Monday, August 30, 2010

Reminiscing the days...

The time passes so fast today! Was asked to run errands! YAY!! Love this kinda of life!!

Cos when i'm driving alone, i love to blast my music loud loud!! Just now, i was blasting Thai songs all the way, damn shiok! Reminded me of the clubbing days...

The feeling of letting down my hair completely, don't have to do & think so much, just drink & forget! It's a form of 'letting out all my frustrations'. If you asked me if i've any regrets, my answer is NO. The only dis-advantage is that my pocket burned a big hole. Hahaha

Don't ask me how much i've spent, i've lost count too. I only know it's alot! -___-"

But i really trained up my 酒量!! FYI, i was easily drunk in the past. But after times & times of puking, i can drink a bottle of Martell alone. LOL! Okay, maybe not anymore! Cos i've not touched Martell for a long long time already.

Anyway, it's a good thing cos i feel much healtier now! =)

These are my utmost favourite Thai songs!!

I'm pretty amazed that i can sing all of them. But of cos not solo!! I need background, haha! Considered not bad cos i'm not a Thai lor! And yes, i know the meaning of the songs.
Those were the days... It's good to reminisce it once in a blue moon!


  1. Reminiscing is shen me lai de??? what meaning arrr?

  2. Erm, it means... recall?

    From dictionary : recall, remember, look back, hark back, review, think back, recollect.

  3. ohhh this words is very long n i oso never learn b4 in sch le. :( FML

  4. Erm Darren,

    Actually hor, i also never. But i don't know see this word where then i go check online dictionary de. Haha I always find new words using online dictionary. It's good!! :)

  5. can u give me the website ma, pls? cause arr, i everyday also c many words that i dunno n dont understand de leh. i feel like im a uncilivised baberian.

  6. Hey Darren,

    Here you go...


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