Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shoes freak!


Just back from lunch at Crystal Jade with mummy. 2 of us ordered 7 dim sums & one main course!! Of cos we didn't finish all up & packed most of it back. Well, my mum has a $50 voucher so we need to order up till this amount or more otherwise the balance will be wasted!! So full can!!

Siao liao, how am i going to eat again later?! We'll be meeting in less than 4 hours time, can the food be digested? Doubt so cos my digestive system... *shake head* really JIALAT de!

Heck lah! Anyway, my motive is to pass XS some stuffs & see lil' Ashlyn only!! (Lil' Ashlyn's going to school next month!! Really hope she can adapt well!)

*The dresses are here!! Giving her lip balms as well...

See? I'm really not a selfish person. I share good things with everyone! Whatever people (friends/readers/whosoever) ask me, i'll share all the informations that i know with them. I'll be a real friend to you if you also regard me as one!

Knowing that i've always wanted to try out contact lens (cos i asked on fb), XS taught me step by step on how to see & purchase. She said she will teach me how to wear on the spot when the lens arrive!! =D

And oh ya, we're ordering lens from this link. Anyone wishes to tag order?? Let me know okay!

Sigh! Just now i bought a pair of black heels from Heatwave again... And i've influenced my mum to become a fan of Heatwave as well! Haa!

You know hor, if i go out with Raeann now hor, she will scold me if i buy shoes de lor!!!

I cannot even enter shoes shops!! She will drag me out & say, "Mummy, 你有很多鞋了 leh!". Only she can control me!!

Lucky thing is, i don't like to buy shoes online!! Everytime can't fit de leh!! The last time i bought, even though i took measuring tape to measure my foot, also can't fit! -_-" In the end, i gave it to JJ cos it really look nice on her feet. I already give up buying shoes online no matter how beautiful it is!

Going to do online shopping now! (AGAIN?!?!)

Bye all!


  1. I want buy got pattern de contact lens, eg, money sign. Have? I go see huh. wait for me huh.

  2. Got $ sign wan meh??? I never see before lor.


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