Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The cheeky question

Sometimes, the questions that Raeann asked me, made me feel that i'm kinda stupid!

Example : Yesterday i brought her to buy a new shower head cos the old one was faulty liao. And this morning i told her...

Me : Wah, 这个新的很好 leh, 可以帮你按摩的 leh (What i mean was those jacuzzi type of massage!)

Raeann : Huh? 他有手啊?

Me (immediate response) : 没有啦!

Raeann : Then 他怎样按摩?

Me : Pause & think for awhile... Then decided not to reply her anymore!

Like that lor! She made me dumb-founded. I don't know what to reply her. And if i find something to reply, she will continue to ask other questions. Ask and ask and ask, never-ending de!

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