Monday, August 23, 2010

An insecure & narrow-minded post!

To each of his own. This sentence here do have a meaning. Each and every of us has our own character, own style, own way of talking or msg-ing, own 口头禅, own preferrences & etc. And that's why everyone are unique in their own ways.

How does it feel when someone just simply love to imitate you? Buying what you bought? Wearing what you wore? Doing what you did? What's she trying to do? Creating a clone outta you? Read on...


P/S : Hello, didn't know you stalk my blog as well!!

What nasty things have i said? I haven been nasty enough to post her big name out here cos i don't wish things to turn ugly at all. Cos i know many people read my blog, alot of common friends too. If i wanted to, i would have posted this entry long time ago. But well, since you left sucha comment, i guess there's no need to give any face anymore. And from this, i assume you also feel the way i felt.

Okay, first of all, is the issue about me and her?? I don't think so. So why come howling at my blog? What others feel or said about her, i cannot control at all. Do i look so powerful that i can control everybody's mind? If i really can do that, first person i will control is my husband's. I will contaminate his mind with 'buy my wife a Chanel, Chanel is really sucha beautiful creation'. But sad to say, i don't know how and that's why till now, i don't have the ability to own a Chanel yet.

And the fact is, she just can't accept what people said the truth about her. That's why i didn't wish to thrash things out with her at all, cos i prefer us to be just normal friends.

I used to treat her as my good friend. But becos of her character, i decided to put it a STOP. Well, she's not that bad actually, but just that i feel uneasy going out with her or getting too close to her! (Machiam see clone of myself!)


#1) During 2008, i posted that i bought a LV Koala wallet. And one week later, she went to buy it too. I was in total SHOCK when i saw it. I still asked her, "Wah! Why did you buy the same as me? Never hear you mention that you wanted to buy it too?". And her reply was "Huh? You also buy this meh? I didn't know!".

Before i bought it, i posted on my blog that i wanted to get that design. And after i bought it, i posted the pics up on my blog also. And apparently, she has always been reading stalking my blog. So, why pretend?

Oh well, i know i don't own LV and she's free to buy anything she likes. But becos i treat her as my friend, i wished to hear the truth. Moreover, during that time, we're in contact on phone or msn always.

She could jolly well tell me, "Wah! I like this wallet too, maybe we can go get it together?" or "I saw your blog and fell in love with this wallet leh so i went to buy it!". I wouldn't feel so 'gao wei' (uneasy) this way!

#2) And not to mention those clothings that i bought, she went to get similar design & same color. The hairstyle i've, she went to cut the same too. =.=

Well, the above are not any BIG issues anyway & that's why i choose to ignore & keep quiet about it. I avoided her cos i know my temper very well, i'll blow up one fine day if this continues. But that doesn't mean i hate her! I only treat her as a normal friend, that's all!

She invited us to her house warming, we (me & xs) didn't attend it cos we've already planned for Genting. But, we bought her a house warming gift lor! I still remember that i went to OG to search for a set of bedsheet for her.

#3) And the truth comes to light on why she didn't invite us to her daughter's first birthday party.

Can you imagine she got exactly THE SAME cake for her daughter that i bought for Raeann on her first birthday? Need to be so extreme anot?

Don't tell me it's mere coincidence.

Singapore has 6724842 cake shops & every cake shop has so many designs. And it's just mere coincidence that she choose the same cake from the same cake shop i ordered?

No big deal also cos maybe she really LOVE the cake that i ordered for Raeann.

But she knows that i'll say her directly on the spot & that's why she did not invite me. And if she invited xs without me, i'll find it even weirder & she knows that xs will definitely tell me about it!

#4) I signed Raeann up for photoshoot during her first birthday & she also did the same thing. I know nowadays many people do that too, so it ain't any big deal. But then hor, WHY MUST SHE SIGN FROM THE SAME STUDIO HAR?

In fact, i'm already numb by her actions by now. I've come to terms that i'm her idol & she's my fan.

She seems to be very interested in every little thing about me but yet PRETEND to 'hate' me in front of her friends.

During the days i went clubbing, she said things like, "Always go clubbing, like no need to look after kid like that!".

I was like -__________________-", did i smell something sour?

Yeah, right, i always go clubbing but what has it gotta do with her??????????

At A's wedding, i smiled at her daughter cos her daughter's really cute but she gave a 'i owe you one million $ look' to me & Bobo. Hmm, okay then. I don't really give a damn actually.

By being so unfriendly, i assume she hates me right?

But no leh, she still msg me on msn, like nothing happen? Why har?

I seriously don't know what's she's thinking & don't wish to have anything to do with her anymore.

And just to let her know, i'm NOT the ONLY person who felt this way. So, who should be the one to stop all the nonsenses?

By blogging this, i know i'll invite alot of unwanted comments. But then, you know, you can click on the 'X' icon on the top right hand side of your screen if you don't wish to read! :)


  1. Joanne, I can see where u r coming from, it's good to pour out ur grievances in an open n frank manner. As friends, even normal friends, it's important to be open abt any grievances. But I jus wonder why in the first place u haf so many grievances why didn't u tell her directly immediately when the thing happened? U haf ur own rights to express ur unhappiness but making sarcastic remarks without naming the person isn't exactly polite at all. We all offend others unknowingly sometimes, furthermore u guys r friends, so anything not happy u shd direct it to that person directly. I'm sure if she knew tat u r so bothered abt her copying wat u did she wld haf stopped doing it. We all get ideas on wat to get for birthday gifts, personal items, etc from friends ard us. So is it really such a big issue? Like I said, if u r so bothered, u shd make it known in the v beginning.

