Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Public holiday? No?

Blur me thought Raeann has school today!! LOL! I didn't know it's a school holiday until this morning. But, why aren't we on holiday too? :(

So tired no matter how many hours of beauty sleep i had. Sigh. I think i've gotta some of ZY's virus - always tired even sleeping for more than 10 hours a day. =,=

Raeann taught ZY an english word yesterday. Haha!

ZY doesn't know how to pronounce 'Despicable' despite me correcting him for many x 10 times.

He always say : Despise-Cable

I only taught Raeann once & she remembered it clearly. And she corrected her daddy!! So cute!

Went for dinner with TS & Agnes last Friday. TS said she speaks like an adult and asked us to teach her some kid's language. LOL! She indeed speaks like an adult & god knows who taught her so. =,=

Yesterday she asked ZY to open a sweet for her. ZY don't want to open, she said, "你不要欺负我 leh".

Then last night at 9+pm, i asked her if i can off the TV anot (cos i wanna zzz liao)? She said, "我要看多一下子, 我看完了才叫你关". (She's always watching Animal Planet, buay sian wan leh!)

And alot more lah, i can't recall it now!!

But sometimes, she can be real irritating! So irritating till i feel like slapping her! She's sibei yang-o at CCK & always fight with ZY's sister's son. You know hor, 4 kids there, the power of noise is combo de. I always get headache from kid's cries. And that's why i like to stay in Jurong (my parents'), cos Raeann seldom cry at home. I'm seriously not used to noisy-ness, i prefer peaceful-ness! Say me selfish or whatever.

Speaking of this, i'm SO amazed by ZY's sleeping skill lor. No matter how noisy or how the kids jump around/on him, he can still sleep like a corpse!! No effect on him at all & still can hear him snoring. Sibei best!

Shopping at Daiso yesterday!!
And we all wore Germany jersey together... by coincidence!
Cos i didn't tell ZY we'll be wearing it and who knows he's also wearing it. LOL!


I think Germany one is still the nicest of all!

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