Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gossips & rumours!

Wah! Raeann slept from 5pm yesterday till this morning 6+am!!! I tried to wake her up so many times before 10pm for milk cos i'm worried that she'll be hungry. She said she don't want & continue to sleep till this morning. Heng ah! I'm so worried that she'll wake up in the middle of the night & ask me to talk to her. Haha

Anyway, to all my friends & readers, i've decided not to post my personal issues on this blog anymore...

I won't close or lock it cos blogging is my passion & i really enjoy doing it. But some people hor, just loves to read & spread untrue rumours around about me lor! (I'm not implying anyone here, unless you, yourself admit to doing it.)

When i first started blogging, my purpose was only to keep a virtual diary, pen-ing down my daily encounters, my life, my rants & the growth of my daughter. It was also meant for friends who are really concern about me to know how i am doing. And hor, i really didn't expect so many people to read it de! It's of cos okay to read & i welcome any readers.

Becos my pictures & details are all over my blog, i dare not post anything that has no facts. (Seriously, i don't know how to make up stories either.) People can easily track me down right?

But the thing is, some people think they're so smart & just by reading my blog, they made up stories based on their own assumption. And the worse thing is, they spread to everyone they know! =.=

P/S : Oh, sometimes hor, i'm lazy to blog the last part out. So ah, don't assume that it's the complete story already.


Well, who don't gossip? I think everyone does, even for the male now. But when you wanna gossip about others, please gossip about logical facts to someone you can trust. And not like a newspaper like that, pollute everybody's mind with your own thinking & assumption.

Telling the whole world people's personal secrets & family matters only goes to show how low your IQ & EQ are.

Just quoting some examples; What's the point of telling everyone that people don't like to wear panty/bra? (Erm, of cos not me!) What's the point of telling everyone that this couple quarrel becos of what what what?

You know, everybody's growing up everyday. As you grow up, your maturity level grows as well. To err is human, who don't make mistakes? I admit that i used to be so ignorant to join in those stupid (untrue) gossips and i hereby sincerely apologise to those who were affected then.

But after being a mummy, i don't do such things anymore. I realised that it's so 无聊 & waste of my precious time. I always remember this, what goes around, comes around! Maybe that's the reason why i don't like to talk now. (YAY! I've grown up & become more mature now!)

So you know, in order not to let those people 'who can't grow up' to gossip about me, i need to stop writing personal stuffs here. I might set up another blog for it! :)

And lastly, a warning to all gossipers out there. You may continue to gossip about me if you feel great to do so. BUT don't ever let me find out about you saying nonsenses about my daughter!!

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