Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Case closed!

Hello!! :)

These 2 days, i've been straining my eyes, killing so much brain cells, thinking what to blog & reply. It's really tiring!

My husband asked me to ignore them & well, i'm going to heed his advice and do so! :)

But one thing i'm curious about is, why didn't they SMS, msn or email me to voice out their unhappiness but they choose to leave comment on my blog instead? I mean, they do have all my contacts & i'm so easily reachable.

By leaving comment on my blog, it means it will be publicize, and they do know that many people read it. If they've sms-ed me instead, this matter would have been solved privately.

I swear that it wasn't my intention to post all that in the first place!

Please don't send anymore people here to post imbecile comments like, 'koala bags', 'no wonder your husband ditched you in the past' or 'try me', all these sorts of nonsenses again.

I don't know what's koala bags, i only heard of koala bear. And what does it mean by my husband ditched me in the past? I don't know. Ditched means ditched, there's no past or present. But the fact is, my husband did not do so else why is he still my husband? I only feel so amusing when I saw the 2 words, 'TRY ME'! HAHAHA

I ended the argument cos i seriously feel it's, erm... idiotic & meaningless! If a person wants to come here and create troubles entertainments using weird nick like, 'vomit here vomit there', there's nothing much i can do. I'll only sit in front of my laptop screen & see 'show' cos it's your FREEDOM to do so!

Anyway, this matter is closed from now on. :)

Good night everyone!!


  1. WAHHHH......i juz come hm frm my grandma's place. here so hot sia, c i told u is gd rite. u popular leh. i read the comment oso read till cock eye. LOL!!! it did brings some joys to our boring days isnt it. ;)

  2. Ya, i can be star blogger soon!! :)

    Hanor, people wants to perform then we just be the audiences, sit back & watch lor. What to do, it's their freedom what. They be clown, we see show. ^^


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