    As for the comments tat she made abt u clubbing, I agree it's not right. We all haf our own right to choose the way we wan to lead our lifes. I apologise on her behalf if u feel offended. I'm sure she didn't mean it.

    As for the bad attitude tat she gave u during the wedding, all I can say is it takes 2 hands to clap. Ur attidtude towards her isn't exactly friendly too. She msn u abt the cake is jus making an effort to keep up the friendship w u. But I guess u saw it differently.

    I'm not stalking ur blog or howling at u. Was told abt ur rantings so I think it's fair enuff for me to comment n let u know how we feel abt it. Ur rantings haf to stop.

    I'm not angry nor do I want to start a war of words with u. All I hope is u stop making sarcastic remarks abt her cos I dun wish to see her getting hurt n upset over ur comments anymore. U haf said all u wanted to say so I hope this matter is closed from now on. U can choose to treat us as normal friends, tats fine. In life, we can't please everyone with the thongs we say or do.

  2. RH,

    If you and your copycat friend is so bothered about what Joanne is ranting over here then jolly well dun read her blog anymore.

    I ever encountered the same situation as Joanne before and I totally understand how she feel. What is wrong to rant over at her own blog? From my point of view, you just purely side on your friend. I am not a friend of Joanne nor do I know her. Just a normal reader who can't tolerate your unreasonable comment!!!

  3. Read carefully b4 u comment. I'm not so free to track her blog n see wat she says, was told abt the rantings on her blogs n facebook. Something not mentioned here is she also rants abt this to common friends. If she cannot take comments or critism den dun comment on others in the first place.

    Drop ur name n contact is wat a responsible n non-cowardly person who comments on others affairs will do. Without knowing the full situation, it's better to keep ur comments to urself mr annonymous.

  4. Hello RH,

    FIND OUT carefully before you comment. Was it me to rant to common friends or common friends ranting to me?

    I can jolly well take any comments or critism if i DARE to post it here.

    If you wan to say me, say your wife first. She's the one who started to KPO about my life. I'm not that free to even bother about her.

    And please, don't read my blog any further lest you feel so ... offended~~

  5. RH, i bet you don't know the full situation either and both of you are ASSUMING i'm the one who rant to this common friend & made them quarrel or whatever??

    As i mentioned, i don't have such power leh. If your wife is really great as a friend, i doubt any others will have the ability to create dispute to her friendship.

    TRY DOING THAT TO XIAOSHAN. I shall see what she will do to me. ;)

  6. Joanne, it doesn't matter whether we read ur blog or not. When u post unpleasant remarks abt someone, others who read ur blog will tell the person abt it n the person ends up getting upset abt it.

    As for complaints to common frens, we all know how rumours get distorted or blown out of hand along the way. So the only thing u can do is to do ur part n not rant abt it either on blogs or to common frens.

    Whatever it is, I've already said, that u lead ur own life and we lead ours. If u stop posting sarcastic remarks, this matter will end. Needless to say, nobody will mind anyone's business or life from now on.

  7. YA YA YA Becos the 'others' also feel the same way as i feel else how would he/she knows i'm talking about your wife?

    Please lah. I've been leading my own life very well. Since when i've interfere in your life??? Com'on. I'm not that free!

  8. Stop insulting others intelligence when u pretend others only understand wat u talking abt if they agree with u. There are common friends out there who side neither side n feel uneasy with the ongoing saga.

    Good for u tat u r leading ur life well. It'll do u even more good
    if u learn to let go of grievances n stop making degaratory remarks abt others.

  9. Whatever.


    I didn't wanted to.

    Stop lecturing me when you're not even my father. =.=

    What remakes did i make about others???

    Seriously, i've got no fuend with u at all & please don't get involved.


  10. And to those common friends who felt uneasy, i'm so sorry.

    Becos i don't know how to pretend, i don't know how to hide my feelings & so i've to say everything out.

    And i'll definately stop if someone STOP posting comments.

    Keep making me need to reply... So tiring!~

  11. Joanne, I also haf nothing agst u. I jus wan to speak up for my poor wife whose not good in expressing herself n suffer in silence. I'm sure u'll do tat if zy gets criticised unfairly.

    No worries, I'll stop posting comments from now on unless i hear sarcastic remarks from u abt her again.

  12. Hi

    I have experience this before and im like a enemy to that person. And i always share with my hub this and that about this person always talk bad about me. but what can i do? nothing. its her blog... its her life she can say whatever things she want. I or we got no right to do or say anything as this is her personal stuffs unless she really say things against the law.

    And what my hub suggest me that i felt its a good solution that you do is tell ya wife not to view joanne's blog again. Its very simple actually, and i know sometimes u maybe itchy hand to go view and kpo abit. I know how it feels when the whole thing is a misunderstanding. Well life goes on. We cant stop people to hate or love you. We are not perfect. Times will pass by and things will be forgotten. It will be unfair to joanne that she cant even say anything to her blog.

    btw you are a great husband that you stand out for ya wife but accept the fact that this is people personal blog we cant do anything or stop them from doing anything. I mean if u have a blog and you cant say anything at all. So whats the point of having a personal blog right?


  13. I think you shld just stop ur comments over here to avoid embarrassments for both your wife and yourself

  14. hello RH im Darren. i think if u r too free, maybe u shld try making out with ur wife more often rather then talkin rubbish here. :) is true u know, before your wife let u wear green hat. :) maybe she is now, but is not too late to mend it. all the best to u. :)

  15. Hi Joanne,
    I am an avivd reader of your blog and someone else's as well. I can really feel u. :)
    Jia you!

  16. this Ronghui seems like some gay-boy to get involved in this. he actually bothered to return your blog to comment. seriously Joanne, say what you want! its YOUR blog. faggots can just leave and choose not to return. -.-

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