Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy happy day!

Opps, i'm super late today! I molly lor, took very long to prepare!!

Happy girl today! Cos i'll be meeting XS together with our hubbys♥ & our kids for dinner!! Now thinking where & what to eat? Hmm... I need to go JP to collect the water tumbler for Raeann's party leh! But i eat JP food eat until very sian, feel like having steamboat lor!

Ok, i need to go out in awhile so i can't blog much. 长话短说 now!

The clothes from the spree i joined Sonia about... hmm... 1 month ago? LOL

She just emailed me 2 days ago, informing me that she had mailed out my parcel. But when i reached home yesterday, i was wondering what did i buy again when i saw it. I still tell JJ, "I got buy something again meh?". HAHA

Yes, i'm that forgetful de! My mum always say that my memory's like an old lady. Hehe

P/S : Thanks Sonia babe!! Next time if got organise, jio me again ok? If u don't find it troublesome lah... =)


Well, i'm really in love with florals now. I'm in my new floral dress bought from another shop today!! Aiya, i'm so fat & ugly! (I must learn to pretend to be humble now!) But it's woman nature to love taking pics, so i just take lor. Sorry if i make you all puke har!


The stuffs that my sister bought for us yesterday from Watsons!! Thank you Bo, hope u recover soon! =D

The rubber bands for Raeann & the rest are mine!! I tried the Neutrogena mask last night. Hope it don't give me pimple!! *CHOY* So far so good!!


In return, i bought her and family some cakes from Secret Receipe!! If you know me well, i'm one who doesn't like to owe people, be it money or any other stuffs. You treat me once, i must treat you back once. 有来有往 is what i believe in maintaining any relationship!


Then i bought some eclair cream puff from Beard Papa for my aunt. See? I'm actually that nice de! (Opps, didn't i just say i want to pretend to be humble now!!!)

Okay lah, i need to sign off now. Going out & lunch with my precious mummy later!!

My mummy is so 'ah lian' now sia! I told her what happened & her first reaction was, "女人的事, 男人最好不要插手!". LOL!

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