Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lazy to the max!!

Super duper tired can! Another busy Saturday!! Brought lil' imp to music lesson follow by praying at another office earlier.

At around 1pm, ZY informed me that his family will be going to Marina Barrage for kite flying at 4pm. But till now, he's still sleeping leh... ZzzZzz! Haha doubt that he wants to go liao lah. By the time he wakes up, people fly finish loh! Good also, cos i see the sun i feel like fainting. And i think me & Raeann will be chao ta! I realised that i've darken alot le!! Blame myself for taking my fair complexion for granted. Sigh

*Pictures will be uploaded on Monday cos i'm super lazy now.

Some people are really weird & funny hor. They hate me. But they love to read my blog & get angry!!! Whahahahah

But seriously, who cares if they're angry? You think i care mah? CHEY! (Again, i'm not implying anyone here. Unless you, yourself admit to it! - Wah! This sentence is damn good to use leh!)

Oh ya! After all my assumptions, i can roughly guess who's Mr or Ms Vomit liao leh!! But i'm not going to post it here lah cos it's just my mere guessing afterall! =P

Heehee lil' imp is here to disturb her daddy up now!!! Sometimes, their conversation really made me LOL!

Okay, going to bathe for lil' imp now.

Have a nice & ♥-ly weekend everyone!!

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