reading your blog. You are not pretentious at all. You never blog about how you and your husband reconcile when you were already in the process of divorce. Your experience may help others whose marriage is on the rocks.

  4. Hey gal, just ignore all those comments. Afterall, so long we are speaking the truth, 没什么好怕的!Don't like it then don't read. I still enjoy reading your blog coz a a friend, though we don't meet often, I can still know you are doing good and well. :)

  5. hmmm i been busy about my grandma funeral till i miss out so much....u oso no gd la, y u nv tell me got prob sia u. but is okie la sis, some fucking sissy only dare to talk here n say u coz u r a ger. i bet he dun have any children la.

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    LOL!! Cos hor, my husband actually don't like me to mention him on my blog & that's why i never post... :)

  7. Meiling!!

    Yeah, don't worry. I won't let them get me down de. It's my blog what, they can don't read de mah. What's so difficult, rite?

  8. Darren,

    OMG. Did u rec my sms early this morning?? U also no good lor. Why never tell me your grandma pass away... :(

    Well, that person do have a kid lor but she seems to forget she does.

    If insulting people will makes her feel better, wish her good luck then. ^^

    I believe in karma. :)


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